We were lucky enough to be invited to a community event at the Eurogamer Expo to capture some more footage of Ghosts multiplayer gameplay. The map Chasm was revealed during Gamescom’s live stream, now you can check out even more footage of the fourth Ghosts map revealed. For those wondering, Stone Haven was not playable. And don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel!

Map: Chasm
Mode: Domination

More new gameplay from the community event (we’ll update as more are uploaded)

  • Look very boring imo :l

    • ip x Warrior

      If you are talking about your comment, yes it is 🙂

      • I never knew a comment could be boring O.O teach me more master

  • Cyber-Ninja

    Is Chasm that noisy a map? Or was there background noise on that recording? I didn’t here much battle chatter either. The game looks and sounds amazing though. roll on Nov 5th!!! :O)

    • Sentrymann

      Out of curiosity, are you buying for current gen then updating to next gen or just sticking with Xbox 360/Ps3? I’m in the awkward position of switching console families, so I gotta wait ten days….no doubt they’ll be the worst ten days of my life 😛

      • Same here, luckly PS4 comes out soon after Ghosts. As for Xbone, they got to wait longer

        • Sentrymann

          No kidding, ten days already feels killer, I don’t envy Xbox One players who can’t use the upgrade feature, that’s a lot of waiting.

        • asdf

          It’s a week later. (If you’re trying to make fun……we’ll make up when all those 1month wait for everything comes……by the way, we don’t care about yo capes [Destiny Reference])

          • During those 1 month waits il be playing my free-to-play Planetside 2 with 1000 vs 1000 player battles on maps the size of real life countries, lasting for weeks at a time.

      • Cyber-Ninja

        I’m a #PCGamer dude, so the switching up of consoles doesn’t apply to me!!! #PCGaming FTW!!! :O)

        • Sentrymann

          Oh my goodness how closed minded of me, there’s still the Wii-U and PC, my bad! What type of PC do you have, or is it custom built?

          • Cyber-Ninja

            LOL It’s all good bro. I am getting a new graphics card to have all the new eye candy maxed out though. I have pre-ordered it via Steam, so I’m hoping to have the game pre-installed before the midnight launch. And as I live in the UK that’s 5-8 hrs of #GhostsMP game play in advance of most of the US!!! :O)

          • PCgamer

            Glorious PC gaming master race 😀

          • Sentrymann

            I hate you. 😛

          • Cyber-Ninja

            LOL Come join the party – #PCgamingFTW ;O)

          • asdf

            I just go for both. (Better Graphics in Custom build PC biatches……BTF doesn’t feel the same [still kinda does suck but it’s better)]

          • Vikerii

            I haven’t ordered my new graphics card yet. Have a GTX 570 now. Waiting to see if the game is any good, then I’ll upgrade. Otherwise if the game gets bad reviews I’ll skip this one.

          • Cyber-Ninja

            This game will be the bomb and so far it looks like it will be the best CoD since CoD4. Hopefully with dedi servers and some PC specific features similar to BOII as well? And I love watching these vids, seeing the console crunchers struggle with no aim assist!.LOLOOOZZZ #PCGamingFTW ;O)

          • Sentrymann

            Hey now, you’re starting to hurt my feelings! This game does look like it has potential to be the best Call of Duty in recent history for sure, I’ll give you that.

        • MrHotShot118

          Oh no look its a pc nazi

        • Diego Diniz

          Already got my GTX 760. Cant Wait!!!


        are you switching over to PS? or Microsoft? im staying current gen until the next cod is next gen only :l

        • Sentrymann

          PS 🙂

  • Sentrymann

    Hey, a map where the spawn areas aren’t touching! That’s a little joke, but I am happy to see some slightly bigger maps with more flanking routes and lines of sight.

  • Seems like no one uses the underground subway area. Its pretty massive down there. Looks like a cool location and flanking spot. 1:13 in Domination on chasm video

    • Also at 3:02 in Alias video the mini flickers as a grenade goes off, thats awesome. Adds some dynamics to explosions and your HUD.

      • Sentrymann

        You certainly have a keen eye.

    • bsktballmsu1

      or as i see it a boosting spot. gotta stop dem boosters

  • Emre

    xbox 360/PS3 gameplay?

    • ip x Warrior

      none of them.. all the gameplay that we have seen yet are a PC version wannabe xboxoneps4 with a controller.

  • Emre

    I hate uav/satcoms, why not make it a supportstreak like 5 kills and not 3

    • ONE BAR

      It is 4 points in support. 3 in assault.

  • Brandon S

    If any of you are deciding what system to buy this game for, lemme put this into perspective for ya and tell you what I’m doing so it might help you as well. I was gonna buy the Xbox One, then I realized 500 bucks for better graphics (Sub D lol) and sound is a waste of money, as the One has really shitty release titles. Also, MLG is playing it on the 360 for Columbus, so yeah. 360 it is for me.

  • Rising Clan

    I was gonna say a gay joke, butt fuck it.

    • nope

      Cum on dude.

  • ccrows

    The map (Chasm) “overall” IMO looks pretty good, but I’m sure people will be crying over that Dom “B flag” placement after the game launches…

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      This won’t mind me, never been that much of a fan of domination (PTFO you say? I do! Sometimes….).
      I really like though how these days with maps I can learn them after around 20 mins gameplay footage or 1 match actually playing it, I can just see flanking positions and shit well. If only I were MLG…

    • bsktballmsu1

      its going to be the B dom flag on bog all over again. as an obj player i hated trying to cap that flag on bog

  • cory20

    I believe overall the game is going to be great I cannot wait!!! come on November 15th!!!

  • blob

    Chasm reminds me of Operation Metro. It’s awesome!

  • Xecho

    The m27 reload is so wack

  • jooker-jr

    I hope IW learned the lesson from the the current gen

  • jooker-jr

    Next gen = goodbye my wallet 🙂

  • Bigi345

    The game looks amazing i’m so excited for it. On the other side i’m worried because it seems everyone’s changing to next gen and i’m worried that it could ruin the matchmaking for my PS3

    • Derrick Wingler

      according to a poll by IGN only about half of gamers intend to get a next gen console this year, so it’ll be about 50-50. It may even be in your favor since i imagine most “Hard-core” gamers are going to be getting next gen consoles right away.

      • Bigi345

        Ooh ok thanks

  • asdf

    Those dam graphics!

  • Skooma Lordz

    I hope they have some unique scopes for some guns like original black ops. It gives the guns a little more variety. Its just annoying for some reason to me when lets say a Russian gun has an American ACOG scope… just my opinion =P

    • Maccabeus Jamal Whitaker

      Yeah, me too. The thing that’s always annoyed me is the model of red dot they use, which is a cheap piece of crap that’s used mostly by airsofters. I wish we could get an Aimpoint T1 or a Kobra….

      • Plokijuh1229

        I can confirm that there’s a good variety. I’ve seen that there is a red dot, holo, acog, and variable options released so far for SMGs. The variable is like an upgrade from the previous hybrid scope with an odd tall rectangle as the sight. You manually hit zoom and it will use dual render on the higher sight. It’s pretty neat looking in the small clip I saw somewhere.

  • Cory20

    The thing I’m most excited about is the way the perk system works in this game. 8 points to allocate to perks with over 30 PERKS!!! This is going to make the game so much better. The perks will definitely make a difference with all different type of player styles. Cannot wait.

  • Bowinkle82

    shotgun op af

  • Goten

    The graphics!!! They look so damn nice!

    • extreme_name

      And they are yet to show PC graphics on full settings 😀

  • Cell

    Come on November 5th… I just want to use you!!

  • SufferingMoon5

    What the hell is with the amount of points he is getting on the domination on chasm video? 400 per kill, did I miss something?

  • Kyr95

    sorry guys just wanted to inform you that i played today the bf4 beta and i can assure you one thing . ITS THE SAME AS BF3!!! I mean the only things theyve changed are the levolution element,the spectator mode and just the graphics.it doesnt worth it and i certainly wont buy it.on the other hand seeing that cod finally has changed (and i mean a lot) i believe is a much better option as it will also have one the best fps campaings yet!!
    i dont want to start a war between fans ,i just wanted the state my opinion about what is better to be bought.

  • YOutube sucks, even at 1080p its like 480p. Awful frame rate.
    Anyone actually played this game? How are the actual graphics? Because this doesnt look next gen at all on youtube.

    • The game looks good. Just not Next gen graphics.

  • Stick Man

    The ADS feel and transitions look like MW2 and COD4, I like it

  • ORB1T4L

    The sound quality is amazing ! Thank you for the videos 🙂

  • Dark Scyth

    I officially NEVER want to play on Chasm. It looks like a poorly designed cluster****.

  • LiquidCourage311

    It’s funny to me that in all of these videos posted by people playing, no one seems to slide or lean. Makes me wonder if these features will be more of a gimmick and no one will really use them. I mean lets face it, the dolphin dive in BO is pretty point less. It has saved me once or twice but for the most part it just gets me killed when I do it on accident.

  • zxzxzxzxz1

    why didn’t they reveal any dynamic features