Treyarch has officially released the soundtrack for Black Ops 2’s Apocalypse’s Origins map.

30 original compositions comprise this haunting compilation, which is now available from a variety of digital media retailers. 26 of the songs come directly from “Origins,” Treyarch’s latest and most epic Zombies adventure, which follows the four original Zombies heroes in a Dieselpunk-stylized World War I-era France. Among them is “Archangel,” which features the vocals of Elena Siegman, Malukah, and Clark S. Nova.

Also included are four bonus tracks from previous Zombies maps. These include “Abracadavre” from Ascension, “Paraphony” from Shi No Numa, as well as remastered versions of “115” and “The One,” the Easter Egg songs from Kino Der Toten and Shi No Numa!

You can buy the soundtrack now on iTunes and Amazon for $9.99.

  • I just use a YouTube/MP3 converter on my Android and get the songs for free…..I’m not entirely sure if it’s Legal.

    • Mos

      it’s not 😛

    • Internet Police

      Information Recieved

      • Bwahahahaha!

        • Damien

          Actually, believe it or not, it is legal! 🙂

      • ip x Warrior

        Omfg hahahahah 😛

    • Sam

      could you link me to the song on YT so i can do the same? 😀

      • Guest
        EDIT: Sorry thats the site :l

        • Sam

          I meant the song not the converter

          • Somehow when i deleted my comment it re-uploaded as a Guest. 0_o

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            That’s what happens to me too. E.x. When I try to delete something that was stupid, it just makes the guest look stupid, lol.

          • Yeah. It’s a weird glitch

      • Yeah, just hold on. I had to delete my previous comment.
        Edit: Which song do you want me to link?

      • Internet Police

        Information Recieved

        • Guest


    • The Flash

      its a last minute attempt for 3arc/activison to get money off us for this dreadful game, they dont deserve our money for this

      • Sam

        Yet your on a CoD News site…hmmmm

        • The Flash

          i was referring to BO2… campaign was alright, MP sucked, i bought for zombies and overall it was a massive letdown this game

          • Batman

            Origins>Mob of the dead> Any other Black ops 2, Black ops 1, WaW zombie map

          • The Flash

            Origins, MOTD and Buried are ok, but the rest of BO2 Zombs is shit, BO1 is the best

    • MeisseN

      Might not be legal but it’s quite legit lol

      • What can I say, I’m a cheap bastard

        • MeisseN

          I’m not gonna tell ya that I actually extracted the whole zombies soundtrack (easter egg songs, interwave sound fx, etc.) of Black Ops I from the gamefiles and had them all converted to 320K MP3 xD…..

          • Jacol

            I did the same thing with Black Ops 2 😛

          • MeisseN

            Aw, Treyarch changed file encryption methods so cracking gamefiles of BO2 is much more painful (WinRAR no longer useful, random file names and such). I still remember when I wanted to find the Skrillex dubstep song “Imma Try It Out”, I extracted like 5GB of file and didn’t get no crap .__.

  • xZombiexProx

    Paraphony is from the Shangri-la loading screen, not Shi No Numa, right?

    • Devin Wolfe


      Edit: Actually Pareidolia is the song for Shangri-La.

  • Ascending Legend

    whats the song that plays when you die and it displays the score?

    • Darth_Kranz

      On iTunes it’s called “Finished” but its only 22 seconds long… Is there not a longer version… WTF?

  • funster

    I remember wen we got free songs include with a map pack

  • ip x Warrior

    Free > 9,99 $


    sorry but the secret song on any black ops 2 zombies map has been shitty as hell…Mob of the Dead’s Johnny Cash song was bearable…not that great.

  • good news for music fans