Treyarch has posted a new community update video on their YouTube channel discussing next weeks arrival of Apocalypse and other updates around Black Ops 2.

Apocalypse, the studio’s fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, will launch next week on September 26 for PS3 and PC fans. We’d like to celebrate that launch and take a moment to thank the best community of fans in the world for supporting us and the game throughout the year. Tune in to hear more from devs like David Vonderhaar (Studio Design Director), Cesar Stastny (Director of Technology) and Jason Blundell (Sr. Executive Producer), as well the studio’s Director of Communications, John Rafacz about what is in store for the coming week.

  • Guest

    Why they no discuss Wii U Port?

  • mark

    fu david tryhard

  • James K

    That’s it for BO2. Favorite COD game so far.

    • ip x Warrior

      This guy is totally drunk.

      • I agree

        • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

          Why people hate on Treyarch I will never understand. Is it because they’ve become better than your beloved Infinity Ward or somethin’? If BO2 is his favorite game what has that got to do with you? Are you trying to say BO2 is the worst game if so then why you on this site commenting hate. That is sad go and comment or play something you enjoy. No one is forcing you to play BO2.

          • SGUINESS

            better ? lmao, they make stale games.

          • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

            I find it funny how your calling the game stale yet your still playing it. Lmfao!

      • James K

        9AM EST and completely sober.

        The game wasn’t even bad. I personally enjoy almost every minute of the game even to this day.

        Besides, I only played BO through BO2. It wasn’t a hard decision.

        • SGUINESS


        • ip x Warrior

          Of course if u didn’t play cod4, mw2 and mw3 that why it’s easy to say BO2 is the best cod ever.. BO2 was good, wasn’t my best

          • James K

            “I only played BO through BO2.”

            I played MW3.

    • Bowinkle82

      ru trolling?

      • James K

        I’m serious.

    • Bigi345

      Agree, they fixed the main problem of BO which was weapon diversity and they added the pick 10 system which is the best CaC so far

      • ben wills

        How was that a problem? That was good — made the game the most fair and the most skillbased. No bullshit.

        • James K


          In BO case, there are too many weapons sharing similar stats in their respective classes. If you have to clone weapons(Commando and AK-47 or pre-patch FAMAS and AUG) to make the game balance, then you’re just taking the lazy route out.

          • ben wills

            I’m well aware about the weapons similar stats. That’s a good thing. That’s by no means lazy. It’s not being as stupid as MW2.

          • James K

            Unless you have a giant stockpile of weapons in-game, that’s a bad idea. Similar weapons in the same tier can lead to obsolete guns(like the C275> Makarov+ M1911) or will give the players the general feel of deja vu. How isn’t it lazy if you give two weapons the same stats but with a different skin? Even the AUG and the FAMAS have the same iron sight! The same goes with some of the weapons in BO1.

            For MW2 case, IW was suffering from an employee exodus. They didn’t even attempt to release a large weapon balance patch for the game.

            You can have a versatile AND balanced weapon system. If Treyarch give another patch affecting the ADS time of sniper rifles, they’ll achieve it in BO2. The holy grail of FPS weapon design does exist.

          • ben wills

            AUG and Famas are two very different guns.

            The genius in Black
            Ops is that each gun is different but each has a small thing that makes
            it more preferable to a certain player. No one has a stupid advantage,
            it’s just more comfortable. There’s 2 classes of weapons, basically
            divided by recoil (note: only talking about full on assault rifles that
            are commonly used).

            Class 1: Recoil up and right
            Enfield – Slightly weaker (but kills in same # of hits as the rest), and less range, but faster ADS and smooth
            Galil – Slightly heaver, normal ADS and slightly more powerful than Enfield (same # of kills though)
            Famas – The best of the bunch due to a fast fire rate, normal ADS, but harder to control.
            AK74u – Fast fire rate, harder to control at long ranges. Recoil slightly more random.

            Class 2: Random Recoil (evens out)
            Commando: Best overall

            AK47: Worse than the Commando in every single way. Not sure why anyone uses this

            Aug: Solid iron sights

            BO2 is the least balanced game ever. What the hell are you talking about?

          • James K

            …it more preferable to a certain player. No one has a stupid advantage..

            What’s wrong with that? That’s the point, no- the purpose, of using A gun over B gun. Each gun should have their own advantages or disadvantages to make it stand out. A little thing like some a small recoil change or a small difference in
            reload speed doesn’t make two clone weapons any drastically different.

            Iron sights or weapon skin shouldn’t be the deciding factor between the Commando and AK-47.

            The developers played way too safe of balancing weapons in BO1. Having six assault rifles and six SMG having the same drop off range in their respective weapon category is overkill. It’s simply lazy. In the end of the day, too many weapons with similar stats cut down the gun variety of Black Ops.

            BO2 is the least balanced game ever.
            On the contrary. Basically, it’s the Target Finder+LMG combo and the Sniper Rifle ADS speed are the most glaring balance issue. Sure, you might bring up the 870 or the pistols but I don’t see them as OP.

            If Treyarch ever fix those gun issue, what do you have? A balanced and versatile weapon category.

        • Bigi345

          It made the game super boring all you need to is play with one gun then you basically have general idea what do the others feel. Anyways by your perspective a game with 1 gun is enough pretty much enough huh? So you go make a FPS with only 1 gun and expect a lot of people would buy your game

  • ccrows

    Why do I feel like this was Von’s *unofficial* goodbye video?

    It’s a shame that a small portion of the community beat him up (and some of that BS really was uncalled for), when IMHO the guy did his best…

    • Lightning1432

      Yeah, I get the feeling this is Von’s way of saying goodbye and might hand it over to Mark Lamia. To be honest, the death threats were really unnecessary. If you don’t like how they changed a certain part of the game they should just simply contact them via Twitter/Facebook. They should of said, “Hey I noticed that you changed this part of the game so could you change it back” Not send the poor guy death threats. I also agree Von did his best, not really my favorite COD but it’s still up there.

      • ben wills

        I don’t condone death threats to patches in the game or whatever, or really in general, but they do deserve harsh criticisim. They continually lied to us throughout the promotion and scammed loyal customers in whatever way possible. They made the game for casuals (so not the best job they could of done, that was BO1), they pulled the Nuketown 2025 scam and lied about Nuketown Zombies in general.

        Also this is not Vahn’s goodbye. And how would he hand it over to Lamia? Lamia is the studio head, he’s higher up and makes more money. Vahn also won’t give up his job probably, unless he decided he wanted to go back to making skillbased games.

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    inb4 Treyarch actually drops the Care Package from a plane and murders someone on the street.

    • xx420xx


      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        What meme is it? I haven’t seen it.

        • xx420xx

          please kill yourself

          • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

            No. You seriously make no fucking sense.

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    I was seriously excpecting Wii U DLC, uhhh i hope maybe infinty ward give us that!

    • DanDustEmOff

      Do you have enough space on a Wii U memory card to put dlc on to?

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        IDK how many gigs are all dlc’s combined?

  • Its been a fun year…yea you guys trolled us hard
    EDIT: Talkin as a pc gamer here

    • xx420xx


  • Br4dthebe4st

    David sounded like he was about to cry when he spoke.. 🙁

    • ben wills

      He’s always admitted he’s not that great at the public speaking aspect of it. I honestly just think this was live and he got nervous. The voice crackling comes more from nervousness than about to cry.

  • Alex

    Its terrible that he got death threats for the sniper patch. But this game was wrecked by bad patches and nerfs of guns. First cod game to have this happen.

  • asdf

    “You make it a pleasure..” DONT YOU SAY….WE PAY 60$ + DAMM DLC BULLCRAP

  • Ali-A

    Notice how he emphasizes the “2” when he says Black ops 2

  • zombie fan

    guys Von said that this is not the last you will see of any of us so he is not quitting cod and they dropped many hints towards bo3

  • bsktballmsu1

    black ops 2 did better than mw3 hopefully ghosts won’t be as bad as mw3