Infinity Ward’s Candice Capen has confirmed that Domination in Ghosts will be similar to MW3, not round based like Black Ops 2.

Many fans had complains about Black Ops 2’s style, as the round based system caused the game to feel fragmented and much longer than it should last. MW3’s style is how it always was: you play straight to 200 points or before time runs out.

  • NiftyGam3r

    I liked the way bo2 had it. Like that people wouldnt complain about a suppose advantage depending where which side of the map you spawned

    • Auptyk

      Ah yes, good point. That is another Pro to the system. In MW3 there were clear “better” sides. Spawn on C on Mission DOM and you literally just won the game. The opposing team had 0 chance to win (considering your team knew which end of the gun was dangerous). Half time would have helped that.

    • Scotty Le

      yeah, but usually it keeps the round much more longer than the normal taste. But i mean if they can throw this in Private Match it wouldn’t be any problem for the MLG though.

  • Corey

    Time doesn’t run out in classic dom, because there is no time.

  • I hate Domination, but I thought the Round-based version was an improvement, it allowed the team losing to get back on their feet if they were spawn trapped.

    • But it also prevented from those really amazing combacks we used to see.

    • MeisseN

      And most of the times the losing team will get spawntrapped shortly after Round 2 starts…

  • I will tell you why this is a good thing….Long comebacks are once again possible

  • Crusf

    Quickscoping gone+Classic Dom…

    • jesuschristmarie

      and then you remember how terrible of am idea deadeye, ping, and the Odin strike are.

      • Young Hernz

        Deadeye is the worestest one of all, but good thing is cost 5 points, also don’t forget Danger Close

        I hope IW nerf Deadeye and Danger Close and add 1 point to make these perk more expensive if there been overused

        • Chris Mason

          Yeah. Let’s all hope they nerf a perk that is in a game… that hasn’t been released yet. /sarcasm

    • RQC

      quickscoping isnt gone, its harder

      • MeisseN

        Quickscoping is what makes sniping easier, so if it’s harder it’s like gone.

        • Taino717

          i agree with you bro!

          • MadeThisJustForThis

            quick scoping is easier now.. are you serious? maybe you just suck with a sniper…

    • xx420xx

      le meme

    • lolwut

      I’m with this guy.

  • Auptyk

    There are both pros and cons to the round based system. Half time could give your team a chance to get back into it if you have lost momentum and need to regain some footing on a neutral field. …that’s about it for the pro side… hah

    The cons though I think outweigh the pros though in my opinion… I think people rage quit more often when they are losing at half (especially when they are getting destroyed).

    More importantly… It prevents me and my team from a lot of 200-0 victories lol. Most CoD games we have around 5-7 total shutouts. With Black Ops 2’s round based system we only have one. We have a bunch of first half shut outs around 165-0… but that half time always allows them to get back in it (see first paragraph).

    I like both… but I think I prefer the straight through play.

    • MeisseN

      How nooby are your enemies… Don’t they take the objective at the beginning of the game? That’s a free capture for everyone and once it’s captured there’s no way to lose without scoring a single point…

      • Auptyk

        There are a few maps were if you have a sprint class on you can get there and C4 them before they capture the first objective. Studio is the one we got our shutout on. Uplink is another you can do it on if you spawn A side.

        I never stop to cap the spawn flag. It’s only 50 points, compared to the 200 point B flag. And being to B first is a huge advantage. My friends and I frequently cap B before the spawn flag… or typically we just push through and take their flag for another 200 points.

        • MeisseN

          Wow that’s an uncommon playstyle! If you can have 2 other friends with you to form a party, and cap B at the beginning of the round (while the other 3 takes A) or just get 6 friends with thorough tactics, I think it’s really easy to take the initiative of objective-based gamemode like Domination!

    • Michael

      The cons outweigh the pros? Really? There are a small number of players who go for shutout victories, there shouldn’t be any chance of it if more than half of their players cap the home flag. The rounds create a much more equal playing field, CTF has two rounds for a reason.

      Joining domination matches late is always a problem in IW games. When my team is getting spawntrapped and the entire map is filled with scorestreaks, there’s no way making a comeback. You can be a brilliant player, but if you’ve joined a game with streaks being bombarded, you’re screwed!

      • Auptyk

        Removing the half actually makes it possible for a Brilliant player to come back from being down. Some friends and I came back from being down 160-199 to win 200-199. That is not possible with the half time model. In Black Ops 2 my friends and I got dropped in losing 40-140. We lost 166-168 while we controlled all three flags. In the MW3/Ghosts system (no half time) we would have won.

        • Ed

          this is exactly why i like the regular version over the round based. i’ve seen less comebacks with the round based than with the single play dom. i used to love to be losing, then all of a sudden dominate all three flags at the end to take the match.

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    I thought the round based dom was completely fair. I can’t count how many times that my team was down at the half and we managed to pull out a victory because the sides flipped. Dom the classic ways plays victim of spawn trapping on the same side for the complete entirety of the 200 points. What they need to incorporate in domination is a team reward system for capping all 3 flags otherwise teams will purposefully not capture that 3rd flag to continue the spawn trap. That is the flaw of Domination!!

    • Mitch

      This. In BO2 if you had like a 4v4 clan battle, you would get destroyed if you started on one side, but you would destroy them in the 2nd round.

      • lolwut

        That is nothing to do with the Domination game mode. That is poor map design. They shouldn’t have to re-work a game mode because of poor map design – fix the true cause, don’t paper over the crack.

        Additionally, if players on the ‘good side’ in round 1 save their streaks for round two then can flip the spawns easily, or crush you just as much in round two even though they’re on the supposed weak side.

    • lolwut

      I found the total opposite. I found it much harder to win after round 1.

      If you do badly in round 1 then the gap is often too much to reach within the time limit.

      Hardly any games now get to 200.

      The team who dominates the first round also have the upper-hand, as they can get their streaks, hold them back to round two then let them fly.

      People still spawn trap in round-based Domination, and that is a problem with the spawn system not the game mode – BO had it right. It would flip the spawn to the other side of the map even if you didn’t control that area after a few deaths and you could launch an assault from behind.

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    Thank you so much. Hate the round bs.

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    They should definitely keep the round based dom, but improve it. Instead of time based, where if one team caps all 3 flags for the whole round there is almost no chance of winning, to point based. Once one team gets to 100/200 points (or whatever the points are), it becomes halftime. That way, no team can completely dominate another without giving the other team a fighting chance.

    • dom

      surprised people liked this.. that would turn domination too much like demolition and pure spawn traps. Classic dom is how it should be 2 rounds is stupid because of the “one side might be a better side than the other” well make map designs better treyarch gtfoh

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        If there is good map designs, there won’t be spawn traps. And I feel that if it wasn’t round based, spawn traps would happen on a lager level. They could spawn trap one area, holding 2 flags. They won’t let you capture one flag. Your whole team leaves because they can’t even leave their spawn all game. If it was round based (on points, not time) it would give the other team a chance to recover and break out of the spawn trap.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


  • Sentrymann

    Personally I don’t much care for round based Domination. More time for people to angry and quit out. I hate joining a domination game during the second round……

  • BulletBoy62

    What they need to do is have it round based but without the time. Once one team reach 100 you switch sides.

  • Blaine

    If your maps are balanced, then there’s no need for round-based Dom. Treyarch has balanced and symmetrical (although admittedly boring) maps so round-based Dom was redundant. IW maps are more interesting but they are usually pretty unbalanced, so I think round-based Dom would make more sense in their games. The problem is, IW tends not to care much about balance…

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      I agree. Round based Dom would make more sense on MW3 than it does in BO2. Hopefully IW’s maps are balanced and symmetrical and interesting.

      • ThisGuy

        the maps are not going to be symmetrical, they have already confirmed this.

  • Cell

    Sabotage, please.

  • mike

    annoying no skill spawn trapping is back. Probably the youtubers that complained about it so they can get their gameplays..

    • xx420xx

      >spawn trapping in domination

      • TepidBlack

        epic maymay text /b/rother 😀

        • xx420xx

          reported nerd!!!

  • Why is this COD generation so against a little longer games, bigger maps and a few seconds in respawn time? It drives me nuts. These new COD players have no patience for anything.

    Back in the day we would hold hour long 10 cap CTF scrimmages on our servers in COD:UO and the servers were filled every single night.

    • Ed

      did you play while sitting in the snow, with no heat, no jackets, and no food in your bellies? i bet the games were way cheaper back in your day, as well.

      • Actually they were; COD games were always $49.99 and if I remember correctly COD:UO was only $24.99 because it was an expansion pack. The price was bumped up to $59.99 when MW2 released.

        Many of the people on here got into the series around the MW2 or later days. I’ve been playing COD since the first game… and on the PC – so a lot of people commenting have little experience with how this game really used to be.

  • Taino717

    I feel good about this game alrerady!!! no quickscoping + Normal domination!

  • Taino717

    Are they bringing drop zone back??

  • Wig Ripper

    I actually though the round based Dom was better…

    • Keshav Bhat

      I hated it.

  • Ed

    great. that round based garbage kept me from playing it.

  • tha_online_gamertz

    I hated the timer on the round based dom

  • Scorestreaks>Strike Packages

  • SoulTaker

    Please tell me there keeping the Treyarch scoreboard where it tells you how many flags you’ve help captured or captured and defends. They didn’t do that in MW3 and it wasn’t that big of an issue but it sucked.