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The new issue of GameInformer is out now, and thanks to twitter user @FiveOhFour, we have new images from the magazine showing new screenshots of Call of Duty: Ghosts. This issue is a full feature of Ghosts, featuring interviews with Infinity Ward and Activision.

These new images show moments from single player, and mulitplayer mode.

GameInformer has been features lots of Ghosts interviews and more, leading up to Nov. 5 launch.

SOURCE: Gameinformer Magazine Via @FiveOhFour (Flickr)

  • alex

    Am I the only one that is praying they make a map in a sports stadium? I think a full size football field would be amazing

    • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

      There is the worn down Baseball Stadium map. I feel like it won’t be as cool as it sounds/could be though.

    • Already done, its called strikeout. and it takes place outside of the arena only. A cod map will never be inside of one.

      • alex

        Yeah I know that its around the stadium. I want inside it would be soo awesome

      • Marcus

        whiteout and strikezone combined map? 😉

    • ben wills

      Stadium enters a bush league hockey arena!!!

      • alex


        • ben wills

          Well it’s a sports stadium of sorts. It is called Stadium…

  • Chris

    I wonder if a tripod will be a new attachment for snipers now considering the reworking of sniping in Ghosts & how they are trying to end quickscoping… Seems sort of like a nice little hint from IW saying ” Hey, snipers are stationary now & not meant to be run-n-gun weapons ” I guess we’ll see! ; )

  • Sick grenade launcher on the left side of sniper pic

  • Andrew Westbrook

    One character reminds me of Yuri back in MW3

  • jgg

    the sixth pic is next gen.

  • fee

    I am famous ! :’D