A first for a Call of Duty game in the franchise since COD4: Modern Warfare 1, Call of Duty: Ghosts’ rating in the UK has dropped from PEGI 18 to now become PEGI 16. The official Call of Duty UK site for Ghosts has added a logo at the bottom of the site of  PEGI 16, and most retailers in the UK have changed the box arts for Ghosts to show the PEGI 16 logo.

Here’s the box art for the Xbox One from Amazon UK; GAME UK also changed the rating to PEGI 16. 

This news of the PEGI 16 rating follows Activision’s announcement that Call of Duty: Ghosts will be playable in the 16+ area at EuroGamer EXPO, which was a shock to all.

SOURCE: Call of Duty site, Amazon UK, GAME UK

  • Guest

    Should actually say 13- because mostly 13 year olds or younger kids play it
    (it’s a terrible joke I know, and don’t worry i’m not hating on CoD. I love CoD and have purchased every single one since COD 4 and I’m probably going to get ghosts 🙂

    • LegitCryptic

      Did you just say your 13?

      • LongSensation

        Doesn’t look like it to me. Don’t understand why it matters if he is 13, it’s a game at the end of the day. People act like it’s a major thing that kids play CoD when they play most FPS games too. The majority of people that play CoD (adults) are usually as immature as the kids so I don’t know what the problem is really

        • LegitCryptic

          I don’t have a problem since im 14 myself i was just saying that he shouldnt be saying that everyone is 13 on COD

          • bob

            I hate when a thing comes up like this I have but one thing to say… YOUR MOM!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

        • The adults are overweight virgins, the squeakers are immature assholes that talk about peoples mothers and have no friends in real life. Then the 16 – 20 Are the only cool gamers on CoD. (im 18)

          • fires

            Im 15 and i dont talk shit to anyone. its really about the maturity level of the person themselves, you shouldnt really put an age limit, since there are many adults talking as much trash as the 8 year olds

          • Its not just maturity the game is rated 17+ and I expect to hear deep voices not squeakers talking about my mother. I have never meet someone mature online below the age 16. I have played CoD for 4 years

          • xx420xx

            ur a batty

          • Cool then im one of the cool gamers 😀 WOOF!

          • HenryDF

            You’re the immature one for categorising the people behind the controllers, when you know nothing about them at all. You’re basing what you claim to know on voices and steriotypes – despicable.

          • Are you kidding me, I think I know a asshole when a 13 year old joins a lobby and the first thing he says is a negative comment about everyone in the lobby and he knows nothing about anyone in there. So no what I say is more true then you will ever understand. I guess your not within the cool gamer age group.

          • HenryDF

            Like I said, you’re stereotyping – basing your argument on a few occurrences when you hear somebody young behind a mic. The fact that you’re categorising in this manner is just depressing. You’re the one acting like the 13 year old asshole – are you kidding when you say you’re 18? Your grammar is poor, your attitude is immature, and you’re moaning about something that simply doesn’t matter. You’re pathetic, my friend.

          • You sound butthurt. Guess you don’t make the “Cool” list. Lol anyways my grammar is better then 90% of the internets so what you say is meaningless. And yes what im saying does matter, kids and old men plague CoD, its always more enjoyable in a lobby with young adults 16 – 20. And obviously people agree with me judging by my 11 likes and your 0. Your on your own

          • John


          • Guest

            lol that’s wrong

          • HenryDF

            So, lemme see. You’re being ageist, childish and you’re using likes to back up your opinion (technically, if you wanna beat around the bush, we have the same amount. You have +11 and -4. I have 7. And I actually have no comments with a 0 on it, so you can’t read either). Buddy, you’re just a bit pathetic.

          • Congrats on getting your fellow squeakers and or 40 year old virgins to like your pathetic comment. Want a fucking cookie, obviously your a attention whore whos butthurt because people like me diss him online. Im done replying after this, got a life to get back too. Son

          • HenryDF

            So…lemme see – you’re making fun of me having likes on my comments, when it was you who brought up the topic in the first place? Man, if you are at college, how the hell did you get in? I mean, are you deliberately acting like a stupid, poorly educated twat?

            Oh, and I’m at uni too, in case you wanted to know. Yep, that’s me. once again proving that your stereotyping, along with just being absolute crap, is unsupported and pathetic. I’d go back to being a 15 year old, rather than trying to act like you know what you’re talking about.

          • Euan

            Shut the hell up. There ARE squeaky little twats that play cod while making your mum <-(I'm Scottish) jokes, swear, scream, rage quit and threaten to hack. it's a fact. oh I'm thirteen by the way.

          • Sam

            I can’t believe you just called yourself cool. Cringe-worthy stuff. Almost all of the adults i have chatted to on CoD have been good people and what in the world makes you think they’re overweight virgins? There are people in this ‘Cool’ group of gamer’s you have made up that are just as immature as any 12 year old, and there are 12 year old’s that are mature. You’re neither mature or immature, you’re a cunt.

          • Calm your ass, Your experiences are different then others. My statement was in general (average). There are exceptions to like 5% of people, but other then that, my statement is pretty dam spot on. Being in college, Everyone I meet is 17 – 25 they are mature as fuck. Anyone older shouldn’t be on CoD, but that’s there problem not mine. Cunt

          • Sam

            Please show me proof that your statement is spot on. And is it just CoD that people 25+ shouldn’t play? If so, why shouldn’t they play it?

        • xSupaScopa

          hey Long. But I agree. I have a bunch of 13 year old friends who are mature when we play. Then you can meet like 20 year old college douchebags who just try to ruin your fun. its a shame.

      • Guest

        Guys it was a joke! No need to start an argument. Anyway, no I did not say i’m thirteen because if you read CAREFULLY I said MOSTLY 13 year old play it. It was a terrible joke I know, and if i could remove it i would. I should really think before posting such a bad joke.

  • Beatex

    YESYESYESYES. Thanks to this, I’m going to be able to play it at EuroGamer!

  • James K

    So did IW tone down the violence in Ghosts or what?

    • NiftyGam3r

      Imo IW have always had better games in the sense of exposure. For example mw3 barely had any profanity, as oppose to bo1 that had the word F in every sentence. Im guessing in ghosts they really cut down on the profanity

      • TheCheeseWeel

        yea, cock sucker (i hope you get the reference)

        • NiftyGam3r

          Lol i do. Briggs

          • Josiah Johnson

            He literally said that like every 6 seconds!!

          • cock sucker (he was trying to say that the game was bullcrap

  • Adam

    Hopefully this means it will be rated T in the US.

    • And make it easier for squeakers to buy it? No thanks they have ruined it enough with their shitty parents

      • Guest

        U do understand u hav the option to mute them

        • JayZero

          You can’t mute how they play. like total fucking tossers

      • xx420xx

        ur the 1 that chooses to play on xbox lmao

      • John

        Your mommy is a squeaker…

    • Guest

      You could see that it was M-rated in the unboxing vid.

  • Korflock

    It’s all about the sales. Make it easier for kids to get their hands on Mature rated games (not so mature now.).

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    This is good, I guess?

  • AcePhoenix007

    ~ Black guy from the Replacers


    All you people ARGUING about what CoD gamers are “COOL” and which ones are “IMMATURE” or “LOSERS” need to just ditch your consoles already.

    If you THINK you’ve finally graduated from the ignorant players pool; then do what all responsible, mature, respectful, and successful players do, MOVE ON TO PC.

    • Guest

      PC NAZI ALERT!!!

  • The Flash


  • WeWinWeShoot

    I have to say listening to kids high pitched voices is annoying! Yes? All cod games have been 18+ I think? Correct me if I’m wrong :L but ghosts lowering the age to 16+ is stupid easier for young people to get but I’m glad for me cause I can get it haha, no disrespect to all youngers but majority of them are annoying

    • Erlend

      cod 1,2,3,4 is all pegi 16

  • Thomas

    Hey look I’m 13 and my voice is fully cracked OK so I don’t get why your saying 13 year old people are squeaky? Puberty is different in every one in the world so dukezap1, officially call you an ageist. Oh and note that im mature in every way so that just shows you adults that us ‘kids’ can be mature as 25 plus year olds.