Mark Rubin spoke with GameInformer in a new podcast and talked some information regarding the PC version of Ghosts.

First he confirmed that as of right now, they don’t have any plans of a FOV slider in Ghosts, but that can change.

Next he talked about mod tools and said the studio is in “very early” look at what can be done with mod tools and Ghosts. He even said if things workout, mods may come to consoles.

Finally, Rubin spoke about PC and said they have big plans for features on PC that will be out post launch. Infinity Ward is working on pushing the boundaries of the PC version, and some of these features will be available after launch.

SOURCE: GameInformer

  • RdJokr

    Am I the only one who has always been fine with the default FOV of 65 in COD? Personally, I think FOV at 80 and higher is just too unnatural, especially the first person hand model.

    • Diego Diniz

      I never change the FOV here…and I’m the TOP Killer every map! Noobs…

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        Then you must have been born with an eye-disease…

      • yomamma

        has nothing to do with making someone play better. it has a lot to do with being able to me getting headaches from looking thru such a tight window for long periods of time. i can play at 80+ fov without strain, but the tighter fov kills me

    • Sentrymann

      I’ve never played the PC version myself, but I’ve seen gameplays of it. Whenever someone has their FOV cranked way up it just looks like their character is on some sort of drug. That may just be the console gamer in me speaking though.

      • Bones

        Dude that was the MW3 one. That wasn’t in the game, people had to make their own program and then apply it to the game which made it look really weird. You need to watch PC Gameplay from Blop 2 or CS:GO to get how it really should look.

    • Hybrid

      You know that you, as a human, have a field of view of about 180 degrees? Fov slider is a must-be of any FPS game on PC. Period.

      • Brandalf

        Apparently human vision is “too unnatural” xD

  • Cyber-Ninja

    OH MAN THAT’S SO DEPRESSING!!! Come on IW give the #PCGamer something to cheer about pls. If the FOV is locked at 65, then quite frankly the game is just not worth buying. A minimum FOV of 80 is paramount for good quality #PCGaming, so I hope that it’s at least that by default???

    • T.E.D.

      you heard them, post launch BIG plans and possible mod tools.. what else do you want ??

      • Joris Woltman

        ‘Little’ things are also import to make the game feel better, i can’t enjoy a game with a low FOV.

      • Cyber-Ninja

        Everything ‘IN PLACE and OPERATIONAL’ AT LAUNCH! BOII PC was basically at beta and changed post launch. The more I hear about the PC version the more it sounds like a port – :O( :O( :O(

      • BHCMax

        “post launch” features have been mentioned in previous cods from iw, we need DEFINITIVE features that will DEFINATLY be added pre/post launch, we don’t need if /buts/and maybe’ anymore.btw ive pre ordered only because Im thinking 3rd time lucky with iw 🙂

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          3rd time? MW2 was the best CoD to date! Of course it was shit for the PC, but every CoD has been shit in the PC -.-‘

          • SPAWNST4R

            every CoD has been shit on the PC……. LoL really !! did you forget CoD1, UO, 2 and 4 !?? CoD4 on PC was by far (and still is) the best platform version !!

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            CoD 4 is modded to hell! That doesn’t make the game good. The game without the mods “isn’t” good. CoD 4 is outdated. Yes, it was the best FPS at the time, but MW2 was much better… The only thing that CoD 4 had on PC that MW2 didn’t was Dedicated servers. And if you wan’t to talk about mods, MW2 IS/WAS the best CoD on the PC. You got FourDeltaOne… It’s a modded MW2 version!

          • I enjoy CoD2 on pc

          • Brandalf

            Most COD4 servers that are still active don’t include any mods, so I’m not sure what you’re on about. COD4 is still a much more pleasant experience than any of the other COD games on PC. COD4 had mod tools, MW2 didn’t . You look at modding exactly like a console player does, which leads me to believe you are a console player, otherwise you would know why so many want mod tools back in COD, it has nothing to do with the type of modding you saw on MW2. People want mod tools to create maps, weapons, game modes, etc.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

   Yes, I’m totally a console player. I never said that I don’t want mod tools. I said that MW2 is better than CoD4. The mods weren’t made by the devs, that’s why MW2 is better. I have CoD4, I play with mods there, as well as WaW… I love WaW just for the mods. But we’re talking about the game in general, not just the PC version… CoD4 was a port, like as the other CoD games.

          • Matteo Rodondi

            Console players , they play with aim assist and they think are goods :-I

          • Evil Flanker

            CoD 4 was ported to the console not the other way around!

            Since then the game has gone to shit!

      • aaa187

        It’s the same story with Infinity Ward. They announce that they will give the game support, 6 months later, a new COD is announced and they just think we will forget about this stuff. I will be genuinely surprised if there is even a simple FOV slider added. Treyarch is the superior supporter here. Trust me, there will be no mod tools or support. Those same things were said with MW2 and MW3.

      • NuttyTheSquirrel

        FUCK THE MOD TOOLS! Why the fuck would I want mod tools if I can’t even play the game. Do you really think that they give a shit about PC? They always say “there’s something more for the PC version” yet, no FOV slider. That just proves that they don’t give a fuck.
        “…mods may come to consoles.” He brought the fucking consoles to the conversation and they were talking about PCs!
        “Rubin spoke about PC and said they have big plans for features on PC that will be out post launch.” <— Why post-launch? NEXT-GEN… Use your brain, it helps sometimes…

    • Sentrymann

      You need them quake pro mlg settings? Honestly though I don’t know why they wouldn’t add this, seems like a fairly standard feature. Then again, they are releasing the game across 6 platforms, so i don’t know how to feel.

  • Hybrid

    They don’t give a shit of PC games, that’s it. On podcast, question was about fov slider, he said “not at the moment” then talked how they work with nVidia. Who cares, it’s just pure marketing stuff for nVidia that they can show off. “Look, CoD Ghosts looks the better on nVidia cards”. Fov slider is essential, higher textures, SSAO – not so much.

  • Brandalf

    Does IW really think the PC community is this gullible? The game lacks an FOV slider, yet they are “looking into” mod support? Gimme a break. This was gonna be the last chance I gave COD but it’s looking more and more like I won’t be bothering with this release and just wait on Titanfall.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Same here!

  • YouHardscope

    Hope the FOV slider comes to console.

    • PrestigeFTW

      it cant come to console because consoles are to weak for fov

  • Mods for consoles? Oh shit…

    • Brandalf

      I wouldn’t hold my breath on that. They would need approval from Microsoft and Sony to allow mods on their closed systems and I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

      • Jon Cameron

        It’s the biggest cash bringing series out right now (GTA5 selling the most for one game doesn’t count). I think they could negotiate. Plus Microsoft is obviously pretty fond of COD.

        • Brandalf

          Ya it is, for now at least. Most people don’t know that Black Ops 2 is the first COD game since COD4 that hasn’t outsold the previous release, about 15% less to be accurate.These numbers don’t even include PC where COD has lost massive amounts of players since the release of MW2.

          I really think they would be more inclined to allow an Elder Scrolls or Fallout game to allow mods on console before a COD game. They lose sales on console to PC due to the lack of mod support for those types of games. This is not the case for COD or any other FPS.

          Very few PC gamers would swap to console just because they started to support mods. So it doesn’t make much business sense really.

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          No. It would be easier to break into the consoles. And will that said the number of hackers would be stupidly high on consoles as well. DLC wouldn’t be bought because there would probably be better custom maps, everyone who hadn’t the maps would crash from the lobby… Endless problems… Console wasn’t made for mod tools. It never was. It’s a thing that if you try to go beyond (the boundaries), you’ll fuck up! He just said that so that he didn’t look bad…

  • Shardlotte

    *IW announces dedicated servers, best graphics and more for the PC version* “YEAH PC COD IS GOOD AGAIN”
    *Rubin states that there isn’t a FOV slider for the game at the moment.*

    This is why the internet hates us.

    • xx420xx

      fuck off to reddit

      • Shardlotte

        Man, fuck reddit. They have a horrid design.

    • Brandalf

      Very few PC gamers have been excited about Ghosts. IW has been way too vague about what type of post-launch support they have been referring to. No confirmation of rentable ranked servers, mod tools, and now the announcement of no FOV slider just confirms their lack of enthusiasm was smart.

      I was one of the few that was cautiously optimistic and after reading this article I am completely turned off of the game. The fact that he says no FOV slider is confirmed then goes on to talk about all this awesome shit they are going to do on PC is both hilarious and depressing.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      Hey, I DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT HIGHER TEXTURES, BETTER GRAPHICS AND ALL THAT SHIT! I can’t play with the FoV stuck at 65… FoV 65 is used on consoles… With that said, yes, it is a port!

  • Matt Hatton

    OMFG they got to be kidding.. so they are putting physX in .. but I cant select a comfortable FOV??… give me a break.

    • JustForFun119

      ‘at the moment’, I’m sure IW will be more frustrated than you if they are bombarded with these messages…

  • ip x Warrior

    What is a FOV ? im a console gamer i don’t really know PC language 😛

    • LegitCryptic

      field of view…. im a console player too its like how we have the safe screen settings

      • ip x Warrior

        Thanks a lot !

        • JustForFun119

          Safe screen is the vertical and horizontal limits of the HUD, but the fov is more like how wide of an angle you can see in the game.

  • Bmeowmix

    Mods for console? Sign me up. I remember playing some WaW modded Zombies and that was a fun time, but then my GPU exploded. Please please PLEASE let them allow mods on consoles

  • Jeff

    stop making the same mistakes as MW3 you fuckers, ive just about had it with IW games. god damn this is disappointing.

  • Jeff

    when was the last time Activision ever allowed Treyarch/IW to add anything to their games upon release besides usually bug fixes and nerfs/buffs? never. So basically there will never be an FOV Slider.

    • Brandalf

      Actually Treyarch changed the PC version to display actual ping numbers instead of the pointless connection bars. Along with a search by ping instead of the vague bullshit search they had at launch. Typically you’re correct though.

      • Jeff

        Yeah that’s true, but im pretty sure it was planned but they just never actually got around to it, the updates for PC were incredibly slow, there was huge issues with the servers & lag comp when the game first came out and it took them months to actually do something about it and when they finally did they added actual ping count and not bars, not surprising though since this usually happens at every COD release, the first 3-4 months are always suffering.

        • Brandalf

          Yep, sad when Treyarch is known is the “good” COD dev for PC support. They are better than IW but still should never be considered good lol.

          • Jeff

            Yeah Treyarch was definitely the worst developer for PC in terms of support, the first Blops was an absolute mess and was never fixed, I had friends that couldn’t even run the game, like they literally couldn’t even run the executable. The game was actually developed for systems running XP I think, because it ran flawlessly on any system running XP, but horrible on any system running Vista/7.

  • Trigger Happy

    This is VERY bad news to us PC gamers. I really hope they get the FOV slider back in CoD Ghosts. I can’t play FPS games with 65 FOV.

  • Jebasu

    BIGGEST BULLSHIT EVER “Infinity Ward is working on pushing the boundaries of the PC version” No theatre or demos for that matter, no FOV slider, possible mod tools my ass. I bet you they won’t even release the mod tools. Also they said the same thing about MW3 “post launch support” game is infected with hackers and glitch exploiters it’s not even funny. Such a small thing and they can’t even add it. I’m seriously rustled right now

  • ORB1T4L

    “He even said if things workout, mods may come to consoles.” That’d be great, but as usual, we won’t even get half the things they talk about.

  • Jeff

    IW I know you must have at least ONE community manager reading the comments on these articles but you guys seriously need to add a FOV slider because people will just modify their way into this game like they did in MW3 with the 3rd party monitor patch that a majority used. It wasn’t considered a hack but it was considered “grey area”, putting people at these lengths is so stupid, It just makes the game incredibly unfair. You need to give people the option instead of making people resort to the use of bogus tools just to play at an actual FOV, or even make a modifiable config we can use, I don’t care, the point is we need options, FOV is a #1 priority in PC games.

  • yoyoyo

    Oh comeon…

    It’s funny how widescreengaming can get a fov working within hours of launch, yet CoD doesn’t do anything for months.

    FoV on PC is so important. I feel like I’m zoomed in 24-7 via default. Moreover, a framerate cap for pc sucks, too.

  • edgebot

    No fov slider = No purchase

    its just that simple

  • n00bstar

    FOV 65? Give me a break…U wanna ruin the PC community on release day? Why not start play MW3 insted with fov 65 the biggest epic fail ever! Plz make it adjustable otherwise u lost the PC players!

  • Heikki

    I Wont buy the game then, till this is fixed.

  • Jimmy Russell

    I’m being cautious this time with games for the PC. When MW3 came out we had all the talk from IW about “Elite” coming soon to the PC…never arrived. Somewhat dedicated servers (unranked) was a plus over MW2 but never really caught on. Matchmaking was the usual hack fest with aimbotters galore and insto-last-prestige rank hacking. When I hear the words “post launch” it essentially means “probably won’t ever arrive”. So I’ll not be buying out right unless I hear a glowing review from a friend who is planning to buy it on release day. If they actually do good ranked dedicateds and include a FOV changer then sign me up…otherwise I’ll pass.

    Doing similar with BF4. Enjoyed the beta but it had some serious flaws in terms of stability (crashes) and low FPS. I’ll be waiting to see if that’s all been fixed satisfactorily before I hand over my $60 for that. Not going to bother with Premium or DLCs…it’s a con to make a $60 game magically cost >$100. I’ll just play the base games if I buy either. Obviously good mod tools in either game would allow all the custom maps and modes you could ask for which is why I’m skeptical they’ll ever show up. Might stop people from being milked for DLC cash

  • Geotan If you want a FoV changer here is a new one that came out. I can’t guarantee it won’t get taken down but the people on this website made the MW2 and MW3 FoV changers and according to Candice Capen (community coordinator for IW) they aren’t banning for it!