Here’s 3 new Ghosts screenshots from the Odin space station from the Ghosts’s Campaign.

[nggallery id=569]

SOURCE: Activision via


  • Adam Nord

    Of all of the details, K.Mosley’s name tag looks the worst. It has a single, unpleasant to the eye, bend. It just looks weird

    • extreme_name

      Should be Comic Sans font.

  • Guest

    Anyone notice that K.Mosley was the person from Black Ops 1’s Blackbird pilot in the campaign?!

    • extreme_name

      In Black Ops 1 it was only Mosly and in Ghosts it’s Kyra Mosly.

  • svd-us

    Graphics look good!

  • They’re very pretty :3

  • Mexicutiioner99


  • BHCMax

    first pic makes a great desktop backround… 🙂

  • Best looking game of 2013 by far, omg my mind is blown, best part is thats not even sarcasm! Ghosts ftw!

    • jooker-jr

      Just don’t get overhyped ok 🙂

  • jooker-jr

    Imagine if there is a MP map on the space ??