Today’s newest Call of Duty Ghosts trailer which featured the new Squad mode also happens to give us a sneak peak at 5 more MP maps. There’s a new view of Stone haven which shows a large portion of the map, the other 4 look completely new.

We’ll let you know if or when we get confirmation of the map names..

SOURCE: @ImDiabetus

  • Alexander Kleinwechter

    The one in the pic looks similair to turbine!

    • Sam

      I’m thinking maybe a military base out in the desert. I dont think there will be a remake of Turbine.

      • Alexander Kleinwechter

        I dont think either there will be remake of turbine, because this is a IW game, and i just wanted to point it out that it looked simliair, nothing more!

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          Yeah. IW’s more chaotic, as opposed to Trey’s 3 lane maps.
          It does look very similar to Turbine. Could be in Yemen, as a little easter egg type thing.

  • Guest

    That trailer had some crazy sights going on.

  • ToPBoX

    dang, Stonehaven looks huge…

  • ThrowBack

    DOME/RUST! I prefer Rust over Dome though.

    • bsktballmsu1

      forget about those maps we want shipment to return

      • ThrowBack

        Yes of course! Bring a redesigned SHIPMENT, AFGHAN, FAVELA and WASTELAND!

        • Jacky Liang

          Terminal and that building-top map please as well.

  • Guest2

    Please put the original Kill-Cam display back, shit.

  • alex

    Get a screenshot of when the guy is using the odin strake. You can drop a care package. A juggernaut and a small and large rod. Im guessing its an 18 or 19 kill streak

    • They have that picture. Dont worry. I sent them everything 😉

      • alex

        Looks hella fun to use. But im not good enough :/

    • Alexander Kleinwechter

      What is a large and a small rod?

      • MrXweet

        The large one probably does more damage than the small one. I’m assuming that the small rod is like a Hellstorm from BlOps2, and a large rod is slightly more powerful. Could be mistaken though.

        • alex

          The rods are just like the campaign. Im guessing its like a very powerful predator missile

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Fuel rod, like a napalm strike, comes to mind.
        It’s most likely just big and small hellstorm type thing.

    • I LOVE how one odin strike dessimated the USA in campaign, but in multiplayer it just eff up the map a bit. haha

      • alex

        I get your point. But what do you want it to make the map completely flat lol

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          LMG heaven right there.

  • Jacky Liang

    Hopefully we can climb onto those crates. Need verticality in my maps!

    • Fading Lee

      Could be interested, on the other map they show someone blowing open a shipping crate similar to those.

  • alex

    I wasnt real hyped about this game at first. But seeing that they are going back to the mw2 sized maps and seems like mw2 style gameplay im getting a lil hyped. Might preorder to get the free fall map!

  • Goten

    These new maps look amazing…Can’t wait to play on all of them!

  • CoffeeCreed

    That sniper rifle looks hench and mighty powerful.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      All snipers are apparently 1 hit KO.
      On the downside, they have no non-scoped recticles, and when you scroll in it may not be in the middle of the screen. All the same, if you master it, you’ll be a boss.

  • Luke Bergione

    Number four and Number five look like Octane and Strikezone respectively. I can’t be sure though.

  • Luke Bergione

    Some of the names of the teammates: GrandChasm, HeavyOctane. Contain names of maps that are already confirmed, after realizing this I looked at this screen shot:


    Some of the names include the gamemode Cranked (UbewCranked), and the gun Honey Badger (BadgerRouge). However some of the names like Freightonthego and Tremorzone could be names of maps (Tremor or Freight). The only other ones that could be possible as maps would be DangerStorm or GamblerHawk.

    What else could they be?

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      GamblerHawk could be the Gambler perk?

  • alex

    Has anyone noticed that the guy in the scout heli killstreak only has 1 kill? How does he have a killstreak already?!

    • there are random care packages on some maps!

      • ORB1T4L

        Or he could have killed a guy who called in one and stole it from him 😉

  • asdf

    Them graphics

    • jgg

      are next gen.right?
      edit.its their not them.

  • Lavi

    In the trailer, you can see HeavyOctane and GrandChasm, but you can see too TremorZone, GamblerHawk, DangerStorm. New maps called Zone, Hawk, and Storm? 😀

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      GamblerHawk could be the perk. Who knows though.

  • jordanxbrookes

    Very interesting maps, can’t wait to find out the names

  • Jacky Liang

    I just want some color back in my baps.