In Ghosts, prestiging a solider not reset your operations, previously known as challenges. You get 10 soldiers, and each can be prestiged once.

When you prestige, nothing resets. You keep everything but change levels. This is a new feature to an infinity Ward game. In MW3, when you prestiged, it was all reset.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • Shardlotte

    Didn’t they say that you don’t technically “prestige”, but instead, you just have to get a soldier to max level?

    • ip x Warrior

      Ya same for me i thought you had 10 soldiers and you could rank them to 60 and that it ?

      • bsktballmsu1

        no you rank them up to 60 then prestige and have to get back to 60 you prestige once per soldier

        • Shardlotte

          Proof? I thought at Gamescom they said you just have to get them to max level.

          • Fading Lee

            That’s my understanding of it from Gamescom

  • Corey

    So… are the operations the same between soldiers then? If there is an operation for getting 25 kills with the Honeybadger and I get 20 on one soldier, if I get 5 on my second soldier, is the operation completed?

    • extreme_name

      Highly doubt that you will have to do the same operation on different soldiers.

      • Work hard Twerk harder

        I totally agree, the idea of each solider being a different class (so i might have like 1 smg solider, everything else different) probably means that you won’t be repeating the same class to get like mentioned above maybe 25 honeybadger kills.

        • Shadow

          While trying to get both the Concealed Cobra & Ghillie Suit I first got my sniper rifle with variable zoom & chrome barrel attachments before using them, I have 313 1 shot kills but according to “operations”
          I have no kills with variable zoom and only 63 towards my “Chrome Barrel Master ll”
          With MW3 Challenges you new where you stood. Why have they not layed out all the operations more clearly I used a squad point to get more operations and now I cant even see the “Variable Zoom Master l” on the list of operations

          • White suits

            It has to be an active operation for it to count towards the goal. If you don’t get through chrome barrel master III by the time your current goals expire, you will have to use squad points to reset your operations until chrome barrel appears again.

    • Fading Lee

      It might be like BO2 where some “operations” go across all prestige’s(Squad members in ghosts case) but a majority of them will probably be tracked individually for each “Squad member.”

  • NiftyGam3r

    Yes! I only was prestige 1 in mw3 and i play the heck out of it but didnt prestige so i wouldnt lose my gold guns

  • xSupaScopa


  • Bmeowmix

    I honestly don’t like this… There isn’t really too much of a downside to prestiging in Ghosts. First, you can unlock guns in any order, so you can just rebuy you favorite things not to long after prestiging, and now you keep all challenges… I guess prestige can’t really be used as a status symbol anymore…

    • ORB1T4L

      “I guess prestige can’t really be used as a status symbol anymore…”

      With all the fucking boosters, I don’t think it ever was a “status symbol”, honestly…

  • jgg

    did anyone notice that the graphics are next gen in squads strailer.