Activision and Infinity Ward have just released a new trailer for Call of Duty Ghosts!

Outnumbered and outgunned, but not outmatched.

Call of Duty: Ghosts takes the critically-acclaimed franchise into the next generation. New world. New story. New, next-gen engine.

  • iSwedishVirus

    I was waiting for Woods to say “What happends…when the enemy steals the keys?”

    lmao xD

    • DeadSix27

      Heh, yes… me too.. it just sounds too damn familiar.. But that one scene on that “Hanging Train in the Cliffs” that looked awesome.. a little like Bulletstorm..

    • What happens then? Then i buy a new car :l

    • 402


    • Kyle PDX


    • JKB98

      More like Soap McTavish XD

  • That was probably the greatest Single player trailer I’ve ever seen…It was pretty orgasmic. I’m not gonna lie

    • Keshav Bhat

      It’s very orgasmic.

    • See my picture? Woof!

    • Indeed.

    • lMattW

      It is quite good, but I still prefer MW2’s Infamy trailer and MW3’s Redemption trailer.

  • Sentrymann

    That was without a doubt the best Call of Duty trailer I’ve ever seen, people won’t want to ignore the campaign this time a round, that’s for sure.

    • GeNKi

      I am a pure MP player with hundreds of hours in each CoD release.. I haven’t played SP more than 3-4 hours in TOTAL ! But this trailer made me think: “Do I really want to skip that shit again ? ” 🙂

      • Jose Martin Gonzalez

        BO2 amd MW3s campaigns were both pretty good. BO2 has a great story and MW3s is just really fun over the top action

        • ben wills

          BO2’s story was great? LOL!!!!!! Most non nonsensical thing of all time. Not to mind it completely ignored everything the first game setup.

  • ..this trailers make me buy the game Woof

    • Taino717

      woof woof!

    • Young Hernz

      I agree

  • TomTomTomTomTomTomTom

    the first scene of the trailer: Call of Duty Space warfare, it is real.

  • NiftyGam3r

    I bet the first mission would be the outerspace scene where the odin strike lands and the invasion starts. Ive been so focused on MP that i havent thought much of the SP. good hopes for ghosts

    • Lorhelm

      They might just go straight to the fish mission and then explain what happened in the story..which personally i would like it to be chronilogical but at the same time it’s very suspensful..either way is fine with me

  • CoDGhosts123

    1:47 – I thought that was Woods and Menendes and Menendez giving Woods the Medallion lol.

    • James K

      1:54. Honestly, that adult look like a younger Harper from Black Ops 2 .

      • Lolololol

        Your breath stinks!

    • Lorhelm

      like for real..the red bandana makes all the difference XD

  • Bowinkle82

    is this PC footage?

  • This is fucking next gen I don’t care what you say, this trailer has me SOLD.

  • MeisseN

    Woo, so cool! But.. Fire in space..?

    • F*ck logic?

      • MeisseN

        Nope, just checked the web and yes guns can be fired in space and for the briefest moment there will be flames (just like how aircrafts have flames on their back, but the flames from a gunshot extinguishes fast)

        • Hmm ok im pretty sure IW is very carefull about these things:D

  • NiftyGam3r

    Anyone else get the feeling that the man narrating the trailer is Simon Riley and he’s talking to his son. Probably Simon dies hence the reason why his son calls the dog Riley, as a rememberance of his father, and wears ghost equipment

    • Manny18Ply

      its a good theory but it is highly unlikely due to the fact that Simon is British and the campaign follows the two brothers from california.

    • RdJokr

      Ghosts has nothing to do with Modern Warfare. Face it, Simon died by Shepherd’s hand.

    • zrgfbvgtb

      Ghosts has a British flag on his shoulder. And the narrator is talking about the US. So, it can’t be.

  • StupidDOGY


  • MeisseN

    Well for anyone that doesn’t know, firing guns in space is totally possible as the bullet gains momentum from the explosion of gunpowder in the bullet and the oxygen needed for the explosion comes from the gunpowder itself. And the chamber is a closed environment so even if outside is zero-G in the chamber it’s still the normal pressure for bullets to be fired. FYI, Hg(ONC)2=Hg+N2↑+2CO↑ This is the chemical equation of the explosion.

    • 402

      too much info mate.

      • MeisseN

        Woohoo, nice to see ya here, Nick!

    • Ed

      science, bitch.

    • britannic192


    • Trizay

      Also because there is no friction from air in space the bullets would never lose momentum and would keep flying infinitely until something got in its way or the gravity of a large mass pull it in.

      • MeisseN

        Yep… which justifies COD’s hitscan weapons XD (just kidding)

    • Jose Martin Gonzalez

      I believe the term is “self-oxydizing”. The spelling might be wrong.

      • MeisseN

        Yep the term is right.. English is not my main language and sometimes these scientific stuffs are like pain in the ass…

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns


  • Ugh box

    Why do the campaign graphics look better than the mp’s ?

    • Chris Mason

      Because you can make a scripted story have better visual fidelity reading off a disk than communicating with a server. Compare WoW vs. Skyrim.

  • CoD Campaigns = Amazing

    Seriously too many people hating in the comments section of the video. Bandwagon jumping – you name it. Just face it, regardless of what people think of the multiplayer, the campaign in every single CoD (especially BO2 with the non-linear multiple ending storyline) has been outstanding – far better than any other game. Multiplayer wise, that’s up to debate.

  • James K

    The trailer is pretty godly, especially the music.

    The part where the planes were dropping down tanks is the best set piece in the whole trailer.

  • Kyle PDX

    cannot wait to play

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      you have to.

      • Kyle PDX


  • Sam119

    Do we know when the campaign is set?!

  • Dave

    Eat shit Battlefield!

    • Both games will be great. No need to hate

      • Kyle PDX

        I am a cod freak but i agree battlefield will be totally amazing as well.



    • Mack

      just wait there, i will go get you a towel

      • I_HAV2_POOP

        I already cleaned it up and it took 2 towels….beach towels…

  • Fetterlein

    me at every cod release. singleplayer>multiplayer>specops/zombies>multiplayer>specops/multiplayer, and on and on

  • Nitro Splicer

    Honestly, I’m not sure if I’ll pick up this game. But it keeps looking better and better the more I hear about it.

  • Daryl

    Bruuuuuum! Bruuuuuuum! Bruuuuuuuum!

  • shitbrainsasssexbuttanal

    finally a good looking cod game…

  • SoulTaker

    Looks good it’s good to see it getting better at first I didn’t want to buy this game but I might down the line I’ll wait for the reviews this time though. 😛

  • Kyle PDX

    Wonder if they will base a mp map off this, that would be boss. Seems a little far fetched, yes but they are trying to make dynamic maps and a space station map could have allot of dynamic effects.

  • cervixpounder

    They should have played that in the beginning, then everyone would have taken it seriously. There would have been no “now the fish swim” jokes or no dog jokes. People would have seen this game as what it really strives to be, a cinema worthy action game.

  • M P

    So who’s the enemy that’s attack the US?

    • James K


      It’s a South American federation

  • MhaoP

    So who’s the enemy that’s attacking the US?

  • Allen Greathouse

    Very orgasmic sounds very “inception-y”

  • Chris Mason

    Is that really Mark in the comments?

  • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

    Do you think ghost son is making a appearance? They did father son in BO2. We never seen ghost from mw2, maybe that little cut seen at end was ghost son. IDK. Be cool I think.

    • Ghost was British, the sons are Californian

      • Craig Steven Brooks Jr

        Ok. Awesome thanks for clearing that up for me.

  • Guest

    Wouldnt be there sounds in space?

  • I thought there are no sounds in space

  • Ghosts, the only FPS with Space, Ground, Air, and Water Combat. Can’t wait!

  • LegitCryptic

    Bout to sell my xbox i was sick and bored of video games till i saw this…

  • gonnagetBF4nGhosts!

    Its the first time in Call of Duty where I am really really excited for the Campaign….

  • gonnagetBF4nGhosts!

    This is the first time in Call of Duty where I am really really excited for the Campaign..

  • Name of the composer,anyone?

  • Bowinkle82

    everytime i see the trailer for Gravity i think its Cod: ghosts… until i see guns

  • jgg

    graphics are next gen.