TmarTn has posted a new video that shows an unboxing of the Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige Edition Tactical Camera. The camera allows you to strap it on, and record videos in 1080p HD.

Preorder the Prestige Edition now at retailers worldwide for $199.99.


  • TmarTn

    Hey that’s me 😀

    • Ethan Wieland

      Nobody likes you anymore, you post things and tell us things that we have already seen or don’t care about! QUIT YOU TUBE!

    • Ethan Wieland

      Nobody likes you anymore! You post things and tell us things that no one cares about or has seen already! I unsubbed as soon as BO2 came out! QUIT YOUTUBE

      • ip x Warrior

        And you should quit commenting..

    • ip x Warrior

      TmarTn FTW ! fuck the haters 🙂

    • PsychOutGaming

      You are the best. I’ve been subscribed since BO1!!! First vid-Jumps and Spots Summit

      • Mister_Buzz over all

        weak fanboy.

    • Mobin Amanzai

      Is this the real TmarTn?

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      LOL at everyone thinking it’s the real TmarTn. You guys got me dying over here.

      • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

        sick nV shirt.

        • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

          Thanks bro 😀

    • Oscar


    • Hey thats a fake account 😀

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      This camera is just a gloryfied, lower quality, lower resolution Go-Pro. PLEASE everyone… do yourself a favor and don’t sucker into giving COD your money for buying a shitty camera when u can get a Go-Pro that is smaller, has more functionality and has way better quality video!

      • ORB1T4L

        That’s why I’m getting the Hardened Edition.

  • Bigi345

    8/10 WOULD try

  • “We got a 4GB SD Card, Thats a lot, thats awesome” Uhhh 4GB is shit -_- lol

    • Primey_

      Especially when it records 1080p.

      1080p footage will eat 4GB in no time.

      • xSupaScopa

        35 minutes of 1080p will fill it. shame :/

  • Ash Ketchup

    “I’m super excited”

  • ORB1T4L

    Quality : Average/good. Fisheye : WTF ?

  • Why would anyone get the Prestige Edition just to get this? In the past the Prestige Edition was a lot better in the past CoDs.

  • azaan

    getting hard edition because it is like 64.00 pounds in the uk so and it has the player pach

  • Fireking285

    What kind of camera is it? like who makes those cameras?

  • parko

    where do you go to download editing software and user manual from

  • Rooda

    How do you charge the cam? My cam wont even power up straight out of the box.

  • LinkandTingle

    So wtf does the camera do?