Activision always touted Call of Duty as the biggest entertainment launch ever, but for now, Grand Theft Auto V is taking that title. GTAV made a record breaking $800 million in the first 24 hours of sales, compared to just $500 million by Black Ops 2 which was called by Activision, “the biggest entertainment launch.”

Activision themselves have reported that they don’t expect Ghosts to be as successful as previous Call of Duty games because of the number of platforms the game is launching on, and because of the different release dates for the platforms.

Black Ops 2 was released in 2012, and Grand Theft Auto V was released yesterday.

  • Amro Amin

    Activisions new IP next year, Grand theft semi-auto 1

  • Sentrymann

    The folks over at the IGN community are gonna have a field day with this one……

  • The Flash

    really dont understand the buzz for GTA

    • Sentrymann

      Be careful where you say that…..apparently the game cures cancer and saves sick babies. All joking aside, I’m not the biggest fan of GTA either. I tend to keep that little secret to myself, as GTA has an incredibly venomous community.

      • The Flash

        dont get me started on its community, i saw the news report about how people react about this game

        • Sentrymann

          To be fair, I’ve gotten a little over excited for games before. Haven’t we all? But petitioning to get someone fired because they reviewed the game and gave it a 9/10 instead of a perfect is waaaay over the line.

          • The Flash

            thats not what i was talking about but ok

    • Kyle PDX

      u should at least play it, I dont understand the buzz either but it is still fun to play at 1 in the morning when u and your friends are to tired to play cod or any other fast paced shooter. but until multiplayer its just another boring single player game.

    • Jon Cameron

      People can say the same for Call of Duty, BF or any other game. To each their own.

      • The Flash

        oh i know, the only COD aspect i like is zombies, i liked BO1 MP but aside from that i have no desire to play COD

        • »-(¯`v´¯)-»Belladonnia

          I will forever love and adore MW2, but that’s just me. I had so many good times and laughter with this one than the latest COD’s. I hope I have good times on Ghosts. -crossing fingers-

    • Crusf

      It’s because your not a gamer. You fail to realize how much quality and work was put into this game. A game,might I add, that has been in development for 5 years. It deserves every ounce of praise and hype it receives. Just be quiet and let the gaming community praise something that isnt Call of Duty for once.

      • OscarTheTitan

        I agree. But what do you expect coming from a CoD based site such as Charlie Intel (Not talking about the writers I’m talking about the readers). I mean seriously, people get more excited for Ghosts (I’m not hating. It does actually look pretty fun) which in comparison to GTA V, is kinda shit. The CoD fanboys will attack as much as they much but they simply can’t handle that a game has out sold it incredibly

    • »-(¯`v´¯)-»Belladonnia

      Apparently, people like it because it’s like “reality” and they get to do things in the game that they “probably” normally wouldn’t do in reality. I for one played the story and then the online multi-player and I’m bored with it.

  • Day 1 sales yes. But will it beat Black ops 2 in total sales over time? I wouldn’t think so

    • Keshav Bhat

      If this hits $1B in less than 14 days, GTAV will take the title of the biggest entertainment launch since like MW3 or something.

      • OscarTheTitan

        It already hit $1B :O

      • moonshifter

        I think it hit One Billion in sales on the 2nd day. I do know it hit 800 million on the first day.

    • Super_Deluxe

      Lol I highly doubt that. I think more will be happy with it than disappointed unlike BO2.

  • Zac

    I don’t get it why gta is so loved it’s so stupid I mean oh just going around bashing people pathetic we want cod just gun on gun warfare I think even bf is better its realistic shooter

    • Primey0

      If you want gun on gun then stick to a FPS. GTA is not advertised or meant to be a first person shooter. It’s a Action-adventure game, comparing it to a FPS is SILLY.

      • zac

        simply get fucked you GTA tryhard bitch

        • Primey0

          Grow up kid.

        • OscarTheTitan

          Jesus kid grow the fuck up

        • The Decline

          Aren’t we just full of personality and social skills?

    • BATMAN

      GTA>BF>Everything else in gaming>COD

      • Shardlotte

        Way to be edgy, posting CoD hate on a CoD site.

      • Bigi345

        I know that all you like from COD is zombies so, why can’t you GTFO for a year? P.S. You’re not Batman

      • The Decline

        While i actually like COD, I feel like some of the narrow minded crap some people that frequent this site spout is absolutly laughable. And if your comment pissed them off, great.

    • moonshifter

      Because of it’s diversity, people with imaginations love it more. Other people prefer to stay in the same track and do the same things over and over.

    • The Decline

      [email protected] “just go around bashing people”…. no, I think you have it confused with Street Fighter maybe? There is a hell of alot more to GTA than almost any game out there except maybe some RPG’s, then again, I play pretty much every genre indiscriminately, apparently anything mentioning that other games exist and are good should be erradicated from this site…

  • Don’t really care for GTA to be honest.

    • Crusf

      *Goes and buys game anyway* Stop being a hipster man you know you want it.

      • I am serious. I am not a big fan of the GTA series at all. I remember playing GTA on the ps2 one time when I had a friend over awhile back and I didn’t really like it and I have never played GTA 4 and probably will never play GTA 5.

        There are other games that are coming to next gen consoles that are going to be better then GTA 5.

        • moonshifter

          So you’re not a big fan. And so it’s no big deal either as what this article points out is that it means more people are playing GTA than COD. And so what? One of them had to have more sales (unless they were exactly the same? lol). But leave it to some fans to get all upset, and they must voice they don’t like it, just because an article pointed out their favorite had less sales. Again, it shouldn’t be a big deal, but I can see COD fans up in arms. silly

          • GTA 5 will be hot for right now but once the next gen systems come out with the new games. GTA 5 is going to die out because it’s not coming to the next gen systems. Plus I am sure that CoD Ghosts will generate a lot of money for this game when it’s released.

          • Anonymous Post

            Yes it is..

  • AcePhoenix007

    This is more than understandable

  • safet

    Only reason they got this is bcuz they have been waiting for gtav for 5yrs

    • moonshifter

      So when the title comes out more frequently, it sells less then according to you. Well if true, then maybe they are less excited about it, or burned out on it. Less is still less.

  • Cell

    I don’t understand why an article about GTA in Charlie Intel. Come on!! This website is not about games of pickpockets, burglars, thieves, etc… Let’s not decrese the ratio of intelligence here. GTA does not require much IQ to play.

    • Michel

      At least GTA will always be way better the cod.
      And if you had some intelligence you would get that GTA beated Call Of Duty.
      So it’s COD news.
      And this site has all COD news.

      • Recap Sniping

        accually ur wrong advanced warfare is way better than gta they said set to be game of the year its a true next gen game

    • OscarTheTitan

      And CoD does? Jesus Christ have you not played GTA V? There is a serious amount of skill involved and it’s not just aim and shoot like in CoD. Don’t be so god damn judgmental man seriously. I can see where you’re coming from I mean the past GTA’s weren’t that fantastic. But clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about if you think you can pickpocket in GTA V. This aint Skyrim! 😛 I agree that this Charlie Intel is a CoD website but it’s not like they are giving info on the game. They were just saying that GTA V has outsold Black Ops 2 which had held the previous record

      • Cell

        Dude I don’t give a damn for GTA. So stop wasting your time writing this amount of text.

        • The Decline

          This ammount of text? Not much of a reader, are you?

          • Cell

            It’s a bunch of bla bla bla… and I don’t care about bla bla bla.

      • The Decline

        Yeah… might as well give up on this guy, he obviously isn’t over endowed mentally. I have no idea why someone that doesn’t give a damn about something is so vocal on a thread involving it.

    • moonshifter

      COD was designed more towrads little kids. Boys about the age of 8 to 15 on average, to carry out war time fantasies. Older adults tend to get tired of the same theme all the time, pretending to be a soldier blah blah, and taking everything so seriously. I know much older people do play COD, but it’s more appealing to younger kids. When I was a kid, all that kind of stuff interested me more. But now I find it dull. In GTA, you can still shoot, but you don’t spend 90% of your time doing that. You get a chance to be random, silly, different, do weird things, and enjoy some satire. THAT is what appeals to much of the GTA audience. So before you insult the GTA community by implying it requires less intelligence, realize that your own favorite is being run mostly by 12 year olds. That said, neither game require a lot of IQ to play. They are supposed to be fun. They are games after all..

      • Cell

        So we have kids in CoD MLG disputing trophy, prizes, right ?? Yep, it’s a game for kids (*sarcasm*). Come on! Both games can not be played for kids/teenagers under 16 or 18 years old. If they play, it’s not right. Their parents should take care of them. Both games were made for adults, kids should not play them.

        • The Decline

          But kids DO play COD, ALOT of kids, and alot are actually good. Trust me, playing COD does not make you smart, it’s one of the most mindless games I’ve played but I still love it.

          • Cell

            I love it too and I know there are tons of kids in this game, I can hear them on lobbies… but in GTA we can find a bunch of kids playing as well. Videogames are for kids, much of them.

      • »-(¯`v´¯)-»Belladonnia

        Um…there are little kids playing GTA as well. I’ve been on there and have heard them. It’s the parents fault.

    • The Decline

      This comment obviously didn’t “take much IQ” to write either, judging by your poor wording and narrow mindedness… (it would either be much of an IQ or much intelligence, BTW).

      Yep, because you need to be a genius to play COD.

      • Cell

        Yeap, need to be a genius to achieve a honest Nuclear or MOAB and don’t get killed on a 25 streak or 30 streak.

        • The Decline

          You are a fool if you honestly believe this… It does not take a genius to do these things.

          • Cell

            No, I’m not a fool, I’m a genius!


    Suck it activision. The king of gaming takes control again

  • ghosts

    exactly this site is about call of duty why do we care about gta

    • Kunuaka

      GTAV made a record breaking $800 million in the first 24 hours of sales, compared to just $500 million by Black Ops 2 which was called by Activision, “the biggest entertainment launch.” That’s why 😉

    • Grand Theft Gamer476


  • MeisseN

    Now that’s what I call competition (EA cries in a corner

  • Oscar

    Am I the only guy not really that buzzed for GTA 5?

  • ccrows

    OK, let’s see GTA come out EVERY year and have the same numbers. Then I would be impressed.

    5 years (and change) is a LONG TIME in the gaming industry. When GTA IV launched, people were playing COD4.

    Sure the record is nice, but imagine if COD came out every 5 years. That would be nuts! Heck even 3 years would cause chaos…

    • OscarTheTitan

      I doubt it. I think the reason why CoD is so successful is because it comes out every year. If they released it every 5 years people would lose interest and move on to a new game. The reason why GTA V is selling so well is because it looks awesome and it is awesome. It’s not surprising really

    • moonshifter

      One thing wrong with what you said. You can easily throw words into the air, but you have no way of knowing what would happen if Rock Star came out with a Grand Theft Auto 6 in summer of 2014 do you? I’d bet many of the people that bought the 2013 version would buy the 2014 version. But some less due to how much they want to spend. Same story with COD.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      It’s because COD gets old faster. GTA has more replayabilty as there is a huge open world with so much to do. I would not buy GTA 6 if it came one year later, just like I didn’t buy SR4 as it came right after SR3. COD is not an open world. You know how it works. I get tired of the COD in about a year, which is why they have to keep pumping out new games. Each next game is just an improvement to the last, which is how it should be. That’s how COD can pull it off and any other game can’t. They add new maps, a few new features, new weapons, perks, gamemodes, and maybe some new systems. Designing a massive open world that runs smoothly, where you can do almost anything, is not as easy as making a smaller map, no drivable vehicles, no activities. Just a shoot-each other and capture objectives match. Imagine the next COD after Ghosts being a massive open world FPS. It would take them much more than a year to create it. New engine, physics, graphics, activities, vehicles, weapons. I like both GTA and COD, but this is why COD can oump out games every year and GTA can not. It’s not the kind of game you make in a year. SR4 was SR3 with a new story and super powers. Nothing really new, which is why open worlds can not be made over the span of a year.

  • Gueest

    Venomous community? Somebody stabbed somebody just to steal their copy of GTA V Because it was out of stock WTF.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      That’s retarded. It was sold out were I was, so I got a Day 1 Digital DOwnload. Played it the day of release and no line.

  • James K

    Damn, no game would even touch that record for years!

  • Archer

    This isn’t that surprising. C’mon, 250 million dollars in pre-orders alone.

  • Alex

    GTA deserves the money they enhanced the graphics ,made a better map ,more cars, better gameplay. the game is way better than gta4

  • Tranquility

    Dayum, this is the first comments section i’ve seen any negativity about GTA.
    I for one love the game (40% through the 100% compeltion) but would have to CoD is just as good. I for one spend more money and time on CoD but that doesn’t mean it’s better. A mix of the 2 series is great and i’d reccomend to all these peeps reading this that some great FPS game and some great 3rd person shooter game being balanced can be a load of fun.
    Can’t wait for GTA Online.
    Can’t wait for Ghosts.

  • moonshifter

    OMG, LOL. This is the first article I’ve seen to point out GTA had more sales, and it’s also the first article where all these people pop up, out of the wood works, to say, “Not a big fan of GTA”… How? Cause COD fans search keywords, find this, and then get their panties in a twist, so there’s more neg comments than positive. Proof I’m right, is that when COD is not mentioned, and it’s all about GTA, the comments are not only positive, BUT the sales, as you see, were 60% or so more. If most people were that negative about it in real life, the game wouldn’t sell more. But it did! Again, folks. They are just games, and making neg comments want make game sales disappear either… Just let reality, be reality.

  • Kabuchi CA

    Ofcourse the GTA 5 negativity would be comming from abunch of angry COD fanboys on a COD website. Yes i check this website like every other week but i dont consider myself a COD fanboy because i enjoy all kinds of different games. Those of you who says GTA sucks, not interested in it, or that it doesnt require a high IQ to play, well who cares, keep your bullshit opinions to yourself.

  • OldBrazy on PS4

    I prefer GTAV launch day over any past COD launch day. even though they aren’t in the same category.
    I love COD and I love GTA… that’s about it for my gaming world.

  • Hater

    GTA V… So why should I buy this instead of playing GTA IV (or 3 for that matter). After a couple weeks I’ll be doing the same exact thing. Driving around killing people with clunky controls.
    Almost as bad as CoD asking fans to buy the same game over and over again for years.
    The only reason I see to get either one of these games:
    1. You bought a new console.
    2. You like being a hipster.

    Bet these are the same people that waste their money on the newest iphone every year.

  • IDKDude

    I believe that it is because they hadn’t made a GTA game for five years. and Bo2 was not that good…..

  • Grand Theft Gamer476

    I know I’m a GTA fan but why is something about GTA on a Call of Duty website?