According to the Xbox360achievement site, the Call of Duty: Ghosts campaign missions achievements have been revealed. Theses achievements are coming to Xbox 360, and will be made into trophies for the PS3.

As with all achievement leaks, they contain some spoilers. No plot twist spoilers but some spoilers that reveal certain mission objectives and settings throughout the campaign.

*View at own risk…may contain spoilers*

  • Ghost Stories
    • Escape. (Complete “Ghost Stories” on any difficulty.)
  • Spatial Awareness 10
    • Kill your first enemy in the Call of Duty® Ghosts campaign.
  • Brave New World 10
    • Rendez-vous in Fort Santa Monica. (Complete “Brave New World” on any difficulty.)
  • Liberty Wall 10
    • Take down both attack helicopters in Brave New World.
  • No Man’s Land 10
    • Make it to San Diego. (Complete “No Man’s Land” on any difficulty.)
  • Blimey O’Riley 10
    • Pounce on 10 enemies whilst controlling Riley.
  • Struck Down 10
    • Find Ajax. (Complete “Struck Down” on any difficulty.)
  • Waste Not 10
    • Every shot with the remote sniper kills a person or vehicle.
  • Homecoming 10
    • Defend LA. (Complete “Homecoming” on any difficulty.)
  • Go Ugly Early 10
    • A-10 strafe 50 enemies.
  • Legends Never Die 10
    • Hunt down Almagro. (Complete “Legends Never Die” on any difficulty.)
  • It Came from Below! 10
    • Kill 6 enemies with the knife while underwater in “Legends Never Die”.
  • Federation Day 10
    • Gather intel on Rorke. (Complete “Federation Day” on any difficulty.)
  • Sleeping Beauty 10
    • Kill sleeping enemy in face down rappel section
  • Carbon Faceprint 10
    • Catch the photocopier with your face.
  • Birds of Prey 10
    • Capture Rorke (Complete “Birds of Prey” on any difficulty.)
  • Burn Baby Burn 25
    • Destroy 80 fuel containers.
  • The Hunted 25
    • Make it out alive (Complete “The Hunted” on any difficulty.)
  • Jungle Ghosts 25
    • Finish the mission without breaking stealth.
  • Clockwork 25
    • Hack the system (Complete “Clockwork” on any difficulty.)
  • Deep Freeze 25
    • Drop 8 vehicles into ice holes.
  • Atlas Falls 25
    • Distract the Federation Fleet. (Complete “Atlas Falls” on any difficulty.)
  • Grindin’ 40
    • Blow the pressure valves on your first attempt.
  • Piece of cake 100
    • Storm the common room and kill everyone without taking damage on Veteran. (1)
  • Into the Deep 20
    • Destroy the enemy ship (Complete “Into The Deep” on any difficulty.)
  • David & Goliath 20
    • Take down the LCS on the first go.
  • End of the Line 20
    • Storm the factory (Complete “End of the Line” on any difficulty.)
  • Cog in the machine 35
    • Kill 5 enemies without being detected before infiltrating Black Zone.
  • Sin City 20
    • Plan your next move. (Complete “Sin City” on any difficulty.)
  • Jack-pot 20
    • Destroy 21 slot machines.
  • All or nothing 20
    • Gather the troops. (Complete “All or Nothing” on any difficulty.)
  • End of your rope 20
    • Cut a grappling hook rope with an enemy on it.
  • Severed Ties 20
    • Destroy the Federation’s satellite array. (Complete “Severed Ties” on any difficulty.)
  • Fly-by-wire 20
    • Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile.
  • Loki 20
    • Commandeer the enemy space station. (Complete “Loki” on any difficulty.)
  • They look like ants 20
    • Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.
  • The Ghost Killer 20
    • Confront Rorke (Complete “The Ghost Killer” on any difficulty.)
  • Tickets please 20
    • Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train.
  • Audiophile 15
    • Collect all 18 Rorke files.
  • Safeguard 20
    • Reach round 20 in Safeguard.
  • You’ve earned it 40
    • Earn the mask. Finish the campaign on Veteran.

Call of Duty: Ghosts is out Nov. 5th on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. It’s a launch title for PS4 and Xbox One.

SOURCE: Xbox360Achievements

  • RdJokr

    18 missions in total… Not bad. Looking forward to this.
    Also, Loki? IW and Treyarch are getting obsessed with Norse gods lately. First the three giant robots in Origins, now the space stations?

    • Guest

      For comparison CoD4 had 1 training mission, 2 cutscene-type “missions”, 17 regular missions and 1 bonus level.

      MW2 had 1 training, 17 regular and 1 bonus.

      MW3 had 2 cutscenes and 16 regular missions.

    • Guest

      For comparison:
      CoD4 – 1 training mission, 2 cutscene-type “missions”, 1 bonus mission and 17 regular missions.
      MW2 – 1 training, 1 bonus, 17 regular.
      MW3 – 2 cutscenes and 16 regular missions.

      The first one, “Ghost Stories” is probably really short or a cutscene type of deal the way “Prologue” was in MW3.

      • Guest

        i believe ghost stories feature the space station section we saw on the station and also the moment with the 2 brothers and their father. the icon of the achievement shows a car speeding up nad says”escape”.
        so i think except for fighting in space you try to get away from san diego( their home) as the rods are fired. something like the last of us first mission. that being said, i believe this is a prologue/first mission and it will be like 15maybe 20 minutes 🙂

    • DatGuy NamedDane

      There might be more?
      Like in Black ops 1 there were a few missions that didn’t have achievements.

  • James K

    I wouldn’t be surprise if one of the secret achievement has something to do with Fish A.I.

    IW can’t resist.

  • 18 missions? soo….4-5 hours campaign?

    • riley

      Cod 4 and mw2 had 18 missions and they took like more than 7 hours and judging from the trailers this will be much longer 🙂

    • Bryan Salas

      The game is supposed to be a bit more cinematic, so maybe add on two to three hours more of pure awesomeness. Plus if you do the campaign in Veteran you could possibly multiply the hours by two.

      • I want to play a game , i dont want to watch a movie

  • Bigi345

    For once i’ll play the campaign on Veteran i want that achievement and i don’t want to replay the game in a harder difficulty to do it

  • INI Jay

    So completing the game on veteran gives you a multiplayer mask?

    • James K

      I doubt it. It’s the game way of congratulating you for completing the campaign on Veteran.

    • Sentrymann

      That’d be pretty awesome.

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    I guess I`ll give the campaign on veteran a shot

  • Uzair Chief

    Safeguard 20
    Reach round 20 in Safeguard.

    Is survival back?

    • James K

      Yes. Safeguard(Infinite) is similar to Survival. Just slightly different mechanics.

      • ad

        Its actually survival from MW3 with BOTS instead of normal AI 🙁

        • James K

          You think IW created their improved A.I just for the single-player?

        • Jesse

          You can either play it with 3 of your squad members or 3 of your friends or probably something in between as well but yes it is the improved survival mode and it also gives you Multiplayer XP but probably not much.

    • xx420xx


      • Uzair Chief

        Stupid troll.

        • xx420xx

          epic le meme

        • xx420xx

          is survivial bac?k?????????????/
          is multiplayer acback?????????????

    • DatGuy NamedDane

      kinda not really

  • wtflolsmh

    Only 810 Points? So I guess there will be multiplayer achievements. -_-

  • ​​

    i like my men like i like my women. with a huge dick in their ass.

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      Are you and Bob the same person?

  • DatGuy NamedDane

    Time to go achievement Whore!

  • Flammenwerfer

    Here are the secret achievements. Still no MP ones!

  • Thank goodness there is no complete challenges! I still haven’t platinumed Black ops 2 because of the stupid campaign challenges which I really hate.

    This will be an easy platinum for CoD Ghosts on PS4!

  • Rorke=badguy?

    Rorke is the main bad guy?

  • ORB1T4L

    SPOILER : The US soldiers will win the war, the evil russians will be defeated. Ghosts will be unknown heroes. Sequel.

    Typical Call of Duty scenario.

    EDIT :
    Carbon Faceprint 10
    Catch the photocopier with your face.

    That’s gonna be fun 😀