Activision and Infinity Ward have just posted a new blog post on the official Ghosts site, and have released a new screenshot for Ghosts. They have also detailed information on the new game mode coming to Ghosts, Blitz.

Blitz Setup

Score Limit: 16

Rounds: 2

A goal sits on either side of the map, each belonging to one team. To score points, you or one of your teammates must enter the other team’s goal. Entering a goal awards a single point and instantly teleports the goal-scorer to a different section of the map. A 10-second cooldown is applied to the goal after scoring a point. Nobody can enter the goal during this time.

The round ends when 10 minutes are up or when one side scores 8 points. The teams switch sides and the second round begins.

Blitz Strategy


Faster is Better

Speed is your friend. Perks like Marathon (unlimited sprint) and Agility (increased movement speed) leave the enemy players in the dust when rushing their goal. If you find yourself face to face with a defender, Ready Up(weapon is ready faster after sprinting) and Quickdraw (faster aiming) speed up your reaction time to quickly drop out of sprint and defend yourself before scoring the point. If you’re really cutting it close, rush the goal and drop to a knee slide to zip in and avoid incoming shots.

Disrupt Line of Sight

Closing in on the enemy goal, but don’t trust that hidden corner coming up? The Smoke Tactical grenade might just be what you’re looking for. Toss it out and rush in unhindered. Just try not to deploy it too early, as nearby enemies will likely see the smoke and follow up with explosives. You don’t want to be there when that happens.

Bring Your Friends

As with all team-based modes, coordination wins games. While the 10-second cooldown prevents groups from entering the goal simultaneously, it’s still advantageous to stick together. Designate one player to rush in for the point while the others take up posts in the perimeter, fighting off incoming enemies until the goal resets.


Surprise, Surprise

Once an enemy player gets close to your team’s goal, they’re more likely to throw awareness out the window and rush right for the point. They might make a quick check of the immediate surroundings, but they’re likely more concerned with reaching the goal. Use this to your advantage and set up in vantage points that aren’t easily spotted at first glance.


The I.E.D. Lethal equipment and the I.M.S. Assault pointstreak are both highly effective proximity explosives. Set these near key chokepoints leading to your team’s goal and make enemy rushers think twice before blindly racing toward your goal.

Score and Defend

After scoring a point and teleporting away, take some time to defend your own goal. Chances are, you already have other teammates closing in on the enemy goal. If everyone’s attacking, your own will be wide open for the taking.

SOURCE: Call of Duty Ghosts

  • rayzer

    So does this confirm that Marathon (unlimited sprint) is coming back to ghosts? Or is it going to be an extended sprint again?

    • James K
      • Derrick Wingler

        Thank god. I’m a rusher through and through. My philosophy is, the moment you stop running is the moment you die, so it really sucked not having infinite sprint the last couple of CODs

      • Jacky Liang

        YES. YES. YES. I LOVE YOU. AND I LOVE YOU TOO, INFINITY WARD. I guess this also confirms the bigger map sizes as well ^______^. Marathon Pro is going to be /the/ first thing I master. Oh god yes, I love you Infinity Ward.

  • Goten

    I actually can’t wait to play this gamemode, it seems like a ton of fun!

  • James K

    Thank God this site is back online. I couldn’t enter this site for hours.

    • Keshav Bhat

      Sorry about that. We had issues and should be up and running as usual! Thanks for your patience.

    • alex

      Ha I thought it was just my internet

      • Jesse

        Yeah me2

  • Skooma Lord

    I don’t think anyone really cares, but It bothers me when a weapon has a grip and they don’t use it in 3rd person… like this grenade launcher Just wanted to point that out LOL.

    • Derrick Wingler

      fully agree. They’ve been doing for as long as COD has had vertical foregrips on weapons and i see reason they can’t do a unique 3rd person model for the weapons with vertical foregrips

    • Emre

      yes it’s the same with the handguns. I hate it to.

  • ccrows

    I’m not a huge fan of “Teleporting” in COD, but I’ll give it a shot.

    If it tanks, at least I can go back to Search and Dom… 😉

  • alex