During the multiplayer reveal of Ghosts, Activision announced that the Ghosts DLC Season Pass will give you access to a Team Leader Pack, and a Ghosts Insignia Pack, but never showed what you will get with those. Today, in the unboxing video, Infinity Ward has revealed what comes the Team Leader Pack, and what the features looks like.

Team Leader Pack: 

Ghosts Insignia Pack exclusive to Collector’s Edition: 

Call of Duty: Ghosts Season Pass is available now for preorder for $49.99 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC. Season Pass gives you the 4 DLC Map packs set to release in 2014 for a discounted price.


    That ghost head looks like the guys retarded lol

    • Big Pow


  • Adam

    tina is hot

  • david

    Yey more lack luster a meaningless rewards for a massive price hike Not this time cod, Not this time.

    • xThatTributeGuyx

      So, they are charging us the same as last year, and the year before that for the season pass for the DLC, so where is the price hike?

      • MegaMan3k

        Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition included the DLC and was $100. I think that’s the price hike people complain about.

        The Ghost’s Hardened Edition is literally paying $10 for the insignia pack and a piece of rope.

        • ORB1T4L

          The paracord strap is okay, but the insigna pack is ugly as shit. I don’t even understand why it’s here.

      • david

        Erm last years hardened edition did not come with a season pass and it was the same price i pay £30 more for some shitty camo and nuketown… This content is not worth the asking price at all total rip off

  • I love exclusive things

  • Riley

    I think they should have put this in the game instead of a pack it’s least they could do

  • WASD Mouse – PC Gaming Inc.

    I’m more interested in what’s included in the

    “Digital Hardened Edition In-Game Item Pack: Stand out from the crowd
    with a unique in-game player patch, player card & player background,
    a collection of content only available in the Digital Hardened Edition.”

  • Guybrush

    First sign of custom reticles. It’s only a minor touch, but with customisation being the main focus in this game, this was one thing I was hoping they wouldn’t miss out. It gives your weapon that final piece of personalisation.

  • ORB1T4L

    “Ediition” really ?


    I for one am very excited about that player card and that patch. Yes I’ll pay for it so I’m not mad all year that I see everyone else with it.

  • Hamboney

    I love the stuff with riley on them!!!

  • brad

    i got the insignia pack but not the team leader pack can anyone help?

    • The Beast from the East!!!

      Same thing happend to my sister… Just call Activision and they’ll correct the problem for you… All she needed was proof of purchase…
      I hope this helped…
      Happy Hunting!!!

  • Lukas

    Do you need to play online to get all this because when im playing local for fun its not there and my xbox live gold ended when ghosts rekeased and gave no money

  • Tc190

    I’ve purchased the pack an it’s not downloading anything atall everytime I press download it just says no content is found! I’ve just payed £35 an getting no fucking map packs? What’s going on??