MLG and Activision have just announced all the details for the first MLG Championship to feature Call of Duty Ghosts. The event will run November 22nd through the 24th (which happens to be the same weekend that Xbox One launches in NA) and will be played on the Xbox 360.

MLG also confirmed that Black Ops 2 will NOT be played there.

From November 22-24, the world’s best Call of Duty® teams will compete in the premiere Call of Duty®: Ghosts (Xbox 360) tournament at the MLG Championship at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio. VIP and general admission spectator passes are available now in the MLG Store. Call of Duty: Ghosts team passes will be available Monday, September 30 at 5pm ET in the MLG Store.

The Call of Duty®: Ghosts (Xbox 360) competition will feature 108 teams including a 96-team Open Bracket with 12 teams starting in the Championship Bracket and a $50,000 prize pool.

Additional details will be released soon.

The Competition: Tournament Details

Call of Duty: Ghosts (Xbox 360) – $50,000 Prize Pool, 1st Place = $20,000

Up to 108 teams can register to compete beginning Monday, September 30 at 5pm ET. Passes will be available in the MLG Store.


  • Brandon S

    Thank god it’s on 360, just another reason to not buy the One.

    • extreme_name

      You are planning on participating those?

    • Alex

      Actually it’s just this event the rest will be played on Xbox one.

      • Brandon S

        Still no reason to buy an Xbox One until Spring next year, unless you wanna pay 500 bucks for Sub-D and better sounds lmao

        • JayZero

          im pretty sure people don’t buy a console just for cod, if you do your a moron

          • asdf

            Noo…..that would be stupid……*buys it*
            (Xbox One MADE IT so you buy an Xbox 1 because of COD……it’s not our fault)

        • ip x Warrior

          dedicated server, better graphic, more player on xbox one and much more.. but nothing stop you to play on your 360 for an other 6 years 🙂 have a good gaming !

  • OldBrazy on PS4


    • asdf

      Every Person:
      Did you just act positive? *dislike*

      • OldBrazy on PS4

        I was being sarcastic

  • Guest

    Can’t wait for me and my team to participate.

    • ​​

      cnt w8 4 u 2 b a fgt OW8 U ALREDY R 1 LOL

      • don’t_get_roasted_by_me

        what message are you trying to sent

        • asdf

          Really? Review and resend your comment.

      • I think its trying to – nvm lets kill it with fire

  • Archer

    Wouldn’t it have been better if they played it on Xbox One so they could play the next-gen version?

    • Alex

      Not really since the event happens around the launch of the Xbox one and not everybody will have the money to buy it.

      • asdf

        They’re providing the consoles…….they should have the Xbox One on it.

  • James K

    108 teams fighting for a $50,000 prize pool?

    Well, good luck for the lesser known teams.

  • JoMo9889

    I’m thinking about entering but not sure yet