EA Games Label executive vice president Patrick Soderlund has said that they won’t stop working until they beat Call of Duty with their Battlefield franchise.

“Competition is good,” said Soderlund. “It brings the best out of people. If there was only Battlefield or only Call of Duty, then the development teams might have been a little bit more content. We don’t look at them necessarily and mimic what they do.”

He said that his team is ‘killing themselves’ to become number one in the industry.

“We are spending a ton of money on this, our teams are killing themselves every year to make great games,” he added. “I want to give our consumers the best I can. We will strive to be number one. If I said, ‘number five is probably fine,’ it’s hard for people to rally behind that message. But I wouldn’t say we could be number one if I didn’t think we could. I think I have the right team, the right product and the right strategy to get there.”


  • Auptyk

    The problem is that these games are aimed at two different audiences. Yes, they are both FPS but that is where it stops really. CoD is an arcade fast paced small team chaotic shooter that can be played very effectively lone wolf. BF is a more methodical open and team oriented game that focuses on large scale engagements with vehicles etc.

    BF is a solid game and has a lot of great things about it. But for me it is too slow of a pace to keep me in it for too long so I stick with CoD. I don’t want BF to lose its identity because that is what makes BF good, but that also means they will never get my purchase over CoD….only in addition to.

    • Steve

      Well said.

    • Sahzoom

      Very true, but bf has more staying power than cod. Once u play cod for a few weeks and unlock everything, it gets stale, you know all the maps and how to play them, there’s nothing different each match and it’s boring after a few months. People get tired of cod after only about 6 months tops.

      Bf is different with the larger maps and destruction plus the vehicles. No match is ever the same and you can do a lot more in the maps. Also, there is a game mode called team death match that is exactly the same as cod, where they take a chuck of a big map and make it into a close quarters map, so you get the best of both worlds. Plus the dlc is much better than cod with new vehicles, guns and game modes. And they support their games for a full 2 years with 5 dlc packs

      • asdf

        BTF doesn’t have more staying power than COD.
        Here’s a simple example: COD at least changes the graphics of the game each year……..BTF re-skins the maps every 4 years and changes the Engine Number n+1 so something like a “Wave” or “Airplane” actually works (comes close to work).

        *COD has more fans…….yes that includes persistent 5-13 yearolds*

        • You’re a dumb ass

          Lmfao you are a complete retard. Cod graphics are utter shit. And BF and it’s engine have a thousand times more capability that any cod game will have. Cod is easier, therefor more scrubs stick to that.

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            COD graphics on console are 1,000x better than BFs on console. But I’m sure you are a PC gamer and everything anyone says about anything against what you believe is stupid and wrong.

          • asdf

            If you measured my intelligence you would be surprised of in how much embarrassment you would end up.
            Anyways I was meaning my comment towards Console Gamers…….ANY BTF in console looks like GTA 4 on graphic Mods.

          • asdf

            There I fixed it. (the 4)

          • BudEagle26

            He didn’t say they were better lol. He said they change each year.

          • Gman

            no dipshit cod doesn’t have utter shit graphics it’s great well at least cod is making an effort to make new titles every year unlike btf that is the same every year

      • Cell

        I stopped reading in “BF has more staying power than cod”. When you compare one game to another you lose some kind of respect. Maybe you missed the point in what Auptyk said.

      • xThatTributeGuyx

        You say it has more staying power, Ghosts is the tenth game in the series and Battlefield is on number four? CoD has gotten more and more players each and ever year, which wouldn’t be such a big deal if they only sold a few million copies like Battlefield does, but they sell more copies of the game every year than any other annual series, and they still grow. I call that staying power.

    • Duff

      The problem with BF is that it’s utter shit on consoles, and that where majority play fps’s now

      • asdf

        BTF in PC is fine (I played it on a GAMING PC and it wasn’t really impressive, nothing more than COD in the same PC)

    • ccrows

      “The problem is that these games are aimed at two different audiences.”

      ^ This!.. I don’t get fanboy wars.

      Buy what makes you happy and quit worrying about what other people are playing…

    • Cell

      “CoD is an arcade fast paced small team chaotic shooter that can be played very effectively lone wolf. ‘ — YEAH I stick with this!

      • asdf

        BTF is a simple simulator created to SIMULATE what war is all about………..”breaking stuff and in the process accidentally killing something’

    • Brad

      But you don’t think the new 64 player servers on the next gen will make it less slow paced?

      • Auptyk

        I play on PC. We have had 64 player servers on BF3 the whole time, it’s still slower than CoD. BF will never be has Chaotic and Fast Paced as CoD. But again, that is a good thing. It gives BF an identity, something that separates it from everything else. We don’t need clones, we need games with individual identity to give gamers choice.

    • jooker-jr

      The only bad and stupid thing about FPS is campers

  • If only EA spent that money with the aim of delivering the best Battlefield experience they can instead of remaining fixated on beating Call of Duty, the landscape would be different. Let the game speak for itself, not have marketing do it for you.

    • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox


    • bob

      Battlefield is becoming more like COD, bad company 2 was the last time battlefield was battlefield

  • Its stupid how people fight over games,like they starve or will die if the gamers dont buy the right game..

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    As realistic as BF is, which is awesome, there are two things that makes me lose interest in playing it. One, the maps are too freakin big and I realize they have to be because of the vehicles. But I hate that I have to go forever to get into the fights. Secondly, the kill display is too subtle. When I am shooting at somebody I just want to know that I killed them. COD simple +100 that pops up is more easily caught then what pops up for BF. I end up dying because I am trying to focus on what shows up on the screen to see if I killed them which leave me out in the open to get killed my someone else. I think once either IW or Treyarch expands on the whole dynamic map idea to make it comparable to BF then they will have the best of both worlds. Personally I could care less about vehicles so what ends up happening for BF for me is that I remember how much I hated big maps in COD like Fuel. COD is for non serious, fast, frantic gameplay that gives you quick satisfaction. BF is the opposite. I think COD has a better chance to become more like BF then BF becoming more like COD.

  • Jon Cameron

    It’s fine with wanting to be the #1 developer in all of the video game industry or in a specific, general genre, which in this case is the FPS genre, but one thing EA/DICE and any other publisher/developer needs to realize is that they should strive to be #1 in that, not #1 solely against a game targeted for a different, albeit sort of similar audience.

    I don’t know who started this whole Call of Duty vs Battlefield trend, but I really wish they either didn’t start it (we don’t see TF2 vs BF or TF2 vs CoD, why? TF2 is arguably one of the best FPS games to ever exist) or at least put a little more thought into it. BF is clearly meant to appeal FPS players who enjoy more tactical, teamwork-based & somewhat realistic gaming. Call of Duty appeals more to players who like twitch shooters (I can go more into detail with that, but anyone who has the ability to think beyond a sophomore in high school level’s ability to use their brains can understand where I am going with it).

    Now clearly both games can still attract players from both sides of the spectrum. For example, me. I’m more of a Call of Duty fan because I’ve grown up playing the series in comparison to BF, but I highly respect BF as a great series and have fun playing it (though I mainly play solo and don’t really have much people to play with actively to enjoy it more than I do now). Sure, maybe if I had more people who played BF to play with it on an active basis, I would grow to enjoy BF that much more, but at heart I’m still a Call of Duty fan first, and probably always will be.

    I understand Call of Duty has its problems and always has. Some problems still exist that started years ago, some new problems that spawn each year. Hell, some of these problems even ruin the game for some people. But let’s be real here, a majority of these problems are over exaggerated by idiots who use it as a reason to hate on the game. I’m not even saying this as a COD fan, I’m purely saying this as an observer. BF always has its problems too, as does every single other game. Problems with COD shine brighter because the game is a lot more popular than practically most other games. It’s basically the Mario of this gaming “generation”. Yes, I said that. Only difference is the genre of those two games and COD gets a bit more hate (yeah, I know, people hating on a simple yet incredibly fun game like Mario? Weirdos).

    Enough rambling from me though, sorry. My point is that developers should focus more on being #1 overall, not just in a genre if it’s only against another game that’s only similar because they’re shooters (at least in this case since it’s the FPS genre) and are widely popular. My second point was that people need to start comparing games from the view of an observer and not as a fan of one of those games. It usually brings out the stupidity in most people who talk before they think.

    tl;dr read something for once

    • Sentrymann

      The Chinese couldn’t have built a bigger wall dude. 😛 Joking aside, you do make some solid points.

    • I gotta agree with you about them needing to find a way to hate on the game without going straight out and saying it suck(I actually like Call of duty and Battlefield both), but all their nagging and bitching does is just ruins the game for others. For example, when all the people were crying because QS, due to the fact that they have shit aim with guns that dominate Snipers in pro gaming. I mean when FaZe plays against pros do they snipe, no they don’t. Quite simply the reason is because you just cant. So now lets go back to the topic, all the crying does is ruin the game. Lets face it though when people complain a gun is OP then they need to realize in real life guns perform at very different levels. Also for those hating on pistols read the book I am a Seal Team Six Warrior, the author is able to send not one but two bullets through a persons head, so in game whose to say people wont have that sort of aim.

    • xx420xx

      >tf2 is a good fps
      i stopped reading

      • Jon Cameron

        I’m sorry your small brain forces you to live such a miserable life.

      • asdf

        TF2 is fun……..that’s enough
        *You’re gonna get insulted by the whole PC gaming community, that’s their free and prized game*

    • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

      u dont see these games versus TF2 because TF2 is highly fictitious…. way differrent kind of FPS. the games they are comparing are more of a realistic military game. TF2 is like a cartoon show. Not very comparable.

      • Jon Cameron

        They can still be compared. It’s a shooter video vs another shooter video game. Someone who likes more realism in their video games could use that as an argument against why they prefer a game like BF over TF2, but it’s not a reason to say that they can’t be compared.

        • iPLAY 2 ANNOY U

          yeah, just saying they usually aren’t compared b/c they are less similar than BF is to COD

  • Sentrymann

    In general competition is good, but I’m not sure about it in this case. Both these games have well very defined identities, if you will. Already you can see Battlefield adopting some Call of Duty’s traits, and Call of Duty fans are beginning to clamor for bigger maps and vehicles. As of right now they’re different games, I hope it stays that way.


    They already beat CoD with BF3 what do they want now?

    • BATMAN

      And also sorry the number #1 belongs to Rockstar Games

      • Zachammo

        Exactly rock star games not EA fuckhead

    • Sentrymann

      Maybe I missed something, how exactly did they beat CoD?

    • Markdg23

      Not sure where you gathered this information, but that is completely opinion based. You might prefer BTF over CoD but the fact is more people prefer CoD over BTF (numbers don’t lie).

    • Bigi345

      I’ll ask you one more time CAN YOU GTFO?

    • Primey_

      They are talking sale numbers, fucktard. BF3 did not beat any CoD sale numbers.

    • Uh BO2 and MW3 sold 3 billion units (together) BF3 sold 5 million. The numbers arnt even close bud…

  • asdf

    Every COD Fan Reaction: *pffftt*
    Every BTF Fan Reaction: Good Spirit Counts!
    Every gamer playing GTA V: *in GTA V enter a car -> change to unarmed -> press LB (or L1 if PS3)*

    • Primey_


      • asdf

        In GTA V that’s *middle finger* while in a car

        • Primey_

          Yeah I get that. I was saying What towards your whole comment.

          • asdf

            Because I really didn’t where the title came from. So I made a parody of what people thought/said when they saw the title.

    • ORB1T4L

      I’m a CoD fan, and my reaction is cookie.

  • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

    BF is for Grandads. I’ll definitely play iBF nstead of COD when I’m old and slow to react.

    • xx420xx

      this guy gets it lmao

      ppl only hate on cod bcus theyre shit and unskilled

      • Primey_

        Typical CoD 12 years old fanboy right here.

        EDIT: And he has the 420 username to fit.

        • asdf

          n stands for number

  • Cod ftw

    Doesn’t matter, COD > BATTLEFIELD, cod is just way more fun battlefield is boring and bf4 looks exactly like bf3

    • ip x Warrior

      Im a COD fan but BF is fking good as well.. we shouldn’t compare these 2 good game..

    • aymen1508

      dude bf4 beta is worse than bc2

  • Deymmmm

    Wait until Activision spends money that they have on their pockets. A legend might die someday but a new one will be born.

  • I have been playing BF3 and I am looking forward to BF4 which I will probably get one of theses days when it comes out. BF is more of an actual kind of soldier game that I like and it provides a lot of things. The recoil of the weapons they take seriously and when updates or patches come along they actually really fix the problems and patch it. The maps are amazing in BF but I am afraid it’s going to be to the point where it’s too long and I don’t like playing on really long maps because I don’t really get that many kills when playing it but I like it because it’s good for snipers. BF only makes games every other year to compete with the Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty and not anything with Treyarch or Sledgehammer’s Call of Duty. BF also has vehicles which I love in the game and they provide a lot of options for you to have and they have a lot of weapons for you to pick from instead of a certain number for Call of Duty.

    Call of Duty is going to be coming out every year and I have to say it’s getting repetitive to me. They need to seriously stop and take a break from Call of Duty but we know that isn’t going to happen. Yes it’s a new Call of Duty but I really am not excited for CoD Ghosts. I know I will be getting it but it looks like mw3 in a similar way just by how the engine looks and even tho they made major improvements for the movements and such it still looks kind of the same really. And from what I have seen in the multiplayer stuff from L.A and Gamescom videos and it looks like some of the guns are going to be OPed. Call of Duty when it comes to fixing things they are lazy when it comes to it. They don’t make any major improvements with the patches. They usually fix stuff with maps or minor things basically and not the major things like with balancing weapons. Also when I play Call of Duty I can see how laggy it is when playing and when I switch over to BF3 my connection is a lot better and I don’t get little or no lag at all.

    I am looking forward to both Call of Duty Ghosts and Battlefield 4 and I know that BF4 is the winner in this case . For right now I am more into BF3 and playing that and looking forward to the BF4 beta coming Oct 1st!!

  • Smith N Wesson

    1 is a simulator of real life, while the other, is an exaggeration of reality.( super human speed, and clips teleporting off the ground into your hand and such ) Both games are great, the only difference is, the trend is COD; Faze, Optic Gaming, Obey, ect. You get the picture. People are such followers, wouldn’t you agree? Yes, I prefer COD myself, but this time around, it looks like BF4 might have caught my attention, and I will give it a try and make my decision then.

    • extreme_name

      Simulator of real life? We are talking about Battlefield and CoD not Arma.

      • Smith N Wesson

        We are talking mainstream titles here. Try to keep up.

  • Vito Claps

    Battlefield 4 is the same game as battlefield 3 with a 4 at the end. Why can’t they become creative like call of duty with several different names such as: Black Ops, Modern Warfare, World At War, and newly Ghosts.

    If Battlefield could put a bit more creativity into their game and make it cod player friendly, not make every map the size of the universe, and fix the bloody controls on the helicopter then maybe just maybe they could have a shot at being neck and neck with cod.

    • fires

      Amen to the helicopter part, especially. im fucking garbage on console using the roflcopter.

      • aymen1508

        when i try to turn the trollicopter… IT FAKING BARREL ROLLZ -_-‘

  • Brian

    Hey I just want good games. Competition is the best way for them to improve!

    Oh and I honestly believe that Battlefront 3 in 2015 will slaughter house.

    • BSOG

      “Oh and I honestly believe that Battlefront 3 in 2015 will slaughter house.”

      I’m excited too, but I don’t think it would be as good as CoD11, mainly because of the fanbase, but I’d still prefer Battlefront (NextGen).

      Oh, and technically it won’t be called Battlefront 3, mainly because it’s being made by a different company. It looked like it was only going to be called Battlefront.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    This is exactly why EA will fail. The only way they will beat COD, is by becoming COD. and there is no way that their current audience wants that to happen. So they either drop their entire fanbase to try and beat COD, or just keep being the best Battlefield they can be.

  • MegaMan3k

    Won’t happen. Maybe in 2015 if they release both Battlefront and Battlefield 5 and call the combined sales greater than Call of Duty.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Get rich or die trying… Well EA will die trying

    • asdf

      Probably their ‘levitation’ mechanics will just make their own building fall. (because the mechanics are exaggerated)

  • AcePhoenix007

    Yeah, EA will beat Activision when EA has hate the size of Mt. Everest.

  • SoulTaker

    LET THE FLAME WARS BEGIN! But honestly both games are good and cater to some people if you don’t like it then don’t talk about it. I like CODS quick and paced action though I will admit there is a a lot more BS in it then BF in my opinion.

  • Primey_

    Until BF breaks the BF mold it will never beat CoD.

  • exeterman2

    The games are different but this will still push both games forward. Competition = innovation.

  • Epicsand

    Their game is not going to beat CoD, because it is not in the same industry. It tries to be slow and realistic, like ARMA, but it brings in unrealistic things like defibrillators that cure everything, 30 fps, teleporting ammo/health packs, regenerating vehicles, a giant HUD, and loose controls.

  • LegitCryptic

    here i am playing GTAV and this is still going on

  • Kevin Bell

    “Competition is good”.

    Holds monopoly over NFL license.

    What a fucking hypocrite.