The Blast Furnace today surprised many by releasing a new Call of Duty for mobile gamers. They released a new game designed specifically for iOS, called ‘Call of Duty: Strike Team.’ The studio is comprised of ex-Rockstar Games employees, and developers from other studios.

The Studio Head spoke with Kotaku were he said that the team was very strict about keeping everything a secret about the game.

“Quite a lot of the guys in the studio worked at Rockstar, and in that environment everything you work on is top secret. There’s an absolute code of combat that you do not speak about your title outside of the office. The thing of value to us is that this is a thing you pour all of your time, your love and your and energy into, and you don’t want to see that go out prematurely.”

“This studio and the title has been one of the best kept secrets I’ve ever been involved with. All of the sudden unannounced we’re out there, and everyone can see it. After a lot of hard work working on the title, it’s a very exciting time.”

The studio wanted to keep the Call of Duty feel, but make sure the game is a mobile optimized game.

“And then we spent literally weeks playing the console version side-by-side in first-person view to make sure we got it as absolutely close as we could and as authentic as we could,” adds Washbrook

This also includes the fact that this game isn’t a lazy port. The studio developed this game from the ground up, with new assets that work for mobile.

“It’s not some sort of lazy port, you know — ‘here’s some stuff we found lying around and we made a mobile game of it.’ This has been a very hard-working team working for a long time to try and deliver a quality experience.”

The studio has multiple updates planned for this game, but how many of those release will depend upon the success of the app. The Blast Furnace hopes that Call of Duty gamers will give this game a chance, and try it out.

Call of Duty: Strike Team is available now on iOS and will be available on Android and Kindle Fire later this year.

SOURCE: Kotaku

  • I was thinking about buying this, but then I realized I had a console and PC.

    • jooker-jr

      It’s not that bad

      iOS 7 will support controllers so yay 🙂

      • Bryan Salas

        Where’s the mobile in that?

        • jooker-jr

          This game is on the mobile

  • NiftyGam3r

    I’m just waiting for them to say some BS like “get it now and have the chance to buy the 4 map pack dlc at a discount price”

  • I’m hoping this means one or two things:
    -Tablet integration for Ghosts/ Black Ops 3
    -Black Ops 2 iOS Zombies

    • The Flash

      they have failed on BO1 Zombs, they havent updated it in over a year and its not complete yet, we’re missing the best maps, Five, Shangri-La and Moon, they totally ripped everyone off who bought it, so i cant see a BO2 Zombs and i wouldnt buy it anyway because zombies for BO2 has been shit plus we know they dont update

      • JadeFalcon

        The reason they haven’t updated it in over a year is because they were working on this. Give it time, it may still receive an update.

        • The Flash

          no, its finished they wont go back to it with this new game, CI thinks so too

  • jooker-jr

    I want to Buy it but no multiplayer 🙁

  • Iliekpizza

    Some one put it on 25pp plz

  • ip x Warrior

    Is this Kowloon with the XPR-50 ?

  • Mr. Thuggins

    Well, I guess this puts to rest the theory that Sledgehammer Games was working on a mobile game and not a console/PC game. Really, really hope they’re working on a completely new engine.

  • HH KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Has anyone tried this on IPhone 5 def wanna pick it up i love playing FPS on my Iphone when i travel

  • Alex Marwaha

    25pp someone!!!! plz put it on!!

  • Dj482

    Yay for kindle fire