GameInformer’s newest issue has revealed new information on a new campaign mission in Ghosts. This new mission is called Struck Down, and takes place in San Diego’s baseball field. It’s the same location as the Strike Down multiplayer map.

*Spoiler warning*

You assume control of “Logan” for this mission, and have to fight through the enemy line in a San Diego stadium. You start off by mounting a .50cal which allows you to see the Greenway Park stadium. You look over to the press box, and there is Ajax, one of you partners getting beaten up by Federal Soldiers.

A convoy of Federation soldiers drives through the park, which is heading toward the box. Your team of Ghosts go to a parking garage where you get in a vehicle and follow behind the federation path. Once you get close enough, you detonate the explosives planted on the enemy vehicles. Then chaos erupts. Enemies come in at all directions, you exchange fire between them and use Riley to take down the enemy.

You then go to breach a door, but with this mission it’s different. Your AI partners are at the door, but you are hundreds of yards away watching through a sniper scope. Once the team breaches the the door, you pick off enemies from with the sniper rifle. The team breaches and finds no sign of Ajax.

You move down the stairs, and Riley smells a scent of Ajax. Logan, along with Riley and Ghosts run down a hallway to possible location of Ajax. And there, Infinity Ward stopped the mission.

SOURCE: GameInformer Magazine

  • DatGuy NamedDane

    cool story bro #I’m number 1 literally

    • xx420xx


  • Basicly this is mw4 with new characters…

    • the1PR0D1GY

      Is that a bad thing?

      • James K

        If you want Ghosts to feel like a Big-Bang new universe instead of a ‘sequel’ to the Modern Warfare series, then yeah, it’s a bad thing.

        • StraightEdgeAtheist

          Well, it’s based on opinions. To some it is bad, to some it is good.

          Obviously I go by facts, this game may be modern, but that does NOT mean it is just like the rest of the MW series..I can easily apply that logic to any game that is a FPS with a modern setting like the MW series and Ghost.

          • James K

            “Well, it’s based on opinions. To some it is bad, to some it is good.”

            Yeah it depends on how much you think this new sub- branch is distant from the other universes and how big separation gap you think its acceptable.

            Currently, I believe the content in Ghosts is an acceptable gap for now.

      • PuddingAuxRais1ns

        It would be if it were true, which for the most part, is not.

  • Nick Schepis

    This game looks like its going to be like the next MW2