A new post on Call of Duty: ELITE’s official site has provided details on one of the new pointstreaks called Maniac in Ghosts.

Fearless and heavily armored, the Maniac Pointstreak spreads panic through enemy lines, charging headfirst and equipped with only a melee weapon. Found in the Assault Strike Package, the Maniac uses its high defense to get in close while shrugging off attacks. In the right hands, this Pointstreak can be invaluable to your team’s effort.

“The Maniac presents a new threat in multiplayer matches, and nothing beats the adrenaline rush of relentlessly chasing down enemies,” says Multiplayer Designer Kyle Audick.

How does the Maniac work?

  • Delivered via Care Package
    • As an airdrop, it’s important that you search for a safe, defendable area to call in the Maniac. There are few things worse than losing all your hard work to an enemy player.
  • Heavily Armored
    • The Maniac can take a lot of punishment. Use your added defense to distract enemy players and draw attention away from your teammates.
  • High Mobility
    • Without the burden of heavy weaponry, the Maniac can race after opponents without pause. Your target will have a difficult time outpacing you, so use this to your advantage.
  • Throwing Knife
    • To keep enemy players on their toes, the Maniac also comes equipped with a single Throwing Knife. Someone making a run for it? No such luck. You only get one, so be sure to pick it back up after use.
  • Limited Health
    • The Maniac’s health does not regenerate. That’s right, your health NEVER regenerates. Once your armor breaks, the Pointstreak ends.
  •  Timing is Important
    • The Maniac does not earn points toward your Pointstreak for taking out enemy players. If you have a higher-level Pointstreak selected, wait to unlock that before calling in the Maniac.

Because of the limited health, it’s important to think tactically when using the Maniac. Check your mini-map and take advantage of the terrain to outflank and surprise enemy players. While you can withstand some direct fire, you won’t last long if you’re engaging enemies head on. Play smart and wreck havoc in your matches.

SOURCE: Call of Duty ELITE (via DW247)

  • I heard there is a invisibility perk is that true?
    EDIT:Holy jesus i mean a streak that makes you invisible but didnt believe it anway just wanted to make sure 😀

    • Guest


    • Yes and you can also fly.

      • J

        and there’s a perk of swiftness, fire resistance, regeneration, everything.

        • Guest

          Unnecessary reference.

    • Jon Cameron

      No, but Painkiller is a perk now. Didn’t they learn from the Juggernaut hate? Fuck.

      • guest

        sniper calm down

        sniper needs a counter

        • Jon Cameron


        • ORB1T4L

          The best thing to counter a sniper is to use a sniper.

          • Burst Rifle w/ ACOG > Sniping a sniper

          • ORB1T4L

            Yeah, that works too, indeed 😉

          • boomertag Mann

            I luv taking out snipers

        • Dylan

          Just sneak up and use a knife

      • JohnClark_R6

        But it’s not actual resistance is it? I think it is just quicker health re gen?

        • Jon Cameron

          Yes, but it’s essentially the same thing. More bullets required to kill someone. Only difference between the two besides what they actually do is that Painkiller really only takes effect if the guy using Painkiller isn’t immediately killed and has time to recover.

          • JohnClark_R6

            Well, I figure if you can’t kill him before he starts to re-gen health then oh well. No biggie. Not as bad as original Painkiller or Juggy.

          • Jon Cameron

            Yeah, it could be worse. My whole point though is why would they even consider putting something like this in the game? Are they just cycling through every possible form that this type of effect can have before realizing it won’t work?

            Now I doubt it’s actually going to ruin the game or be overused, let alone even slightly overpowered, but the main problem with the Juggernaut and Painkiller of old is that they’re more tedious than overpowered. It wasn’t hard to deal with it, but the fact that you even had to deal with it was an annoyance.

            You see, deathstreaks honestly wouldn’t even be that bad if they required more severe situations. Instead of 5 deaths in a row, or whatever it was, make it like 10 or something. Deathstreaks should have been more of a “okay I’m really incapable of getting anything going, can I please have a little bit of assistance” rather than a “I’m off to a bad start, let me go ahead and be guaranteed a comeback.” That’s all deathstreaks are really: a chance to comeback. The last time I checked, a comeback isn’t something you’re just handed; not in any other video game anyway.

            Sorry for the tl;dr

    • There’s no invisiblity perk

      • Ok thx it seems that some people are too retarded to answere my question

    • Showzen

      Invisibility is not yet confirmed. This video here *might* have invisibility at the 2:38 mark:

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    The rage…. I can see it now. One kill away from 25. Next thing you know, there is this bullet sponge knifer moving at 100 mph. He’s running at you. Your going to die and there is little to nothing you can do about it other than drop his health so maybe others won’tsuffer the same annoying fate. Nerve bursting rage is inevitable. Wonder how many controllers i would goe through before the next CoD.

    • Kyle PDX

      Well it is fair, after all if the enemy is running around as a bullet sponge its partly ur fault u should have stoped him from getting ten kills in a row. I see no problem here.

      • That’s the most retarded analogy I’ve ever read. That’s like me playing against a hacker, losing, and when I call them out they say, it’s your fault for not jailbreaking your PS3 for an even playing field.

        • Kyle PDX

          Ok u and me both know thats 100% different. And i made no analogy u did dumb ass.

          a comparison between two things, typically on the basis of their structure and for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

          I did not compare anything. Your analogy on the other hand was indeed retarded. Killstreaks are a part of the game what u talked about is in no way comparable to the killstreak. My point is, killstreakes are preventable, you can stop someone from getting them and they are apart of the game, you can NOT stop someone from jailbreaking and they are in no way intended to be used in games that is why people get banned if they use certain Mods/hacks on multiplayer.

    • bsktballmsu1

      how can you be on a 25 killstreak but yet someone else on the enemy team is on a 10 killstreak

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        Maybe they killed my other teammates? Or maybe i join a game with someone using the maniac killstreak? It’s a retarded idea of a killstreak and it should be scrapped and replaced with something else, like EMP or AC-130, because the former is not as annoying and the latter can be countered with the right setup.

        • Logic says FU

          So if you just join the game and the other team has a maniac, he hasn’t died for your 25 kills the entire time even though he cant regen health. Plus if you are getting a 25 streak doubts are the other team is going to get a maniac…

  • MegaMan3k

    This sounds intolerable.

  • ORB1T4L

    If you play HC modes, it will be just like the Jug from MW3, 3 bullets to the chest and boom, you’re down !