Mark Rubin has confirmed that the main characters name in Call of Duty: Ghosts are ‘Hesh’ and ‘Logan’. These two characters are brothers, who start off fighting alone before teaming up with the rest of the Ghosts squad.

The prologue of the game is watching the event that destroys America occur. The two characters are teenagers when the event takes place. These two brothers have grown up in the new world after the major event of the Odin rod strikes. They’ve been effected, and changed by what happened throughout their life time.

Rubin also said that Steven Gaghan, the writer for Ghosts, wanted to be sure that the character you play as doesn’t talk; it keeps a mystery as to who he is throughout the campaign.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • I wonder when the Dad is introduced in the game? Maybe it will be similar to how they introduced Price in MW2. As it looks in the Single Player Trailer, the dad looks like a beaten up prisoner.

    • Kyle PDX

      Or even better do a kind of throwback to cod 4s intro. Ur fruit killin skills are remarkable.

    • Archer

      There was a part in the trailer that showed him in handcuffs. Might have been..


    Hopefully Hans Zimmer is back as the composer

  • lMattW

    I’m really glad they’re keeping the blank first person perspective, for me it made the Modern Warfare games better. Let the player fill the role rather than create a character for it.

    I’m sad though that they are leaving the multiple-story element behind. Every CoD game so far has had that as a story-telling device, and I hope they bring it back in the future.

    • RdJokr

      It’s good when you fill in the role of the character, but then later when the character becomes the NPC, or when you control an existing NPC (like say, Logan), it makes it hard to be immersed into the game. Maybe that’s just me.

  • iSwedishVirus

    He says that they don’t want the character you play to talk because it gives you a stronger connection and feeling to the character…i disagree, i loved the fact that the character you played in BO and BO2 talked because i think that that gave the character a better personality and you feelt a stronger connection to the character.

    I honestly didn’t give a fuck about Soap in the MW series but in BO/BO2 i cared and feelt a conenction to the character, which was eaither Woods, Mason or Alex 🙂
    But hey that’s just me, everyone has differenct opinions ^^

  • MegaMan3k

    I find silent protagonists more alienating than immersing.

    • Especially when an NPC says, “Not a big talker are ya?”

      • Crusf

        F Yeah! Claude Speed

        • lol, GTA 2.

          • Actually GTA 3

          • Claude Speed is the main protagonist and playable character and in the 1999 video game Grand Theft Auto 2.

            There is much speculation whether or not Claude Speed is the same main protagonist from Grand Theft Auto III, who is simply named “Claude”. This is due to the same first names, manner of attire, and physical appearances. When asked to confirm such debate, Rockstar Games simply stated that GTA III Claude’s “surname may or may not be Speed”.

          • Well that pretty much means it’s him, so we are both right.

          • This is true!

          • But GTA3 takes place before GTA2 right? soo R.I.P Claude 😀

          • He is in GTA 2 too 😀

  • Crusf

    The silent protagonist is always more impacting to me. That’s what made The Legend of Zelda’s Link so great. The ability to express a persons feelings with no words at all is an impressive feat for any form of entertainment.

    • ben wills

      Minus Wind Waker, Link has no emotions really. He’s a “Link” between the game and you, so you’re Link, but as a whole he’s a shitty character. He’s Mr. Generic “I save teh wurld man!!!” and has no depth or substance about him. I’m not saying it doesn’t work, I’m saying as a character it really isn’t that great. Link needs more of a personality beyond what he’s given.

      I agree it’s impressive to give a character personality with no words, but Link just isn’t one of them.

      • FuckingQuickScopesMyAss

        Wait, Link talked in The Wind Waker?
        [EDIT] Holy shit, he did.

        • ben wills

          Actually I don’t think he did. Difference with Wind Waker is little Toon Link had those adorable faces. You could tell what he was feeling based on his expression. He had a bit of emotion, something most other Link’s have lacked. There’s been a bit of it but Wind Waker has the most without a doubt and did it the best.

          Edit: Lol I forgot about the “Come On!” thing

      • Crusf

        I don’t agree that he is shitty but we can all agree this rendition is…

        • ben wills

          I don’t think he’s shitty, I just don’t think he has much of an impact. For Zelda and what Zelda does Link has done great this entire time. Link to the Past is without a doubt my favorite game of all time. I’m just saying as a character there isn’t much there. Kind of like how Soap didn’t have much of a character until MW2

  • Archer

    There’s also those characters that are quiet, but when they talk , whatever they say blows your mind.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    I prefer it when the protagonist talks like in BO1. I find it so much more impacting and easier to immerse yourself into the characters story and that’s why it’s the best COD to date. I hope in BO3 they go back tot heir roots and make the protagonist tell us a story we’ll remember instead of a mystery I’ll quickly forget!

    • MeisseN

      In BO series you always play the role of commander or storyteller, but in MW series you are mostly just another soldier, following the heels of Captain Price, Sandman, Sgt Foley or even Makarov.. Sometimes we need playable character dialogs in BO for a better understanding of the story, but mostly in MW you feel the war, and the story is easy enough to understand.
      But I think Ghosts is having a rather BO-ish story with few teammates and dialogs of the player controlled character are necessary! Especially when these 2 characters are brothers….

  • Bartram22

    I have never played a cod campaign may be the first 10 mins of them it’s just not my thing… But was looking forward to this campaign until they said the guy don’t speak it’s like playing max Payne or resident evil or gears of war (Dom when he dies) you wouldn’t care about these heros if they didnt talk surly ? It would just be dull ryt? That’s why I don’t get campaigns. Multiplayer is the only thing cod has in my opinion treyarch has zombies but judging by bo2 they even going to ruin that don’t get me wrong i will buy every cod that comes out cuz in my opinion it’s the best fps out their 4 me n the wife to play not many games online support online split screen I hope that changes next gen so I don’t feel like I need to buy cod

  • Bowinkle82

    this dude looks like kaepernick

  • moheeb

    I think this is some thing to do with mw2

  • Hi

    That not fair. If he can’t talk how is that making the player emotional?

  • Hi

    They better make a COD: Ghost 2. AND make us players see his face and hear his voice.