If you dont care about easter egg spoilers or just dont plan on buying GTA5 then check out the video below. We dont expect see to see this killstreak any time soon in Call of Duty by the way.

The video below should be considered an easter-egg spoiler and is also NSFW so watch at your own risk..

SOURCE: GameTrailers TV

  • Daniel Sims

    5 Killstreak – Shitstick. Coming soon to Black Ops 3

    • IW is for FAGS


      • MeisseN

        Calling each other faggots behind the keys of a message board… We’ve become so numb to what we’re saying…

        • HenryDF

          “Man you’re so gay” gets dropped daily…
          Have you seen the YouTube comments lately?

  • Mista Rehab
    • Daniel Sims

      Thats just what you would hear in an ordinary CoD Lobby to. Rockstar is great.

      • Mista Rehab

        defo, cod 4.


  • $73546284

    Lol rockstar and there cleaver little easter eggs

  • chris
  • Kyle PDX

    Shit Stick 3000

  • Mr. Thuggins

    NSFW? Gamers work?

  • ccrows

    Spoiler warning for that? Really?

    Is the spoiler warning a parody too?

    If you are buying GTAV for the Easter Eggs, then you’re doing it wrong…

    • extreme_name

      There’s people who like to search for easter eggs… Relax dude…

  • PR0 German

    I don’t really think this is call of duty if anything killstreaks are in Medal of Honor as well and the knifing system resembles molesting more than CoD. i don’t know if i’m the only one to see that.

  • xx420xx

    nobody cares

  • marshall

    That is stupid

  • Mobin Amanzai

    That looks like a very big improvement from any other cod made (jk)

    • *duke takes shitstick 3000* *shoves it in Mobin’s eye*

  • Cell

    Rockstar… you tried.

  • ApokPsy

    Easter eggs are called such because they’re hidden and meant to be found. Just because something references another thing doesn’t make it an Easter egg. It’s simply a reference or, in this case, a parody of something else.

  • BudEagle26

    How is this a Call of duty parody?

  • MeisseN

    This game portrayed in the game doesn’t really look and sound like a COD game but you know when people think of FPS they think of COD 😀