Downloadable Content Season has become a big part of Call of Duty ever since Modern Warfare 2. With MW3, Infinity Ward introduced a season of content, and they used Call of Duty ELITE to deliver that. For Black Ops 2, Treyarch brought back the original, map pack style DLC, which was successful for Activision.

Let’s take a look at how Call of Duty DLC was before, and what IW should do for Ghosts.

Modern Warfare 3 – 

Infinity Ward used Call of Duty Elite to deliver a nine month season of content. ELITE was a paid or free service back then. If you paid, you got access to new DLC first, every month for nine months. But with the DLC, they brought what everyone expected: new maps, new spec ops missions, and a new game mode. They didn’t deviate much from that. Many fans complained and asked for variety in DLC, including new weapons, but IW said that memory allocation was the biggest issue that resulted in no weapon DLC.

Black Ops 2- 

Treyarch did not use the ELITE service (as it has become a free service), but instead went to the classic four DLC packs style. They had a Season Pass, which gave you the four packs at a discounted price.  These DLC packs were also nothing big – new MP maps and new Zombies maps. The first DLC pack – Revolution – was the first Call of Duty DLC to ever include a new weapon for MP as past of DLC. Many fans were excited to see that Treyarch is finally brining that to the table, but the first map pack was the only pack to bring a new weapon.

Treyarch also introduced these Micro Item purchases, which brought new camos, calling cards, extra space, and more. The camos were released at different times throughout the year and were separate from the season pass.

What should Infinity Ward do with Ghosts for DLC?

So far, Infinity Ward has confirmed that they will be offering four DLC packs, which will be released in 2014. They will also offer a season pass which will give you the four map packs at a discounted price. That’s all they’ve confirmed thus far.

But what should IW bring with the DLC packs? We think they need to start brining new variety of content with every pack. New weapons, new characters, new campaign missions, new maps, new killstreaks, and so much more. With next-generation consoles, and new ways to allocate space, they should have a lot more freedom and options to help a new variety with DLC to Call of Duty.

What do you think Infinity Ward should bring to Ghosts with DLC? (Xbox getting DLC first is based upon a contract between Activision and Microsoft; Infinity Ward does not decide the release timings) 

  • guest

    I prefer Treyarch DLC to IW DLC

    • ip x Warrior

      Yes but I like what IW did with the free map in MW3, if they gave out Terminal I wonder what they might give us in Ghosts ? Dome, Mission idk but I hope they stick with those free map thing 🙂

      • Young Hernz

        I’ll be hyped if they bring back Dome with dynamic features

    • Archer

      I personally prefer IW because they had new maps out every month, and those MW3 DLC maps were 10x better tham the standard maps. Treyarch did their maps well but there were too many remakes here and there. Plus, the whole new camos and titles should’ve been unlockable and not paid for.

    • IW gave Terminal, and 3 Faceoff maps free. Plus the entire face off mode free. And a Community playlist free. Treyarch did not do any of that. And they brought no new game modes to the table. Only thing they have is hard point, which is just headquarters really.

  • guest

    I think that they should also add tons of new weapons, new maps that are much more dynamic and destructible, new extra missions, new character customization features (please activision include these with the season pass and not micro transaction), new killstreaks and new game modes with more players than 18 and an all vehicle playlist. Obviously, I doubt that they will do this, as it would cost a lot of money, and they are probably too lazy to do that, with all due respect, considering their time.

    • the1PR0D1GY

      Well considering they are stuck supporting the old outdated consoles most of those ideas that you mention are simply impossible

      • guest

        Oh yeah man! I forgot, they have to add to current gen consoles as well! Well I hope some of my ideas are only exclusive to next gen consoles, although that will be unfair on the current gen consols as well! Damn it man! Can’t wait until they stop producing on current gen consoles so they stop hindering the next gen consoles.

  • Tempest-kun

    I was screaming for extra campaign missions in MW3. I wanted to play Op Kingfish so bad!

    • extreme_name

      The whole game is Operation Kingfish.

  • J

    new character customization options

    • James K

      That’s almost Inevitable for Ghosts.

  • Marcus

    Customization stuff for weapons(camos) and your character, maps and no guns.

  • iSwedishVirus

    One thing i would like to see is Weapon DLC, we did see it in BO2 but just once :/
    Now with the next-gen consoles and all the extra memory i really hope that they add atleast 1 or maybe even 2 new weapons to each DLC Map Pack 🙂
    I would also like to see more DLC maps, not just 4mp maps but maybe 6 dlc maps 🙂
    And maybe some extra missions or something like that?

    A typical Map Pack example:
    5 MP maps.
    1 New Weapon.
    1 or 2 Extra Missions(for spec ops or whatever it’s called).

    • Don’t forget new Gamemode, or even new equipment

    • exeterman2

      They wouldn’t want to make next gen that far apart from current gen as current gen still has the memory limitation, they probably won’t offer all of that.

    • ben wills

      There shoudn’t be new weapons. It’s a terrible idea. It takes no effort to create weapons, they should all be in the base game. What happens if guns as OP as the Famas, Akimbos, Scar end up in DLC. Then the game is partially pay to win. It’s a terrible idea.

      BF3 had this problem. What’s it with you people wanting to give all your money away and to not have any skill in games?

      • osaid

        i think you’re right. but battle field didn’t have that problem in a DLC it has that problem in the f***ing M16A3

      • Bmeowmix

        Yeah, but I’m sure CoD devs would patch any OP DLC gun to oblivion. CoD devs patch weapons (whether to nerf or buff) way more than Battlefield, and if CoD did release an OP weapon that went unanswered the community would never let them live it down.
        Also, not everyone wants DLC weapons just so they can more easily beat their enemies senseless. I like the idea of weapon DLC because it adds more gameplay; when the game is three months in I start getting bored, a new gun is a great way to get a more diverse experience.

        • ben wills

          A fair point with the diverse experience, however CoD Devs have a history with screwing over people. Then again the people they screw over are the people who gave them money (see: NK2025, NKZombies, Camo’s not in Season Pass)

      • Brad

        they did? The nerfed the famas in bf3, the best guns in that game are not dlc guns at all. The m16a3 a3k971 hk416 and the ump are the top powerful guns, hell even the f2000 is a beast in bf… They have good balance in bf

        • ben wills

          They probably worked on the balance. I just remember hearing things back in the day when I was into the game and that stuff was coming out.

          Either way you still strongly run the risk of that happening.

    • Big Pow

      People still wanna play this game???

      • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

        One of your latest comments:
        “Too many nerds on CharlieINTEL.”
        Then why are you here??

  • James K

    Map Packs + New SP, new characters some cosmetic items= $

    Killstreak, Weapons, some cosmetic items= Free.

    Mark Rubin did want free weapons if the developers ever deliver them in MW3 but I doubt Activision would allow IW to get away with that.

  • Bmeowmix

    DLC needs more than just new maps and new custimization. New content is what keeps the game from getting stale, and four maps every two months or so doesn’t really cut it. We need DLC packs, not just map packs.

  • James K

    What Activision should add in DLC is hiring celebrities or well-known people like Ice Cube or Drif0r to be an announcer for a faction. That would sell like hotcakes.

    • Bmeowmix

      Isn’t Ice Cube in BO as Bowman/SOG announcer?

      • Young Hernz


      • James K

        Yes. Since someone people like his voice in BO1, he can be a recurring DLC announcer in Ghosts.

        • xSupaScopa

          WE’RE LOSIN CHARLIE! lol after a while that bothered me though

  • Ghost

    Bring Micro items separate from DLC. Like maps from previous MW specially from COD4. Or a 5th DLC w/ all maps

  • Young Hernz

    I like how BO2 did with the DLC bring MP Maps, Camos, and a new weapon
    I hope IW do something similar to Treyarch’s DLC idea, but include 4 MP maps so the price will be drop and it would be $10, a Weapon DLC probity bring back some fan favorite from past Modern Warfare game, and Character Customized pack

    • Mr. Thuggins

      Who do you want to make a cameo?

      • TheCervixPounder69


  • The Flash

    BO2 brought the Peacekeeper and RGM2 as DLC weapons, honestly i wont be bothering with ghosts for its lack of Zombies, but when it drops to £20 i may get it for Infected

  • Brodie Cromar

    I like the way black ops 2 was going, but you got “more bang for your buck” in mw3. With the £35 pass you got all the maps plus extra vault storage for gameplay, which I found to be really useful being able to get all my footage then record via cap card in bulk.. Treyarch should have included all, or at least some number of free picks, micro items within the £35 season pass, especially seen as some of these were in the previous games pass like i mentioned with extra storage. So for Ghosts I would like to see a £35 pass including the usual 4 map packs guaranteeing at least 4-5 mp map per pack, if they can do weapons right then weapons too, a bundle of camos each pack. But, also if you choose to download a pass over getting the 4 individually, you get extra storage and extra class sets (i found them to be useful in black ops 2 league play). I don’t care for spec ops so hopefully there is no extra for that and also the campaign is a campaign, it shouldn’t have bits missing that are filled in with dlc.



    • sahzoom

      yah definitely no more ‘re-imagining’ bullshit that treyarch pulled with BO2, After revolution, each map pack had more and more remakes from previous games. Hell they even remade a dlc map from BO1 for the final dlc map pack for BO2. The only reason buy the dlc from treyarch is for zombies. IW needs to make the COD multiplayer games and treyarch needs to make a stand-alone zombies game every other year, they would make so much more money that way. I am never buying dlc from treayarch again unless it is zombies. That is their greatest selling point and they need to focus all their energy on that. NO MORE REMAKES (re-skins)!!!!!!!

      • Work hard Twerk harder

        In some ways i agree with you but at the same time it basically guarenteed a good map (minus that fucking nuketown). Firing range was one of my favourite maps on BO1 and ended up being my favourite map on BO2, and IMO they look very different studio and firing range, just same layout.

        • Ed

          the re-imagining is fine, but i felt like it was a rip off, not being a big zombies fan. i either had to decide whether 3 or 4 new maps was worth 15 bucks. the zombie maps i would literally not visit once, and the re imagined ones i wasn’t even remotely excited to see. i still have black ops 1, so if i want to play those maps, i’ll play that game.

    • ip x Warrior


    • Young Hernz

      just at least one
      or just a map pack that only include 5 classic Maps from CoD4 to MW3

  • david

    Hmmm I say MP maps, SP missions and such on their own id like to be able to pick ad chose what content I’m paying for id like to see a weapon format like this Mw2 pack would contain, one weapon of each tier a set of camo’s, MW2 style red dot sight and titles emblems custom gear challenges at around the same price of a map pack id buy it.

  • Face off mode for Ghosts? Please

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      9/10 CoD players don’t care for these mini maps with mini amount of players. I for one got all the face off maps but I think I haven’t played each map more than once…

      • This would be a great time to implement face off again. With dynamic elements it’s going to be more than just knowing the spawns. Now there will be actually strategy like back in CoD 4 with Cage Match. It will be a battle of the mind with traps and such, if that makes any sense to you.

        • Work hard Twerk harder

          I know it’d be cruel of IW to leave the minority group out, but I reckon that most people would prefer a larger 1 MP map than 2 face off maps. I honestly only liked MW3’s DLCs for 2 things though, infected (which isn’t for face off), and chaos mode (which is also not for face off). I understand that this is my opinion and not that many would totally agree with me there, but even with like all 8 face off maps, the standard everyday maps are played a lot more and mean more to the community “overall”.

    • DatGuy NamedDane

      Why so you can boost?

      • Your parents are divorced and your the reason.

        • xx420xx

          kill yourself

  • I think what Infinity Ward needs to do is to make the ELITE service for free because I want to be able to participate in clan ops that you have to do to level up your clan level. I didn’t like the whole idea where you had to be premium in order for it to count for certain objectives that you had to do in mw3.

    They need to make decent maps for the DLC and not how Treyarch was doing was redoing some of the maps from the old games such as WaW and Black ops and making it futuristic. In mw3 they only made one map they redid and that was terminal which was okay but don’t do what Treyarch did with the DLC they hardly ever made any decent maps they just just revamped the old maps which is kind of lazy if you ask me.

  • Abhishek Jain

    camos should be free..we should not pay for camos

  • DatGuy NamedDane

    I would rather have 4 main DLC and then have extra DLC’s that include new new weapons, things to customize your self, camo DLC, new kill streaks and new campaign missions (or something in the same universe as COD Ghost but linking in with the main story line somehow. Finally what I would love to see is map making. GTA online did so why cant Infinity word do it? Anyone could make a map and then submit it to Infinity Ward, then every week the best map jets put into the game. Then players would have something to look forward too every week. Infinity Ward could even put in maps of their own that aren’t in the map packs, for like a dollar or two.

    What do you guys think?

  • Johnathan

    The one thing that really irritated me in black ops 2 was the micro dlc, I paid for the season pass witch gives me all the dlc that comes out during the season…right? Nope, and that really pissed me off. All I hope is that iw doesn’t do that, make the season pass $10 more if you have to, just include everything please

  • minasyo

    who cares about ghosts

    gta 5
    watch dogs <3333333333333333333333333


  • SoulTaker

    They won’t add in GUN DLC to the next gen consoles. Sad but their excuse will be “It won’t be fair to Xbox 360 and PS3 users”.

    • Guest

      Wtf are u talking about Ricardo go home dude u don’t even know what your are talking about (they won’t add DLC in next-gen) ..

      • SoulTaker

        I meant GUN DLC wise should have been more clear sorry my bad.

  • Derrick Wingler

    DLC campaigns would be awesome.

  • ip x Warrior

    DLC in Ghosts should be like this:

    4 MP maps.
    1 Campaign mission.
    1 New primary weapon.
    1 New secondary weapon.
    1 New kill streaks.

  • DatGuy NamedDane

    I think that if there are going to be micro transactions, you can buy the season pass and get a discount like 50% off

    • ip x Warrior

      Forget this.. Activison is there to make money and don’t give a fuck about the community 🙂

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    they should have new killstreaks, along with CaC content. Obviously new maps and missions. There probably will be new outfits for your character from DLC.

    • Big Pow

      Why do Hispanic people give the most stupidest ideas ever???

  • Chris

    They should involve the community WAY more in the DLC process… Think about it, its usually only the people who are really into & always playing CoD who get the DLC, right? So their say should mean the most. My suggestion is this, 1 new killstreak, 1 new weapon, 4 new maps/1 throwback & some camos/emblems in EVERY DLC download & maybe something extra ( but not game changing ) for those who purchase a season pass… & the way you involve the community is by letting people vote for maybe the type of weapon that gets introduced such as SMG or assault rifle? & let the community decide which throwback map gets remade for each map pack… I think that would work great because it would be people deciding what they get & if people complain about it they can just say ” Hey, it wasn’t us, it was you guys who voted “… Vote this up, lets get IW’s attention!!!

  • kingdsx

    I just want activison to make all DLC free after the game’s life cycle as well as a way to disable DLC (all at one time, not pack by pack) during the game’s life cycle. That way, if I own one DLC pack, I can actually find a lobby. When the game’s life cycle has ended, it’s annoying that there are so many different pools of players. This would allow all of it to be unified. This should only be done after the game’s 1 year life cycle though, to be fair to those who paid for it. Think about games like MW2, WAW, and Cod4 that are slowly decreasing player count. It’s not like activision is making much money off of those game’s map packs anyways (Who would actually buy a MW2 map pack at this point?).

    • Bigi345

      Well in PS3 there’s a disable all DLC button so that’s a problem for Microsoft not Activision of IW or Treyarch

      • kingdsx

        There is? I have a ps3 and I’ve never seen such an option.

        • Bigi345

          Sign in -> Account Management -> System Activation -> Deactivate Game System -> Deactivate

  • MegaMan3k

    Here’s what I want to see… Themed DLC.

    One of the greatest things about Battlefield 3’s DLC was that each set followed a theme. That’s what I think is missing from Call of Duty DLC – something to tie them together. In the end they all feel like one big glob of maps and I see that as a disappointment.

    • Big Pow

      Nobody cares what you want to see.

  • Why not just play Battlefield 3 or 4 (when it comes out and releases DLC)

  • What I think would be fair is 4 new MP maps, 1 Re-Make, 1 new mode for Squads, and a patch for each pack, 5 pieces of character clothing, and 4 camos themed to the maps in the pack. And for a separate pack: 1 gun pack the has a new weapon in each class.

  • Brandon S

    Quick question for anyone that would like to help. Is there any REAL BIG advantage other than better graphics for playing this game on the Xbox One? I don’t see any reason for me to buy the One on launch since this would be the only game I’d wanna play it for, and since I’ll have it for my 360 it would be useless to pay 500 bucks just for better graphics. Thoughts?

    • xx420xx

      proof that only retards are buying xbox one

      • Brandon S

        Really hope you’re not stating that I’m the retard because I didn’t specify that I was actually going to buy the One firstly, and secondly I was asking a fucking question you dipshit. Take your #420BLAZEIT faggot ass somewhere else. Thanks.

        • xx420xx

          take your reddit memes and casualness to irl sports shitter

          • Brandon S

            Reddit memes? How cute, I wish I used that website. Then maybe, just maybe I’d be as awesome as you. I bet you’re a Sony fanfag aren’t you, with your XXxx420SNIPER420xxXX name. You really are a sad soul, go back to smoking kid and working at McDonald’s.

    • Bigi345

      It all depends on your preference of course, but for me since i’m not planning to buy a $450 new console anytime soon. Because there’s still making PS3 games till 2016.

      • Brandon S

        Okay maybe I should have rephrased the question, what is the MAIN difference between the One and the 360 when it comes to playing Ghosts? Just graphics is all I’m thinking, unless I’m missing something right?

        • Bigi345

          I believe it’s just the graphics and Sub-D thingy

  • Turalyon

    So what happens to the Free Fall Bonus Map from the PS3 once you upgrade to the PS4? Will that be transferred over to the PS4?

  • Andres Alfonso

    To bring DLC for Call Of Duty Ghost on Wii U

  • Big Pow

    To many nerds on charlie intel!

    • xx420xx

      ask urm um

  • Mista Rehab

    i would like to see support of this for 2 years now just 10 months

  • RdJokr

    Oh god yes. Campaign DLC please. It would definitely boost the replay value of the campaign. 4 Campaign missions >>>>>>>>>>>> 4 MP maps every time.

  • Emre

    give everything in one package, including new guns and nice military camos, new maps, and not old maps, from other COD games, and not kids camos.

  • Josh

    They said that they were not able to include dlc weapons in mw3 due to memory, but they would have if they could. This is why I think that dlc weapons will be in ghosts without a doubt.

  • omar_soft

    I think they should to the MW2 style DLC but with guns.
    3 new maps
    2 old maps (from mw2/mw3)
    1 gun

  • Mrdoitnyce

    for every new DLC, they should include 1 past fan favorite map FREE. terminal, dome, mission, hardhat, favela, highrise, rust & 1 free camo. NO gun dlc’s. pay to win? gtfoh. however, we should be able to vote on which old map we want to come back in every DLC, like the way we voted for ” mw3some “.

  • thebulky1cometh

    One way to get around the idea of the “pay to play” or “pay to have an advantage” dilemma that people have been mentioning would be to offer a free weapon every few months…a free, downloadable weapon, for everyone. Imagine that? Imagine this company actually GIVING back to their fans. Never gonna happen, but one can dream.

  • jooker-jr

    IW should make an awesome campaign then release a DLC ( let’s say DLC 2 ) with

    4 MP maps
    More of the campaign
    A survival exclusive map

    And maybe an new gun

  • jooker-jr

    And also IW should make the trophies ( achievements ) a useful thing

  • Andrew Westbrook

    They really need to make more (just more) dynamic maps and more weapons.

  • ORB1T4L

    What Infinity Ward needs to bring to DLC with Ghosts : WEAPONS ! New soldiers faces, new outfits, new killstreaks, the add of new destructible zones in the maps (through TU, not DLC). But please, no stupid micro-transaction shit. PLEASE let us get all this with a simple season pass and that’ll be awesome !

    EDIT : I also think Infinity Ward and Treyarch should team-up and bring Zombies to CoD every year, I would even pay an extra 10€ if it ever happens.