Mark Rubin has posted an update on Twitter regarding all the talk about Ghosts’s quickscoping feature. Raven Software designer said in an interview that quickscoping won’t be in Ghosts, which led many to ask to see if that’s actually true. Mark Rubin today confirmed that it was, and it said that quickscoping is basically gone from Ghosts.

One of the areas that is getting lot of love in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the Sniper Rifle. By creating the Marksman class we were able to focus the Sniper class on really powerful high-caliber weapon systems. We feel, and many of the pro players who have played would agree, that sniping has never been better.

The changes we’ve made, like dual render scopes and increased damage really make snipers a great competitive class to use. We’ve also done a lot with map design (sight lines and cover) to ensure that all classes are viably effective. Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.

However in re-envisioning sniper rifles some aspects, such as sway timing, have changed the way sniper rifles function and so traditional “quick-scoping” has been affected. Is it gone completely? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable in the way it previously was. Can’t wait for you snipers out there to get your hands on these new sniper rifles and try them out for yourselves.

See you in game!

SOURCE: @IWMarkRubin



  • Yap just shit on your fanbase more and more

    • ip x Warrior

      Removing quick scope might bring back some old CoD fan..

  • Reposting my commnent in the matter from

    I’d very much like to see this happen. What I’m worried about is the bad rep the CoD community will get AGAIN because the IW devs get death threats because of this.

    Just like Vonderhaar got death threats for nerfing the two most popular snipers.

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      • Are you talking about angry Quick Scopers? lol. If so you are correct.

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  • Zac

    Yeah….commentary going up on this right now. #trollfinityward

  • Well CoD is dead anyways so not even worth to watch vids of it or check the news,
    as long the old IW team wont make the cod games its dead forever

    • SoApFeVeR

      Call of duty will not die but it maybe won’t sell a much as before.

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    • exeterman2

      “It’s not worth watching videos or checking cod news” posted on a cod news site. Well done mate, well done…

    • rtd210

      LOL your name is RileyWoof and you’re saying cod is dead hahahaha

  • Nitro Splicer

    Praise the fucking lord.

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      • ip x Warrior

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          • Rai

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          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            Such good humor…

      • FuckingQuickScopesMyAss

        I tried:

        • Young Hernz

          Mark Rubin is the one of the only producer who make Call of Duty game so Great

          • Yea mw3 >_>

          • ip x Warrior

            With MW3 it’s was Robert Bowling..

          • Sledgehammer Games

          • 2muchbs

            Mark Rubin is full of SHIT. There are just as many quickscoping, lagswitching, boosting glitchers that there were in the other COD’s and IW is not going to do a damn thing about it. They won’t get another dime out of me, ever!!

        • I’m so proud of you! 😉 this made it to ChalieIntels Twitter BTW
          EDIT: Changed it to my profile pic on here. Lol

        • Guest

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          • FuckingQuickScopesMyAss

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        • asdf

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    • FuckingQuickScopesMyAss
    • NiftyGam3r

      Spilled my drink, thanks

    • Nick L. Tialavea

      Well we can’t say anything till the game comes out, Remember last time with MW3?

      • Gamefr3akable

        They confirmed in MW3 that quickscoping was in the game.. What are you saying..

        • Lihis

          IMO sniping generally is a lot easier in MW3 than in BO2… I think everyone bitching about quickscoping mean that “blackscope”- form of it..? If I havent misunderstood the concept of QS, isn’t that ADS to target and take the shot really fast when u see the crosshair on target a quickscope? “Blackscope” is just one form of it and that is the mindfucking quickscope. And because of always present lag in these games you see in killcams that they didnt fully ADS.. When I watched some sniping gameplay of my own from theater, I noticed this.. Even when I KNOW I fully did ADS!

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Lol. Better send Mark Rubin some bodyguards. If Vahn gets deaththreats for making it harder to QS, just imagine how the QSing community will react when they find out that it’s removed. “grabs popcorn and large cola”

      • Smokeydogg

        im sure he can beat up a 12 year old

        • im sure that not only 12 year old people qs

        • asdf

          But what about +10 million 12 yearolds. It’s Russia’s assaults in WW2 all over again (Send 30 million people to an op. WE WON…….we also lost 29 million but WE WON)

        • BudEagle26

          12 year olds cant quickscope lol. They hard scope. The only good quickscopers are older

          • Mobbsy

            >Be good
            >quickscope like a 12vie
            >pick one

          • gaeey

            “Hardscope” You mean snipe the way you’re supposed to.

          • Chris Creveling

            Hard Scoping is not even a thing. That is considered traditional use of a Sniper Rifle. Take your uselessness elsewhere.

      • Nitro Splicer

        All of those wannabe FaZe montage-seekers on YouTube will be out of luck. Hell, so will FaZe.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          My best bet says they’ll still learn/master how to use the new sniping mechanics. So careful now, don’t get all comfy in your chair, there.

          • Nitro Splicer

            I’m fine with legit sniping. (AKA what a lot of people refer to as hardscoping)

          • xThatTributeGuyx

            I agree with the above post. Quickscoping as it is today is total BS and I am glad to see it gone. If a sniper can get their weapon ADS and on target, and get the kill in 2 seconds or under, good for them, it took skill; but their is a lot of debate as of right now that it doesn’t because of AIM Assist. So, we’ll see what happens. All we know right now is that all these little kids who were abusing AIM Assist will be all but hurt cause they won’t be able to run and gun with them.

          • Lakhx

            You’re acting as though aim assist doesn’t exist on your 1000rpm submachine gun

          • xThatTributeGuyx

            Dude, didn’t say AIM Assist isn’t on the other weapons, but, with exception of shotguns, which I believe should have AIM assist removed as well, the other weapons don’t kill in a single round. You might hit that first round, but what about the second and third. Hell, even with AIM assist, some people don’t hit their target for a second or two. Our complaint is that no weapon that is a one hit kill should be able to abuse a glitch in the game mechanics that allows it to pop right on target as you ADS, just because your target is somewhere close to the center of your screen, and AIM Assist decides you’re trying to aim there, so it guides you.

          • Tim

            aim assist is on all weapons, but it has a range, which is usually when the bullet begins to lose damage. For a sniper. That range is infinite. So while an smg has aim assist it is only effective for 10 meters maybe whereas a sniper has aim assist at every range

        • Markdg23

          I’m going to just go ahead and throw this out there because I do enjoy sniping occasionally, they attempted to nerf sniping in BO1 by making it difficult to quick scope yet people still managed to do it. I agree aim assist should be taken off the actual process of zooming in, but these people you refer to which are cancerous to the CoD community IMO (tac insert, hope scoping) will figure out a way around whatever mechanic built into the game to deter quick scoping. Just like BO1 with a little bit of practice using the L96 a sniper could be effective close range as well as far range. I am excited to see their going to make the sniper rifle a skill based weapon once again but keep in mind 1 month after launch you will still be saying how in the F did that guy just snipe me like that!

          • Nitro Splicer

            I know what you mean. BO1 had the best sniping mechanics IMO. It actually took a little bit of skill and practice to snipe in that game, as you said. The type of sniping that angers me is when sniper rifles are so OP that they can be used effectively in close range, like in BO2. Aim assist on sniper rifles and lack of idle sway is what made them so OP in BO2. Glad to see that this is out of Ghosts.

          • BudEagle26

            lol no. If you hardscoped on target with a sniper, you could miss but i still had fun with it. BO1 is my fav cod.

      • Mike McMeans

        Since they can’t quickscope with real guns, I am sure there is no real threat. I guess we should all have a moment of silence for Faze…no more jumping 720 quickscope trick shooting.

        • lakhx

          Trickshotting will never die as long as you can jump and spin

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      *nudge* people don’t realize they are just going to get hardscoped…which requires less talent so more people will be doing it…don’t celebrate too early

      • lolwut

        Not sure how you think it requires less talent. Quick scoping requires less talent because you let the aim assist do all the work for you, you just have to be aiming in the general direction of a player and execute the shot at the correct time, which isn’t difficult.

        If you sit there hard scoping the entire game you’re gonna die a lot as you lose your sense of surroundings compared to other guns.

        You are also not looking at it the right way. Where quick scoping is annoying is that players can run around with a sniper rifle and you can begin to shoot them with an SMG or maybe an AR and then before you’ve had enough shots to down them, they’ve shot you with a quick scope.

        This is fundamentally unbalanced. The SMG should win at close range, that’s why they shoot fast and have quicker damage drop-off. They’re designed for the CQC.

        So with hard scoping you are going to be able to down the sniper with the SMG before they’ve had the time to scope.

        I don’t think anyone minds being hard scoped from a distance or from a key position. That’s what sniper rifles are designed for.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          Anyone can hardscope; not many people can quickscope. Despite what you think of quickscoping, a noob can’t pick up a controller and run around quickscoping. That is my point. Hence, why there is little to celebrate. I agree, without “quickscoping” we will still die by a sniper, thanks for strengthening my argument. Snipers are still going to own you regardless, because of their high damage.

          you say a quickscope is to “execute the shot at the correct time” sounds like precise timing…requiring a practice to gain knowledge of that “correct time” in which to shoot. Meaning a learned skill. Thanks again, for proving my point. Did you realize you were on my side this whole time? MIND BLOWN?

          EDIT: you’re CQC argument is very poor, if both the SNIPER and the SMG …aim at their enemy (sniper is hardscoped) at the same time, the SMG still has to pump multiple bullets where as the sniper has already shot it’s enemy with a single bullet and the SMG loses the race to kill it’s enemy. Also, if a sniper purposely keeps his distance from you, and all you have is an SMG…you’re F*CKED.

          • BobtheCactus

            Many can quickscope. Few can snipe. A true video game sniper can use a combination of hard scoping and quickscoping effectively for whatever situation they are in. I’m guessing they just removed aim assist for snipers or something, and it may just drastically raise the skillcap for quickscoping, which is fine with me. I thought of this based on the time in the interview that he guy mentioned quickscoping.

          • Ur mom

            U stole that shit from optic

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            Okay so you’re saying what i’ve said, so yeah i agree with you. All i’m saying is people are gunna get owned by a sniper and rage about it regardless of this “no more quickscoping” hype. Everyone will be celebrating the “no more quickscopers” while getting killed by a bunch of pro hardscopers. People will be dying in the same damn way just with a SLIGHTLY different looking killcam.

          • Tim

            You’re missing the point honestly. If quickscoping is gone, half of the people who used a sniper inbblack ops 2 won’t even pick it up because they won’t be able to quickscope as easily, myself included (I used them only to get diamond) and quickscoped prettywell.

            but yeah not having as many snipers is good for the game

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            YOU’RE SUCH A DUMBASS.. taking away quickscoping is just going to make people resort to hardscoping, which is easier. just stop trying.

          • nwoslave1984

            no your the dumbass. you think squating in a building or lying in the dirt is going to get as many kills as someone running around with a sniper rifle as if it were a AR? DELUSIONAL!
            by virtue of being a sniper you have to take your shots more carefully. spawn trapping will certainly help as well but no way am i going to get “owned” as easy as the “other” voice in your head thinks. get a therapist.

          • dude

            The point is people hate turning a corner seeing a sniper at close range start firing and then boom dude tosses up a 50 cal sniper like its a broom stick and pops your head off lol getting hardscoped is how snipers are designed hence most people do not go apeshit over it unless they are QS’ers they sometimes will yell out HARDSCOPER like it is some kind of crime lol

          • Raines

            Good, I don’t mind getting hardscoped. This will require them to actually AIM and stay still. Its the quick one shot while running and not coming anywhere close to aiming bullshit I don’t like.

          • Raines

            If you don’t pick up a sniper rifle because you can’t cheap scope, then good. Forces you to play with the rest of us without cheaping shotting.

          • whatever

            Theres no aim assist on pc so take that bullshit out of the debate. Quickscoping is a playstyle pure and simple. And takes alot more skill to perfect when killing someone who empties their magazine on a SMG in your face trying to kill you. Never the less quickscoping will always be around and people will always find a way to do so unless they take away the sniper itself. Which is the only true way of removing “Quickscoping.”

          • commonsense

            If someone can quickscope that means he can EASILY hardscope when needed.

          • lolwut

            Anyone can hardscope? Maybe. You can sit back at one end of the map and wait for someone to pass your scope for sure, but you aren’t going to be killing many people like that.

            What is different is being able to hardscope effectively by getting a good amount of kills and contributing towards to team effort.

            Quick scoping timing is very easy to learn. You say hard scoping is skill-less but quick scoping is a skill, however they both require the same skill of timing, if you’re hard scoped and don’t shoot at the right time you are not going to kill someone just as much as if you don’t get the shot off at the right time when quick scoping.

            Also with my CQC argument I am on about quick scoping, not hard scoping. It is not balanced that a sniper can begin to take damage and then get a shot off without aiming accurately.

            They are designed for long range engagements and the SMG is designed for short range engagements but right now the sniper rifle can be used in any range and this is fundamentally incorrect.

          • Roxas3510

            Anyone can quick scope, why do you think it’s so prevalent? You’re acting as if getting the timing right for quickscoping requires years of practice. It literally only takes a few minutes to understand when to shoot, after that all you have to do is point at the enemy and let the game aim for you. Speaking of letting the game aim for you, I’m not getting too excited about this. These devs always say things like this to build hype before the game is released and it turns out to be false. Remember when Vonderhaar said there was no aim assist for the snipers so quick scoping would actually take skill? I’ve seen people completely miss when quickscoping and still get the kill. Remember skill based matchmaking? 2% bad spawn rate? None of this is true, just things we were told to make us believe the game was going to be great. If anyone knows of Drift0r on youtube, he has said that quickscoping is still possible in this game. How much do you think they are going to change snipers to make it so you can’t do it anymore? I believe it’s still going to be in the game, people are just going to have to readjust to the new way the snipers work.

          • Raines

            Just because something takes a little practice doesn’t make it any less cheap. Quickscoping allows for one shot kills without really aiming. All one has to do is get the scoping/fire timing down and viola! No need to aim to get a one shot cheap kill. And the one shot kill nature is what makes it cheap.
            Quick scoping needs to go

        • modnar

          What you’re mad about is that you think someone shouldn’t be able to be killed by a sniper rifle so quickly when you are real close to them with a submachine gun. Since you don’t like it you then find excuses and reasons (whether they’re true or not) that you believe to support your reasoning behind why you’re mad. Get over it. It is harder to kill someone while trying to “quickscope” them than it is while trying to hardscope them.

          “If you sit there hard scoping the entire game you’re gonna die a lot as you lose your sense of surroundings compared to other guns.” Yeah, if you aren’t good at the game. If you’re good you’ll be paying attention to everything, have good map knowledge, etc. and you could go 30-0 hardscoping.

          The SMG should auto-win at close range? That’s retarded. If someone is more skilled than you they should win. Sigh…

          Maybe you don’t know how to quickscope? In order to quickscope you know that you have to pull your scope ALL THE WAY IN with the sniper rifle or else the bullet won’t go exactly where your aiming right? Basically a quickscope is where you only have it fully scoped in for about half a second or as short as you can get it while making sure you scope all the way in. And the timing thing? You don’t even have to learn timing for other guns or at least nowhere near to the extent that you do for quickscoping.

          For some reason people seem to think that quickscoping requires no aim skill or very little aim skill. Wrong. It reuires more aim skill than any other gun. Also, as someone else has said, the PC HAS NO AIM ASSIST. The aim assist helps so so so little in quickscoping. You have to already be good and be almost perfectly aimed or you’ll still miss. It’s not easy. Don’t get me wrong though, I think CoD itself isn’t hard. I’m just saying compared to everything else quickscoping is one of the things that require the most skill to do good with in CoD. And like soneone else has said, anyone who can quickscope well can EASILY, VERY EASILY hardscope well. Like I said, in order to quickscope you pretty much have to hardscope for half a second. There is no such thing as quickscoping without scoping all the way in. If you were to do that and hit your target that be no scoping and would be based on chance. Yeah, no scoping sucks, but most of the time unless the no scoper is right next to you 99/100 times they won’t hit you with a no scope. That’s unrealistic though, but it stop people from treating snipers like shotguns I guess…

          Stop lying to yourself and just admit that those kids, teens, adults, whoever might simply be better than you at the game.

        • modnar

          Last thing. In CoD Ghosts there’s been multiple times I’ve hardscoped someone, fired, and missed… like wtf? Seriously, I’m not even joking. Even one time the person wasn’t moving or doing anything and I missed more than once, then he killed me. I’m not even joking I even tried hardscoping holding my breath waiting for it to be perfectly steady and centered on the center mass on someone who wasn’t moving, fire, and I missed. Seriously, wtf? Something is weird in CoD Ghosts sniping…

        • Liam

          played the game, they can still spin scope and fire a shot before you can release 3 bullets from an assault rifle, trade in and back to Battle Field for me.

      • Roxas3510

        I’d rather someone kill me using snipers the way they were meant to be used rather than come around the corner hipfiring someone with my SMG only to get quickscoped as if my bullets don’t exist.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          sounds like you’ve been experiencing some BO2 bullshit. That MP game is just garbage. The auto aim is overpowered it even detects people before they come into sight, plus follows people through the wall.. BO2 was shit. Can’t wait for ghosts…!!!

          • Roxas3510

            Yup I couldn’t believe the auto aim went through the walls. But hey, that’s CoD, and I’m not expecting this game to be all that great simply because it’s a CoD created by the people who made MW3, that disaster of a game.

          • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

            i really liked MW3 so this is awkward.

          • Roxas3510

            To each his own. I personally feel MW2 was the best cod (aside from the noobtubes) but most people feel it was the worst (because of the noobtubes).

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Who the fuck disliked this shit?

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Damn, 120 upvotes, 2 downvotes! On Youtube comments, everyone wants QSing.

      • lolwut

        That’s because people on YouTube want to post shitty montages of themselves making QS trickxxx thinking they have talent.

        • modnar

          Wow… So sad.


          You think it’s not? Go quickscope. Oh, you can’t? You tried and your K/D ratio was worse than the last match when you used an assault rifle or sub machine-gun? Well, you need practice then so go practice. Oh, it’s still challenging? Well no fucking duh. You have one chance most of the time. If you miss you will die. Not always, but if you’re facing someone of even average skill level they should be able to take a quickscoper that missed his first shot. Quickscoping requires you to have perfect aim. It’s harder and more challenging to master than any of the other guns. Saying quickscoping is overpowered is like saying anyone who can go 30-0 with a sub machine-gun or assault rifle are overpowered. Try going 30-0 while qucikscoping. It’s a lot harder to be that consistent with your aiming.

          If you die to a quickscoper over and over you either suck, they’re exceptionally skilled, or both. Fact.

          But, go ahead humanity. Keep telling yourselves that it isn’t because they’re good or you suck that you keep losing. That it’s because of badluck, or glitches, etc. that they keep killing you. Make your excuses, we know you will. Bunch of ****ing idiots… Lol. It’s so funny, half of you people probably never even tried to quickscope, hell some of you probably didn’t because you don’t think you can. That ‘s even funnier. Just wow… You know I’m right, but you can make your excuses, go ahead reply with your excuses as to why I’m wrong.

          If you think your even decent at the game I’d say you’d have to be able to consistently pull together at least a 0.9+ K/D, and a 200 SPM every game of team death-match when you’re trying. If you can’t even do that then just gtfo and stop complaining because you suck.

          inb4;grammar nazis, #TooLazy.

          • Blue

            This is the best comment so far. You all think quickscoping is just some easy sht. U have to aim perfectly to get a kill. if u miss, youre dead.

    • Roxas3510

      Too good to be true. After MW3 and BO2 I don’t believe anything either Treyarch or IW says anymore. Remember “skilled based matchmaking”? I’ll wait until the game comes out to see if quickscoping is truly gone.

    • Jeremy20

      Funny thing is people will still try to quick scope.

    • SpacemanSpliffz

      Say that now. That’s what I thought.

  • binghiman

    soo bad

  • Guest

    Finally !! 🙂

    • ip x Warrior

      hahah I post this message but delete it because I thought people would bash on me, like the little kid that aren’t happy with quickscope being remove 😛

      • MeisseN

        .___. and missed 27 upvotes xD

        • ip x Warrior

          Kind of haha 😛

  • ThtJstHapnd

    I can hear all the little quickscopers crying already… This is GREAT news. I thought dedicated servers were going to be the best feature.

    • lol

      just like how people like you cry every time you get sniped 🙂

      • Sniping is fine bro. Quickscoping is not.

      • ThtJstHapnd

        I don’t cry when I get “sniped”…. I get frustrated when a sniper can swing across a map and the bullet trail shows it hitting the wall beside me, but a broken game mechanic, can’t justify where the bullet was and the autoaim gives the person a no skill kill.

        • BobtheCactus

          The tracer bullet that you see is not what does damage,.it is an invisible bullet coming from the players head, their viewpoint. This is how it was designed, but it does appear rather silly, sometimes. But I do HATE getting noscoped. Talk about no skill kill.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            I know about the bullet from the head. That’s a “engine” problem. It’s been programmed that way forever. I hope they fixed it, head glitching is annoying as well. I can’t stand only seeing a guys helmet shooting and getting hit markers then dying, looking at his screen he could fully see me and shoot me.
            The “graphic effect” and the actual engine bullet need to be one. Right now they are not. It sucks.

      • ip x Warrior

        When I shot someone 3-4 times and he can still quick me..

    • David Sync

      In honor of Mark Rubin (U BEATIFUL MAN!) i want to spend my life to make a award made of the tears,of all those annoying ass quick scopers!

    • firesfrost
      • This has been changed since Gamescon.

      • ThtJstHapnd

        I don’t think you know what quickscoping is. Everything in that video I have seen and he was scoped in on every shot. That was hard scoping. He was in the scope seeing the person every time.

        Also isn’t is wonderful how he blurred all the top right scores and names, and put everything into cool little shots here and there. Let’s see a dull gameplay like that. You can even see in the top right only once he is 4th on his team, he is 5th or 6th out of 6 people all the other times. That’s garbage.

        • firesfrost

          oh. well thats how i snipe, except, with less sun flares and blur. if thats not quickscoping, than im glad that other bullshit where you cant see the scope is gone, thanks.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            This isn’t the best but quickly off youtube search. The first shot is a quickscope, you never see through the scope and you don’t fully pull up the shot. The second is drag scope where since you drag it, the lag compensation, can’t determine where your shot is so autoaim gives you the kill if your in the general area at all. They are both broken game mechanics.


          • firesfrost

            thanks man. but i really think that quickscoping(even though you dont see the scope) is something that needs to be fixed. i appreciate helping me about what quickscoping really is without threatening to do my mother or tell me i like men.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            I don’t think I explained myself very well. Yes I do believe all of it should be removed too. I’m just happy to hear IW is removing it to begin with. Then when the game comes out all they have to do is adjust sway timer and other drag times and it will make all unaimed sniper shots horrible accuracy like black ops one was.

      • MeisseN

        Wow I actually guessed that your link is Jahova’s world’s first Ghosts montage

    • I can already hear people raging : FUCKING HARDSCOPER LEARN TO SNIPE

  • ip x Warrior

    I hope that we can still quick scope in Private match.. Quick scope don’t have his place in MP but in private custom game it can be very fun and relax to snipe with your friends.

  • Michael MC

    Finally…FFS…fucking quickscopers

  • Rick Kump

    Good news, but having already seen footage of douchebags quickscoping at previous Ghosts events, I’m not so sure it’s actually true. Anything that cuts out the vast majority of people able to do it is fine by me, though.

    • ThtJstHapnd

      Everyone you saw doing that are “pros” that’s how they got to the event. They make anything look easy.

      • Rick Kump

        Yep, I know. And while I’m just an average player, I’ve regularly played with members of DW24/7 that are much better than the “pros”. The only thing that makes a pro player is the time, desire and dedication they choose to commit to gaming. Skills come after all that.

        • ThtJstHapnd

          I’m not a pro, but I can hold my own with any of them. I make sure that I finish top of my team in every objective based game. This next gen I look at doing the twitch and youtube stuff since it’s built in now.

          • Rick Kump

            Good luck! There are so many people doing it now it’s tough to stand out and get noticed.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            Very True

          • rtd210

            anyone claiming people from a cod fan site are “much better than pros” is absolutely clueless; even more so people saying they can hold their own because they do well in public matches. Cool… you can go +30 pub stomping. Try playing 8s and league vs pros and watch your kd go to 0.25 at the best….

          • fxck tryhards

            I would honestly kiss right mow if I could (no homo) … All these kids think they’re sooooooooooo cool going 40-5 while camping with target finder lmg’s

          • What about me? I rush with AR’s & SMG’s and pull well over a 2 KD while playing the objective. I guess I’m just considered a “NO Life” even though that’s heavily inaccurate

          • ThtJstHapnd

            So your on a “cod fan site” and your calling me clueless, or even more so than clueless? I played against a pro team on League(while they were streaming) and I held my own, I went negative but won the match. I don’t push for the league matches very often. Sure I stomp in public matches. It’s public. I hope your comment was not directed straight at me, and was more towards kids calling themselves pros. I have placed in tournaments, and I even won a few Halo tournaments back in the Original Xbox days. It got boring, and I had a kid and fell out of the “scene”.

          • rtd210

            my clueless comment was towards Rick Krump saying players from DW 24/7 were “much better than pros”. I watched Tmartn play with pros and consistently get his a$$ handed to him. I wasn’t directing anything towards you because I don’t know you as a player, just kids in general.

          • ThtJstHapnd

            Ok, thanks for clearing that up.

    • Wth

      I loved to snipe bet you were hated for doing what it was supposto do, hardscope

  • TOK1

    Great news! Now i’m just waiting for dedicated servers on ps4:)

  • Dean Ball

    About time! QS’ers were one of the reasons I sold my copy of BO2.

    • ip x Warrior

      Sold ? I destroyed it 😉

      • You destroyed it? I gave it to my Battlefield friend as a prank.

        • ip x Warrior

          Battlefield friend don’t speak to me 😉

    • Batman

      Black ops 2 has Zombies and a great campaign, it can´t be sold

      • whitefudge

        The campaign sucked and the zombies is the worst so far o; MARK RUBIN SAVE US

        • MeisseN

          *Reads first sentence*

          What the fuck?

      • adrian

        there is a campaign? dafuq

  • exeterman2

    It should still be in because it is fun, but it would have to require a higher degree of skill or be a feature that you can just turn on in private matches.

  • Quickscoper

    Fuck fuck fuck i hate it but im gonna play whit them anyways and fuck all you hater up

  • I feel like I just won a million bucks! I love you Infinty Ward! Best decision ever!

  • Gabriel Dantas

    “Both short range and long range classes will be effective on the same maps.” One thing I hate in Black Ops 2 is that SMG classes are the only effective on game, unless you’re using AN-94 and M27 or Quickscoping. BTW, RIP Quickscope, I won’t miss you.

  • rtd210

    this is honestly the best news. quick scoping has RUINED cod without a doubt. Make sniping take skill like halo 1 and halo 2. If you got shot, it de-scoped you. THAT’S how it should be. I hope the little 12 year olds crying about no qs’ing stop playing the game, the community will be better.

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      so good.

  • fxck tryhards

    Well , time for me to finally check out League of Legends and see if it deserves to have 5x more dedicated fans than CoD 🙂 it definitely has a better community judging from the response to this article

    • exeterman2

      A community which you are a part of and you demonstrate the immature side by using a swear word in your username. NICE ONE!

      • fxck tryhards

        Swear words as part of the username are better than cancerous usernames *cough exeterman cough*

        • Birchy

          dude….. Exeter is a place in the South of England…. Nothing to do with Cancer o.O

        • exeterman2

          Because my username is cancerous how?

    • xx420xx

      epic le meme

    • cookieninja

      No offense to LOL players here, but it honestly has one of the worst communities in gaming, if I made one simple mistake I would get blamed for anything that happened for the rest of the game and everyone would get pissed at me.

  • PsychOutGaming

    Wrong, i am in a qs clan. i will find a way!

  • Judens Claude

    well u fags. you actually can in a way but it wont be the same

  • SoulTaker

    I think Ghosts is now not looking as bad as I thought it was gonna be.

  • fxck tryhards

    Every sweaty tryhard commenting makes me rotflmao go do the world a favor and kill yourself , cod is better with snipers instead of stupid sweaty nerds going for nuclears and swarms while camping with their lmg’s with silencers and target finders using c4s and emp grenades

    • You should check your ass because you seem really butt hurt

      • fxck tryhards

        That’s you every time me or any sniper out there quickscopes you . Oh and check your mom’s ads because you’ll provably find some of my cum

        • I have nothing against sniping. Only Quick Scoping. And usually when i get Quick Scoped i just leave the game. and go play something else with my friends. So i haven’t really got mad at it in awhile…Mainly because I sold BO2 back in May, but still…

          • fxck tryhards

            I would kiss you for selling bo2 back in May , one less tryhard remaining . And if you really prefer getting headglitch hardscoped by a guy cross map who won’t leave his precious campfire at the back of the map over getting quickscoped , then go check your IQ level because it’s seriously low

          • You are a very hateful person and I’m surprised you haven’t been banned. There’s no such thing as a Tryhard. that’s called a good player. if they camp and they have a 2 KD they are a camper nothing else.

          • Bigi345

            Camping to a certain degree is good

    • xx420xx

      nobody uses that outside of xbox you fucking retard

    • Sniper

      Couldn’t agree more, LMGs are really overpowered. At least in BO2.

  • StraightEdgeAtheist

    In the words of Daniel Bryan, YES! YES! YES! YES!

  • Abhishek Jain

    now that’s what i call a next gen feature..removal of quickscoping..yay

  • Derrick Wingler

    I feel like everybody is rejoicing too soon. Remember when Treyarch “fixed” quickscoping in BO1? They made the sniper rifles completely unusable, even for the way they are supposed to be used. Remember BO2? it was practically yesterday. They not only “Fixed” quickscoping they nerfed the balista and DSR to the point that you they fired so slow you couldnt get quad feeds anymore (assuming you didnt kill more than one person with one of your shots). If IW managed to end quickscoping without affecting the normal functions of the sniper rifles in any way i’ll be happy, but Treyarch’s attempts have both been failures. Honestly, the only thing they need to do to end quickscoping is remove the aim assist from sniper rifles. Hardscopers don’t want it and quickscopers can’t live without it. remove it and problem solved

    • They fixed it way late in the BO1 cycle. besides, even after they patched it, it was still difficult to do.

      • Joshwoocool

        bo1=best snipers ever,
        waw=second best sniping ever

    • JadeFalcon

      Allow me to ask, how often is a quad feed actually hit? Does not being able to get a proper quad feed really matter that much?

      • Derrick Wingler

        the problem is that they turned them into weapons that are incapable of something all other weapons are. To me that is a clear sign they have been made underpowered when they cannot perform on a level other weapons can

  • Trizay

    I’m a bit confused because youtubers that have played Ghosts already have said that quickscoping was a bit harder but still possible. Was the removal of quickscoping a new thing?

    • Most likely. The guy at Gamescon said it was gone

    • Judens Claude

      its not gone but its gonna be different and harder

      • Like BO1 Pre-Patch harder is what i assume.

        • Judens Claude

          i believe that as long as you can aim you can quick scope but it will be way different

          • I think if they just took aim assist off of snipers. everything would be fine. Then we can see who the supposed skilled quick scopers are.

    • patrick

      That was because it was in an alpha build. My guess is that there will be no aim assist on snipers, slower zoom in time, but higher damage to compensate.

  • Judens Claude

    whats the point of using a sniper if you cant quickscope now people are gonna camp there asses of and hardscope the shit out of people.i bet all those happy are those who cant quick scope

    • Hardly anyone will use snipers now because all they did was Quick Scope. Trust me when i say this, this game will be so much better without that garbage feature in the game.

      • Devin Wolfe


  • Judens Claude

    was just looked at quick scoping gameplay

  • Nick
  • No more qs !!! Wooooo

    Cod > bf4

    • Batman

      Stop dreaming too high.

      Battlefield will always be superior(at least for the next couple years), but ghosts will be great too.

      • StraightEdgeAtheist


      • JohnClark_R6

        Opinion. I think CoD is and always has been better. But because of the playstyle, and nothing else. Not saying BF is at all a bad game.

      • Bigi345

        Superiority depends on your opinion of course

      • ip x Warrior

        If Battlefield is superior why CoD always get the most sale game of the year ?

  • No more qs !!! Wooooo

    They brought marksman rifles so people can rush with a marksman rather than. A sniper

  • Cod love !!

    Excellent ! Now bring league play back plz

  • Batman


  • Kyle PDX

    Not that i hated quickscoping, i like all types of sniping. Quickscoping, hardscoping noscoping, dragscoping, they where all good. But thank god no more shitty teammates that just quickscope and try to get those stupid montages that are not even fun to watch just some asshole that thinks he’s good cuz he can put clips of himself doing good even though he just got into a lobby with a bunch of noobs. Thank u IW, Now don’t bring it back.

  • Birchy

    To be honest as long as I can snipe aggressively this is good. It’s always been difficult because Call of Duty’s maps are far too small to be able to use a Sniper Rifle to the distance you can in say, Battlefield.

    It sounds as though they’ve done it right. Whilst with the first Black Ops, Treyarch directly tried to nerf quick-scoping, it sounds like Infinity Ward has been re-hauling how snipers work, and being the ability to quick-scope has been reduced as a side effect. They way this is worded makes it sound like sniping has improved overall, but being quick-scoped (killed in one bullet by a guy running into you at close distance) is gone.


    This is good.

  • Norfolkinchance
  • Zyxaiz

    Soo can people stop complaining of others “hardscoping?” It’s a sniper rifle, it has a scope, what are scopes used for? SNIPING, whether it be for style IE Quickscoping, or to be used how it was made. Either way I call it all Sniping, unless it is a no-scope, then its just getting lucky xD

    • Devin Wolfe

      Unless you know how to get it to fire straight like in COD4 with the G-Shot.

  • I like quickscoping for fun, so this kinda bums me out. But on the other hand, it will get rid of a lot of little kids.

  • And this does not mean quickscoping is removed completely. I mean, they invited FaZe Kross to the reveal so…

    • TG Wolf

      Yeah, what better way to help them determine what to change to prevent QS than by inviting the generally accepted Worlds best QSer. It’s fairly counter-productive otherwise.

      Kross says that he’s a Sniper and QS is one of his tools but he is only half right. The act of QS automatically determines that you have thrown away the right to be called a Sniper. He is correct that he is a tool though.

      • You’re kind of a dumbass.

  • Quickscoping is fun. I don’t know why they are trying to get rid of it really and a lot people do it a lot better then people who usually snipe while zooming it. . Someone in the CoD community will find a way to quickscope in this game.

    • ip x Warrior

      Yes you’re right Quick scope is fun but it can be very annoying in MP.. CoD should focus on AR and SMG.. I hate to join a lobby when there’s like 3/4 of people that are sniping.. Sniping is too easy and that why kid snipe.. same thing for noob tube back in MW2.. everything that is Ez. people will use it

      • It’s not really annoying since it’s easy to kill snipers if they don’t know how to snipe well, but whenever I am sniping I can never get a kill from far away with a sniper rifle because someone see’s me from faraway and they kill me with a LMG or an AR which that shouldn’t happen at all and it’s annoying.

        The only weapon you should be able to kill from a far-away distance is the sniper. It shouldn’t be an SMG, AR, or LMG that is the one thing I hate about CoD MP.

      • It isn’t really annoying, but what really is annoying when I should get a kill from far away from a sniper rifle and instead get killed by a guy from across the map using an AR, or an LMG. That is what’s really annoying.

        The sniper should be the only weapon that kills from afar not the LMG or the AR they have a limited amount of range and shouldn’t be able to kill someone from afar.

    • Devin Wolfe

      First day I have the game I’m going to be trying to find the sweet spot that I know the bullet will go straight when I fire.

  • Mike Hunt

    little kids everywhere are gonna get pissed at this, and then 1 month later they will completely forget about this

  • Oscar


  • Young Hernz

    FaZe is not gonna be happy about this
    but thank you Mark Rubin, you just made my day

  • sss

    looking forward to this game.
    cant wait till November

  • AcePhoenix007


  • Bigi345

    This game keeps getting better and better the more the new news there are. Edit: then i realized there’s a form of stopping power then again it’s not as bad as stopping power itself

  • JayZero


    • Devin Wolfe

      From what I saw You can still quickscope but the way we are used to is gone. Which means in a week quickscopiing will be as widespread as it is now.

  • Big Pow

    You Mad Quickscopers??

    • Devin Wolfe

      Not really just going to take me a while to learn to do it on this new system.

  • louise

    I can see quickscopers are crying right now

  • BobtheCactus

    I don’t care that they took quickscoping out, although I did quickscope out of necessity. As long as they don’t mess with sniping so much like BO1 did. I love to snipe, but I hate staring at my target for a while before I can shoot him.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Amen and Halle freakin’ lujah!!!! I am now officially starting to get excited for Ghosts!!! Please don’t put a target finder or something like that in the game and I will genuinely be impressed. Good job IW and Raven Studio’s!!

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox
    • MeisseN

      Taste the tears of quickscopers Ha Ha.

      • Paul Thomas

        Yes! Yes! Your tears are so delicious! ahaha.

  • Sniper

    Am I the only one who isn’t happy about this?

    • TG Wolf

      Doubtful but I find the combination of your comment and name both offensive and disrespectful.

      So while I’m sure there are plenty of upset individuals who are now worried their easy kill method won’t be able to carry them anymore, you solely have earned a deserved portion of eternal enmity and disdain.


    nobody will see this which is why i wish I saw this earlier… but people don’t realize they are just going to get hardscoped…which requires less talent….

    • Paul Thomas

      Well sir, At least I won’t get shot in the face when I turn the corner with a shotgun or AR by a Quickscoper.

  • Emre

    just a lie to get more sells.

  • ccrows

    Let’s see they took something out that I really really enjoyed *”Theater mode”, but the got rid of Quickscoping.

    OK, Well I guess I coming out waaaay ahead now…

    * (I’m doing the 360 for one more year, INB4 XB1 already has a recording feature)

  • Ben

    i so hope that they fix the “broken camera” that black ops 2 had, that was the most annoying thing for me

  • Thornbush23

    FINALLY! Thank f**k!


    ****All of our prayers have been answered!!! This will be a awesome game now……BUT….I hope they dont change there minds and listen to all the crying from thhe Quick Scoping Super Bitches and go allowing it! And I hope this marksman class doesnt change to a QS class….

    • The marksman classes is primarily a 2-3 shot kill spectrum (With headshots an exception of course) So I doubt that’ll happen.

  • Bazh

    Yes, many guys has played the game and they said the’re quickscope

  • Jon Cameron

    I hope drag scoping isn’t necessarily affected by this. I hate people who quick scope, though I tend to do it when I actually need to. That or just go for a random no scope and switch to my secondary since that’s quicker. Either way, I hope drag scoping is still possible as it’s nowhere near as bad as quick scoping and at least gives anyone up close a perfect chance to kill you.

  • xReelGamingx

    I hate when I snipe someone they are like “STUPID HARD-SCOPING 12 YEAR OLD”. First of all, it’s not “hard-scoping”, it’s sniping…and second, why is every single person that annoys someone instantly called a 12 year old…

  • Houston

    it’s good improve!!

    good good good

  • Alexander Kleinwechter
  • Josh

    I think quick scoping is still possible look at the image. The only difference is that the scope is not black.

    • TG Wolf

      The differences are:
      -No Aim Assist on Snipers
      -Accuracy algorithm equates shot accuracy to 0% until actually scoped
      (QS takes advantage of the altered accuracy/hit % when moving through the “Cone-Phase” between hip fire and fully scoped which convinces the system that any target within that cone is able to be hit)
      -No cone phase at all.

      The way it seems to have been designed is sure you will be able to fire the moment you are fully in-scope but your shot accuracy will be entirely dependent on your target being exactly in a direct line from the firing point, something that is exactly true for lining up your shot fully in-scope as well.

      If it works, no matter how hard people try they wont be able to:
      -Hit a target until the scope is fully set
      -Hit a target outside dead center of the scope
      -Drag the scope across targets to achieve a “Bullet Curving” effect

      No-one has played an actual complete version of the game, only a semi-complete build has been used for demonstrations at events, so any footage available does not represent the end product.
      The could have been using the events to analyse how people QS and then use that to help determine what to remove/change to prevent them.

      So while not technically “gone” per se, the act of QS will be down to how fast someone can fully scope-in, center the scope on a target then squeeze the trigger, rather than 1/10th scope, squeeze trigger and hit someone automatically in that general direction.

  • RizZzaK


  • OldBrazy on PS4

    There is always a way. No crying here.

  • SonicLucario

    Thank God, yea its fun but its 2nd to noobtubing in my book

  • DillPickle

    I don’t see what is so fucking bad about “hardscoping”… whenever I’m in a freaking lobby and someone gets killed by one doing that, they won’t shut the fuck up for minutes… for fucks sake its in the game, and the people are acting like its not apart of the game. I don’t hardscope myself, but jeez.



  • stuff

    while a lot of you are praising the lord they just lost 10% of sales and when you sell that many copies that’s like a couple of million mabey even billion dollars that they just lost

    • Ed

      no. for every person lost, another 3 are gained. that’s just the way Call of Duty rolls.

  • Josh

    I think quick scoping is back but is slightly different. Look at the image.

    • Shaggs138

      So it’s just not going to show a black scope anymore. LOL

      • Josh

        Yes, thats’s what I understand from it. Although the ADS is quicker so that’s why they say it’s not going to be like normal quick scoping.

  • Mcking12

    People do realize when quickscoping is removed, you are going to see a lot more, I mean ALOT MORE tryhards. The people that did quickscope (MOSTLY TRYHARDS) was doing it for fun because they wanted a challenge such as myself, but when I am not quickscoping im going for swarms, dogs etc. And for the ones who are getting their panties wet over this quickscoping is gone phenomenon, well would you rather have a hardscoping camper (doesn’t play the objective) who will never move from the edge of the map, with claymores scavenger etc. Hardscoping you every time you cross a certain path of the map or a person running up towards you missing a quick snipe and you owning him with a SMG. LOL seriously I can’t wait to see people complain about something else. Now that quickscoping is gone prepare for ultra camping try hards with target finders, ghost/coldblooded/assassin camping in bushes/windows, with LMGS silenced, motion sensors. Getting dogs, swarms, chopper gunners etc, running to new locations when they been spotted (maybe corners). And you won’t be able to do shit about it < this is MUCH MUCH…MUCH more irritating then quickscopers. LOL some of you complaining about quickscopers need to get your heads checked.

    • Ed

      you are trying to make it sound like having people actually trying to play the game correctly and be productive for their team… is a bad thing. most quickscopers actually suck at it, and do nothing to help their team. they are just easy killstreaks for the other team, and that is of no use to anyone. stupid internet and it’s made up buzzwords.

  • AnKo

    There are so many ignorant players in the cod community…. if you think aim assist makes you automatly lock on to players, you have no idea what you are talking about. I dont see how its possible to remove “quickscoping”, as long as the shot goes the way the crosshair shows, its possible.

  • OldBrazy on PS4

    I couldn’t have said this better myself…

    For anyone who thinks quickscoping is “EASY” watch this response.

  • CooLJ

    All people get call of duty for sniping and zombies. I don’t see neither in this game therefor i’m not getting it.

    • Good for you. Have fun playing whatever you’re next dedicated game is.

    • Raines

      Good, we don’t need you. You’d get owned anyway if you couldn’t QS

  • adrian

    el pres is rejoicing!!!

  • RizZzaK
  • xThatTributeGuyx

    I love how there are loads of players that are saying that Hardscoping takes no skill. I don’t know how many times I’ve been missed by a hardscoper. That’s what pisses me off about the SVU Spammer, which I wish they’d remove, but is coming back. That weapon takes absolutely no skill to use. When it comes up in Gun Game, it takes me a second to move past it. Still, I’ve gotten Fury kills from hardscoping, and I know loads of people who can’t do that. I’ve got loads of examples to show off the fact that hardscoping isn’t easy. You’ve got counter snipers to worry about, people sneaking up on you, flanking you. You’re heavily reliant on your team mates keeping you informed on the changing situation in the match, and it doesn’t always happen that way.

  • BudEagle26


  • Denniskuhh

    hopefully snipers will be snipers, like back in cod4/5 😀

  • Austin Hopp

    Personally I don’t think this is a great decision for Rubin. A part if the reason mw2 was so popular was quickscoping. People are stilk buying that game now to qs. Now I like that they are trying to have the class be used with its role. However there is a large qs community that will be dissapointed. For me qs kept the game fresh once I had mastered other guns. Without it I think ghosts will get boring faster. Thats just my opinion. Am I wrong? Let me know.

  • Austin Hopp

    Personally I don’t think this is a great decision for Rubin. A part if the readon mw2 was so popular was quickscoping. People are stilk buying that game now to qs. Now I like that they are trying to have the class be used with its role. However there is a large qs community that will be dissapointed. For me qs kept the game fresh once I had mastered other guns. Without it I think ghosts will get boring faster. Thats just my opinion. Am I wrong? Let me know.

  • Lakhx

    The sniper community is the only community that even really supports IW games. I know that the competitive community doesn’t. To take quickscoping out is a slap in the face.

    • Shaggs138

      The only community? Sorry you’re losing your cheese-shot, hopefully. Slap in the face to you is a bought game by many that stopped playing because of the use of a shitty mechanic in a game that is supposed to be realistic with realistic weapons. Use your sniper the right way.

    • TG Wolf

      To call what QS-ers do “Sniping” is the true and only slap in the face and completely disrespectful to true Snipers and dedicated Marksman worldwide.

      This is especially important regarding comments made by certain members of premier gaming “clans” who went on record to say they disliked being called anything but Snipers, even though it is obvious they have never actually engaged in legitimate Sniping practices at all.

      Bottom line is, if you want to QS, fine. But don’t do it an any public lobby or anywhere where all involved players have not given unanimous consent to you doing so and most importantly, never refer to yourself as a Sniper or Marksman.

      You are not and never will be.
      If you choose to engage in a bastardized version of a legitimate RL Military Vocation then learn to accept to be treated accordingly.

  • Bowinkle82

    this just means snipers are gonna sit in one spot and hardscope ppl. there needs to be a no sniper playlist or sniper only playlist. let them have their fun somewhere else!

  • person

    That’s gay man they should of put quick scoping and I agree that sniping isn’t ment for that but still it would of been better if there was quick scoping

    • Chris Mason

      Im Jehova, for all the trolling, is a damn good player. Mark never said it was gone, read the quote again… he said, “Is quick scoping gone? Maybe. It certainly won’t be viable the way it previously was.”

      BO2 seems to be way too easy to quick scope in. MW3? Slightly more difficult IMO. What I think they are saying is a noob won’t be quick scoping you, but a good player that has practiced and developed his *gasp* skills! will still likely be able to get you more often than not.

      I think CoD getting rid of quick scoping completely is too detrimental to their reputation. Its an arcade shooter. Not a war simulation. Some farfetched things are totally alright.


  • Shaggs138

    I’ll believe it as soon as I don’t get killed in a close quarters map by a run-n-gun sniper killing me every 20 seconds. When all you see is black in the scope because it hasn’t been fully lifted, then there are problems.
    How to fix quickscoping and get sniper rifles back to reality.
    1- Can’t hold breath until fully scoped in.
    2- Can’t shoot until holding breath.

  • Raines

    Good. Looks like Infinity Ward is my choice for CoD, and Treyarch can go blow with theirs next year if they also keep QSing

  • Smooth

    Very well activision,very fucking well
    Way to do Call of duty more enjoyable without actual “trickshots”

  • quick scoper

    Yal are stupid quick scoping is better than everything

  • Dopeybo11ox

    I stopped playing online because of Quick-Scoping BS… totally ruined a good game. Seems to have got really bad on BLOPs 1&2… Is it because of the modified pads? do they work online? if so they need to be stopped if that’s even possible with all the stealth modes etc. At least a new console should stop them for a while until they reverse engineer the technology..

  • Aiman Faiz

    never tough it would be hard if we keep playing it

  • Raines

    Glad QSing will be gone, if it really is. Players should be required to actually AIM at their targets. Otherwise whats the point?

  • Raines

    If I enter a game with quickscopers, I just change my tactic. Don’t like to do it, but that’s when I camp them, go ninja, wait for them to run around a corner and BOOM, No quickscope for them.
    Then I get to hear them cry about camping. LOL

  • chubrock

    This game will be hacked in in 2 weeks like it always does. That’s why I don’t play cod anymore.

  • blazenx

    i dont see why quick scoping has talent included the 1st quick scope i did was cross map on bo1 with l9a1 if quick scoping is out the people that did that will just find something else heck i hate snipers i never used one after that game becouse i went 15-0 and i hate things too easy

  • GhostfaceKillah

    All snipers are fags, qs or not

  • Nick Olivera

    Good, now take out noob tubes and explosives other than grenades, and we have ourselves a game!

  • Roxas3510

    Well this sucks, I’m watching new gameplay of Ghosts and quick scoping looks exactly the same, if not easier because of the dual rendering scope. Looks like the CoD devs are still making up stuff to make the game look better than it actually is =/ was looking forward to this change.

  • adam

    Don’t you guys feel like idiots now?

  • iExplicit

    Its still in rofl <3

  • Keyboard Hijinx

    None of the previous commenters care its back because they stopped playing after the first day. People love to hate it seems.

    It also states that “traditional” QS is gone. Which means absolutely anything and is just a BS comment, lol.

  • pissed about bullshit gamers

    Bull fucking shit. There Is And it sucks. Get rid of it. I have an Xbox because of cod. If there is quick scoping I’m done. Fuck Xbox one.

  • Me

    You should print a retraction. Quick-scoping, or as I like to call it, being an asshole, is alive and well in Ghosts. Actually, I think it exists even more than in past releases.

  • Lashiticus wayne of wayne mano

    Anddddd quickscoping was NOT removed. Old news sure, but they fucking lied.

  • bobby

    Won’t be buying this game. It took me an entire year to learn to qs. The other classes, particularly the shotgun class, with range, were far more powerful. Think this was a lame move. Not spending my money on this. The people that love this move are more than likely campers.

  • CoD Ghost = Fail

    Gj Neversoft/Infinity wards into creating the worst game…. Might as well call CoD battlefield with the new health/Weapon damage system cant even turn on anyone

  • Moray

    biggest lie of 2013

  • Monster Scopes

    Trololol it’s better then ever Bitches… Got my biggest feeds yet haha

  • Hayden

    Now let’s hope they remove people who camp near you tait should shoot bullets around it

    • Hayden

      Auto correct
      Tac not tait
      It is removed
      Auto correct could suck a duck

  • RaG nuh RocK

    What a crock of bullshit. Quickscoping is the pinnacle achievement that
    all snipers aspire to whether they know it or not, it’s the highest
    level that a sniper can reach, and when the skill is finally fully
    realized the reward and fulfilment is unparalleled. Anyone who cries
    tears of frustration over being killed by a gun in a game need to take
    their pansy-asses and go play some other game. Call of Duty is not
    Battlefield, it’s an *ARCADE* shooter, not a fucking simulation of real
    life, if that’s what you want I suggest you take your
    no-skill-having-asses over to Battlefield where you can play at the
    slower rate of pace that suits you. When I buy a new shooter game, the
    first thing I want to experience is the sniper rifles in multiplayer. I
    also don’t hear anyone complaining about these automatic SMG’s and
    assault rifles being able to *insta-zoom ADS* and kill you in 2-3
    bullets, the game is so geared towards assault rifles and the MTAR-X,
    and the sniper continually get downgraded every successive CoD game
    release, yet you *STILL* complain and whine and cry about how better
    players can kill you in ways that you can’t even perform. All of you
    quickscoping and sniper rifle haters need to man the fuck up and get
    better at the game.

  • Aaron Gallears

    I hate quickscopers with a passion! But they seem to have returned to ghosts now and I’m put off another cod game:(

  • chompeez

    hahahagohaim a quickscoper and i quickscope just fine in ghosts even after the patches nice try butquickscoping will never be totally gone