In anticipation of the release of Apocalypse for PS3/PC, Treyarch will be having double XP for Black Ops 2 starting September 20th, at 10am PT, and ending September 23rd at 10am PT for all platforms.

This will most likely be the last Double XP weekend for Black Ops 2. Apocalypse hits PS3/PC September 26th.

  • Nitro Splicer

    Do people still even play BO2 multiplayer?

    • iSwedishVirus

      The most unoriginal comment ever -.-‘

      • Nitro Splicer

        No it’s a legitimate question. I’ve met probably most of the people on my friends list from playing CoD and I seldom see a single one of them play BO2 MP. Zombies, sure. But not MP.

        • Archer

          I don’t think anyone will be playing BO2 over the weekend, considering GTA V came out this week.

          • I am still going to play Black ops 2 a little bit over the weekend and I don’t have GTA V

          • Nitro Splicer

            Oh yeah. I’m not going near any other game now that I have GTA V.

        • Cell

          Most played online game in Xbox Live since it was launched. And I’m pretty sure in PSN and maybe Steam.

          • Brynm

            Not even close on Steam, There’s less than 10,000 online right now. Most I’ve seen right after launch was about 20k

          • Iman Mir

            i have seen 100k for a day on psn

          • Yap way too many lill kids

    • Benjamin Velasquez

      Yep last weekend it got up to 300,000 on xbox live.

    • urmumgotfuckedup

      gta v now

  • Sweet. Now I can go online to try to get to prestige 7 but most of the tryhard LMG noobs are going to come in so I think I will stick to BF3 for this weekend.

    • Benjamin Velasquez

      Yeah I’ll be there in a window spraying peeps with my target finder. The tears, the tears!!!

      • Target finders is for noobs and it’s a horrible attachment it basically helps the person aim to the spot where the enemy is and for people who don’t know how to shoot an enemy . A real person wouldn’t need that attachment to help them shoot their enemy when they are a good CoD player.

  • Young Hernz

    if only i had 12 Month Gold membership for my 360 to oder to play during the weekends :(, but I’m saving money for Ghosts

  • CarcinoGeneticist

    I do NOT see GTA V’s Appeal. Fucking at all. Run around, fuck around, kill police. every game.

    • XadjustmentX

      thats not what the game is at all. theres a story to it. you play the story

      • urmumgotfuckedup

        yeah you dumb fuck

  • Jess

    Are they going to have nuketown 24/7 too this weekend

    • Brennon


  • tyler

    yea will there be just nuketown 2025 only like it has always been

  • ps3 gamer

    im prestige 10 level 50

  • Blackace7890

    I have a mic and plays black ops 2 on ps3 looking for people to play with. Add me Blackace7890

  • Jay

    Is there going to be another double xp this weekend

  • Mike

    is there another double xp weekend? Please answer

  • harry

    i thought it started today


    when will the next one happen im so close to master prestige but i want to get there as quick as possible so i can start doing my gold guns again I NEED ITTTTT

  • Fuck this website gahahaha

    Fuck this website hahahah