The fourth and final DLC pack for Black Ops 2 is now available for PlayStation 3 and PC gamers. The pack, called Apocalypse, brings 4 new multiplayer maps, and a new zombies experience called Origins.

Apocalypse is available for download via the in game store for Season Pass customers, or for $14.99 for non Season Pass customers.

  • Crusf

    And so ends the Black Ops II legacy. It’s been a great year for CoD! Bring on Ghosts!

    • asdf

      …….1 month later PS3 celebrates the end of BO2. Not sure if win or fail?

      • asdf

        (It’s a fail I was just trying not to get the same 5 dislikes from those PS4 fanboys at

    • Shardlotte

      I don’t care what anyone says, it’s always great to look forward to the next Call of Duty. Gives me something to anticipate for something I know I’d like.

    • Korflock

      Great year?

      I can’t be the only person completely upset with this Call of Duty.
      Easily the worst Call of Duty year.

      • Crusf

        Geez… can a guy be positive on this site anymore -_-

      • zachammo

        how is this the worst cod its a great call of duty title 😀


        • asdf

          You forgot a VERY VERY VERY IMPORTANT comma.

      • HenryDF

        Origins is poor. However, BO2 hasn’t been awful.

      • StraightEdgeAtheist

        That is the great thing about subjectivity my friend.

        Anyway, in my opinion, it has been a great year for COD. Worst goes to MW3….

        • Ghost

          Why because of MP? there is single player and spec ops. Be happy with what your getting

          • StraightEdgeAtheist

            First off, you’re*
            Yes it is because of MP, Spec ops suck and single player sucked too, the storyline was boring.

            And don’t tell me to be “happy” with what I am getting, I am allowed to criticize anything that I please, thank you very much.

      • Brad

        dude find me a call of duty where everyone is happy.. Good everyone is like little kids, why don’t you go make a perfect game everyone loves…. DO it.. MW3 was way worse at least blops 2 had decent graphics, if they did some gun balancing it would be a great game…

  • OldBrazy on PS4

    … woo

    • James K


  • Marshall

    Downloaded it this morning and haven’t even bothered to start playing…

    • NiftyGam3r

      Same here, mp for me is dull… And the hype for origins is just that.. Over hype. Origins is too tight and that panzat soldat is the most anmoying thing ever. GTA for me until Ghosts

      • Crusf

        You base your opinions on Origins based on how hard it is for you? You don’t base your opinions on the level design/creative input put into the maps? smh man smh

        • NiftyGam3r

          I never said it was hard -__- i said the soldat panzat is annoying and most of the pathways are tight and the mud slows me down. They did a good job visually and yhe ideas implemented but at the end of the day is about the gameplay

          • asdf


  • I will probably play the new mp maps and then will go back to playing default maps. I know there will be a lot of tryhards on the new maps don’t really want to reck my K/D so that’s why I don’t play often the new maps for mp.

    • asdf

      Tryhards? Don’t you mean……Tmart’s (They’re SUPER excited for this new maps)

  • Origins is pretty good, but its not as good as some maps. Its to stressful and difficult

    • Siftblade of Rivia

      If you get good at it, it becomes easy and fun.

    • HenryDF

      I agree, it’s just a bit of a bland map. It’s not exciting at all.

      • bsktballmsu1

        yea its very bland the only color is grey

        • asdf

          It’s world war 1……it has to be gray

      • asdf

        There’s a dam robot in which you can climb up his leg and then free fall from his head……not interesting at all.
        We get Harry Potter approved wands of different powers……..not interesting at all.

        • HenryDF

          I’m not saying that it lacks imagination, but it’s just really boring to play. I’m gonna use Buried as an example – it was fun, exciting, and most importantly it was accessable. If a new Zombies play starts playing Origins, they’re going to get screwed. Buried felt far more like a homage to old-school zombies, whereas Origins felt like Treyarch just showing what they could do.

          • StraightEdgeAtheist

            I like Origins and all but Buried stands as my favorite map in BO2 besides Die Rise.

  • Buttman

    People are buying gta 5 instead of these map packs

    • asdf

      No, they already bought the map packs……now they are ALSO buying this (noobs get it 1 month later, cant have fun with it bc of GTA 5 launch)

  • Walter Iego

    Not so fun year, to me at least.

  • Johnathan Bull

    mark 2 ray gun

    • Bigi345

      Is that necessary?