A few new Ghosts customizations for your Xbox LIVE Avatar have been released on Xbox LIVE Marketplace this past week.

[nggallery id=563]

The new options include:

Pricing varies from $1.00 to $2.99.

SOURCE: Xbox via @Kyleeer_obey 


  • Anybody know if these carry over to Xbox One?

    • Jay Smith

      I know what ever your avatar is it will be on the one

    • I hope so! I’m sure they will

    • Bowinkle82

      they do. all that stuff carries over except the arcade games

  • Kraschnick

    It took some time until you guys discovered that.

  • Holy jesus this is so awso- lol jk wtf is that pvt.pyle?!

  • The Dog! <33333333

  • David Sync

    Hopefully they have the Odin on the PS4 theme

    • asdf

      Good luck with that. (Seriosly good luck, hopefully they change their current PS3 theme)

      • David Sync

        Sarcasm doesn’t work over the Internet so just stop

  • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

    We can have doge

    • ip x Warrior

      yes you can have a doge..

  • ccrows

    Just give me the CAC DLC (AKA what BO2 did) and I’ll be EXTREMELY HAPPY.

    Having a different set of 10 slots per game mode is a HUGE TIMESAVER for me since my friends all have different tastes in what game mode they like to play.

    For me it doesn’t matter what game I’m playing, but please IW give me the ability to switch my custom 10 on the fly!

    ^ I know this was kinda OT, but Season Pass & Extra CAC DLC = “Shut up and take my money!”…

    • Kyle PDX

      Or even better they should just add that feature for free its a great concept but I really don’t want to buy it.

      • MeisseN

        Make this an Unlock or a Prestige reward is better than selling it or giving it to everyone for free. 10 prestiges = 10 rewards = 5 extra Class per set + 5 extra Class sets = Awesomeness

        • Kyle PDX


        • asdf

          Guys at Activition would be all like……nigg* what ya taking bout wher does tha money come from that. (Imagining they all use slang to communicate)

  • Fix the CI app

    • Keshav Bhat

      We will.

      • Bowinkle82

        your on nextvg too. double duty

        • asdf

          Kkmmmm…….double doody
          (You made it happen, not my fault.)

  • exeterman2

    You can now have a swaggy ghosts SnapBack on your avatar! #swag #yolo

    This is a joke btw.

  • asdf

    The masks don’t look as cool as they should…..they should have the other in-game designs as well for sell. *everybody in PSN: Well we have this really cool theme thingy*

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Nobody uses that theme, it’s complete shit. I use the animated COD Zombies theme that came with the Prestige edition of BO2, it’s animated and looks freaking awesome.

      • asdf

        Thank you? (Get it.)

        • Siftblade of Rivia

          Yes. BTW every time you write a joke, you shouldn’t write (Joke) or (Sarcasm) or (Get it) next to it.. I see you keep doing that.

  • That’s cute

    I want that dog he’s cute @[email protected]

  • ​​

    better late than never i guess

  • LiquidCourage311

    does anyone know if you have funds in your wallet if they will transfer to xbox one? i have $20 in there that i don’t really want to spend but i will if it means i will lose it once i get my xbox one.

    • bsktballmsu1

      i’m pretty sure; im in the same situation

  • asdf

    Spyderman Spyderman now he’s an Xbox avatar BECAUSE THE LAST MOVIE SUCKED ASSSSSH AND I WOULD HAVE LIKE THEM TO END THAT SERIES WITH A BETTER MOVIE. (Derivative from Jericho’s work)