In the new trailer today, it has been confirmed that there’s a maximum of 60 levels per prestige in Ghosts.

MW3 had 80 levels, but with only 60, it may be harder to level up with larger amount of XP between each level but that’s just a guess..

Image credit: @ImFrostyy

  • AAA

    mw3 had 80 levels not 75

    • T.E.D.

      i remember prestiging after 75 levels

      • Primey_

        Well you’re remembering wrong. It’s 80.

      • LiquidCourage311

        Was the MW2?

        • ONE BAR

          MW2 was 70.

      • F1REB4LL

        i remember prestiging at 75 too. i think it was an option to prestige between 75 and 80

        • F1REB4LL

          i had it wrong it was 80 in mw3

  • MW3 had 80 levels! Fix it charlie lol

    • Sorry! Mistakes were made! 😛

  • SeaSaltSora

    Some of these are map names ( Octane, Storm, Chasm )
    And a game mode ( Cranked )

    • LiquidCourage311

      On the go is a perk

  • Mr. Kennedy


  • Mr. Kennedy


  • LiquidCourage311

    What does everyone think of the slide and lean features? If you notice in all the recorded gameplay by people, no one uses either. The only time you see it is on the trailers IW provides. I am just curious if this will be something that isn’t really effective. I mean lets face it the dolphin dive in BO is pretty worthless. Only a few times has it ever been a life saver. For the most part it has either gotten me killed when I did it on accident or people just use it to goof around. I just don’t see either being very practical.

    • Guest

      It’s already possible to disable the leaning.

      As for sliding, I doubt it. It’s basically Infinity Ward’s dolphin dive and Treyarch did not have an option to disable dolphin dive.

      • Zarky

        you can disable gamepad? wut o.O

    • PsychOutGaming

      What r u talking about? Dolphin Dive helps a lot

    • HenryDF

      With Tactical Controls, dolphin diving in BO2 is OP ahaha

  • Rising Clan

    Now let’s see if there will be multiple different prestige emblems, or just one (since each soldier can only prestige once)…

    • Only one prestige per soldier. So id say prestige emblems are gone

  • lMattW

    I’m betting they’ll try to make one prestige take about the same time as in BO2 (between 10 and 20 hours of play time depending on your skill level; MW3 and BO were maybe ~20% longer, and MW2, WaW and CoD4 were about twice as long).

  • jooker-jr

    I like the mw2 ranking system it was very long

  • matt

    So you have a squad of 10. Once you Prestige a squad member, that’s it. So how do Prestige Emblems work then? Does anyone know?

    • Fading Lee

      Your account itself should be set up as it’s own thing, thus after prestiging 2 “Squad members” you are 2nd prestige(at-least that’s what they said in one of the videos)

  • Fading Lee

    Happy to hear it, although the 80 levels went up faster it made it feel longer thus less rewarding…. this combined with “every gun being unlocked” and you just have to buy them should make it feel more like a steady climb than an uphill roll

  • zxzxzxzxz1

    damn wanted 55

  • Oldtymer

    This game is going to be so gay I’m not buying it I’m still going to play bo2 because it doesn’t have that fucking squad shit or the new sniper zoom in crap I mean y change that it was in all the other call of duties y change it now so everyone that likes all this new shit can go fuck yourselves because u r just agreeing with everyone else u dont truely like the game u just want to be like everyone else and pretend to like a shitty game!

  • BamBam

    This game looks gay with all of the new shot it has put in. Stop making so many cods. Jesus they suck now.