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Really cool interactive unboxing of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition. You can hover over each of the features, and see it’s story and what comes with each feature.


Preorder now at select retailers to secure your copy of the Prestige Edition.

Here’s a video showing off the Paracord Strap: (available in both Hardened and Prestige Editions)

SOURCE: @CallofDuty

  • Sam119

    Typo on collective steelbook popup. 🙂

    • Keshav Bhat

      Thank you

      Edit: what’s wrong with it? I wrote Steelbook, just as the image says?

      • #AvengeCoDforever

        Pls unblock CoDforever ..

        • exeterman2

          And again…

        • asdf

          Yeah I really don’t know why he was blocked if all he did was support cod in his particular way…….and this is a cod site

      • Sam119

        Sorry, might just be me not understanding what its saying but for me it says Collectible Steelbook
        Collector’s Edition Steelbook features alt. cover art on hard steel protective case.

        Is the “alt” meant to be there. Its no big deal.

        Great work btw! 🙂

        • Tard

          Retard, alt means alternative. Alternative cover art…

  • exeterman2


    2rd comment.

  • I still feel like the Hardened Edition is still the Best option out of the 3.

    • YouHardscope

      Same here bro got mine already pre-order!!

    • Bigi345

      But you can BREACH!! Doors with the tac camera from the prestige lol

      • ip x Warrior

        Ya but you will have to BREACH!!! Doors with the tac camera in your hands ?

    • ip x Warrior

      If the prestige edition would of come with a helmet that u can put the camera on, I would of buy it. But only the camera ?? nahh. Hardened is the best option like you said.

    • Young Hernz

      I wish I had a Money to buy it, but good thing I’m getting MW2 Ghost Mask and Gear since I pre-order at Gamestop 🙂

  • Tomas Brousson

    every year I get so excited by the new call of duty game that’s coming out, but this year not much …still im going to buy it

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      They’re bringing a lot better stuff to COD this time around (especiially compared to shitty BO2 MP)… Have you not been paying attention to what the game will have?

      • smayo

        The same was said about BO2 last year, and it turned out to be a huge disappointment for many including myself, me too are a little more sceptical this time around.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          you’re thinking about how much hype they gave the pick-10 system….that’s all the hype i remember them talking about bringing anything new. But you don’t have to take MY word for it, why don’t you check it out at your local library…IT’S THERE WAITING FOR YOU!

  • Gamers yolo version : YOSO You Only Spawn Once

    • They see posting,they hating

  • Crenshaw

    If i get the hardened edition for the 360 on Nov 5 then trade the game into gamestop on Nov 22 for the Xbox one version will my bonus content transfer over?? l know they said the season pass would transfer so not worried about that…but what about the other extra downloaded content?


      i got the kinda the same question, i asked the guys at gamestop and they dont have info yet but they did told me that if i buy either the hardened or prestige edition for the 360 i have to pay half what that version costs when the xbox one version comes out, is not the $10 they sayin it is gonna be because thats only for the standard version,


    i got a question.. ok, so ive already payed off my regular copy of Ghosts for the 360 at gamestop and gave 5 bucks in advance to trade it when the xbox one version comes out, now is the Team Leader Digital Pack that comes with the Season Pass is only gonna be available with the Hardened and Prestige versions or will it come if
    you buy the Season Pass by it self as well?

  • tom coon

    wait so do you get simon riley with this edition