At EuroGamer, Infinity Ward stated that with Ghosts, the campaign will be different compared to previous games.

“It was important for the design team to take into account a lot of the feedback we received for our previous projects,” Infinity Ward community manager Tina Palacios told Eurogamer.

“We even looked to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for the pacing. In other games it’s usually 11 across the board. It’s always intense. But for this one we wanted to change the pacing of it.

They are also changed how you play the missions as well.

Without wanting to spoil the story, Palacios added: “One thing I can tease is you may find yourself in a mission or two where we don’t tell you where to go, where you don’t feel like there’s a pathway to follow, and you sometimes feel completely lost.”

Another change is the addition of more stealth missions within the game, like the Federation Day mission

But, according to Palacios, stealth is just one option available to players. “We wanted to add more stealth missions,” she said, “but at any time, if players don’t want to go into stealth they can just break it and go crazy.”

SOURCE: EuroGamer

  • Gabriel

    More than 7 hours, please

    • asdf

      Maybe if you play it on Veteran you’ll experience that.

      • asdf

        In veteran it often takes 17-20 hours (if you don’t spawn cheat or skip battle sections by running past enemies)

  • Sentrymann

    This style really reminds me of Crysis 2 & 3, choosing if you want to go loud or stealth it out. Not saying they copied it of course, that’s just the vibe I got from reading this. Also, stealth mode ftw.

    • And the Crysis 2/3 campaigns were like mini open worlds

  • alex

    CODs campaign always got me really interested. Imagine if they had two or three years to work in the campaign and it be like 12 hours long. That’d be awesome

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      But at the same time I like the yearly CoD. If there were 3 developing teams (As in like what’s left of IW and co. , treyarch and then another group) then they’d the 3 years for developing, but they only get 2 years per CoD really

      • extreme_name

        I believe they are now starting to work 3 years for a game now when they have Sledgehammer.

        • fever308

          ewwwww I didn’t like Sledgehammer, it was their fault that MW3 MP sucks…………. They were in charge of it.

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            Yeah.. I’m one of the only ones who finds MW3 the fairest and funnest CoDs. Mainly because the map sizes were fine for me, weapons were balanced fair enough for me (I mainly use all the ARs and the L86 LSW) but the thing which makes me love it so much was specilist. Glad to see it return, hopefully i get my 3.35 ratio back from MW3 with it 😀

        • Work hard Twerk harder

          You do know that Sledgehammer work with Infinity Ward though right? As in MW3 Sledgehammer did the multiplayer (correct me if I’m wrong there) and they have helped out in some way on Ghosts. Sledgehammer is only really like that since the majority of IW kinda went and made Respawn so IW needed help for MW3 and Ghosts.
          A nice lesson you may have learnt there my boy 🙂

          • extreme_name

            Sledgehammer helped IW make MW3 since part of IW left and made Respawn and now Sledgehammer are working on their own game now and there’s Raven and Neversoft helping IW with Ghosts.

          • Sledgehammer had the creative control.

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            I’m fairly sure Sledgehammer announced ages ago they’re helping with Ghosts but if you really think that way then I’m not going to argue about it. Look for some proof of mine or your way if it’s keeping you up at night, I’ll pass the offer.

          • extreme_name

            If they are a part of Ghosts it’s probably a minor part since they are barely even metioned.

          • Work hard Twerk harder

            Yeah.. maybe something minor like MW3’s Sledgehammer which worked on Multiplayer #justsaying

            I’m kidding of course, but I don’t really see any minor roles in this game when it comes to another company which helps develop their game. Might just be me.

  • Lorhelm

    I love how they give you an option 😀 sometimes i like just being stealthy but then at other times i just want the freaking level to be over XD

  • Question.

    I have a question?
    Is COD next gen going to release late because of Xbox1. I’m referring to them saying that they will wait for their partner to launch (Xbox’s the partner)……but is it really going to be 1 week delay on PS4?

    • It will be a launch title for both the ps4 and the Xbox 1.

      • asdf

        No, I meant it in the way that COD had said that they were waiting for Xbox……..COD having such close relationships with Xbox, it would be dumb if they launched 1 week later on their main supporter

        • extreme_name

          They release it on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and a few days later both PS4 and XboxOne

  • nerd in the GTA V pic (bottom)

    “You feel like you’re lost [there’s no mandatory pathway as always]” …………..*Take my money!*

  • Kyle PDX

    Cool, but i still liked how cod 4 did it better. They had special forces missions with the SAS then they had the U.S Marines out in full blown combat missions.

  • Josiah Johnson

    I hope this gets implemented better than this made it sound. For me the worst thing about campaigns is that akward part where you don’t know what to do and some npc is yelling “( soap, mason, etc.) get over here, plant a charge on the…” That always sucks!…

  • MegaMan3k

    Say what you will, but “you don’t know what to do or where to go!” seems like it’s failing to understanding the compelling nature of open structure mission design.