It can’t see through walls but it can see through smoke. Infinity ward’s Mark Rubin took to Twitter to clear up some confusion on this mystery sight spotted in the recent Ghosts trailer.

Some people have been asking about one of the sights they saw in the Squads trailer. NO it is not a target finder or an MMS and doesn’t work exactly like either. It can’t see thru walls or other physical objects. It’s very subtle with a constricted view. It can however see thru smoke similar to the thermal sight. Also your peripheral is heavily blurred. Another cool aspect about it is that you can flip to iron sights on the fly, even while in ADS. Watch the video again closely at about the 2:18 mark to see it in action.

SOURCE: @IWMarkrubin

  • Jesse


    • AcePhoenix007


      • jooker-jr

        Looks like it is returning

    • Fading Lee

      It’s been on charlieintel’s weapon list for quite a while now :/

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Lol, ikr

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      It’s been around under a different name for a while. Type 40 = FAD. FAMAS = FAD [Unsure]

  • Hyydrox


  • NiftyGam3r

    It looks like the mms tho so i like it. Mms was heavily underused but it was extremely helpful for me. And it looked beast in zombies

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      I agree. The MMS was severely underused because of how late it was unlocked and the fact that the crappy ass target finder was in the game. I really liked the MMS. I used it as a capping class in dom with smoke and trophy systems. I’m glad this new site is not a target finder though!!!

  • Archer

    I’m just glad it’s not an “I’m gonna sit in this corner and aim down sights” Finder.

    • xx420xx

      get good

      • get downvotes

        • xx420xx

          fuck off to reddit

          • Jon Cameron

            Reddit didn’t create downvoting.

  • But it will annoy you more than a mms and tf

    • xx420xx

      nobody used them ur just shit

    • asdf

      MMS were the last attachment to achieve and they felt weird even though they looked extremely sexy in the M27……no one used them
      (This sight though just craves by frontal lobe)

      • Pff i dont need weapons,i have my mouth 😀

        • Jesse

          We know Riley.. We know..

  • Looks like Halo 3 ODST vision 😀
    I like it

  • ozymandias

    Infinity Ward, I think the better question is why in the actual fuck is there a wireless connection for that sight??

    • maybe it remote uploads to a server or something. just a thought.

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      Great, the next generation of CoD complaints “RUBIN FIX THE LAG COMP ON MY SIGHTS OR IM GUNNA GO KILL YOU”

    • Bigi345

      Maybe to play online games while you’re not shooting people?

    • busterfuzzz


  • Lavi

    It’s so cool, because, it’s not cheat 😉
    Ghosts —> Oh yeah 😀

  • Fading Lee

    Seems like it just outlines people in your direct line of sight… like the target finder but not op, hopefully it will make a good balance. Also cool that it can outline through smoke… I will miss the MMS though

  • ip x Warrior

    If it says wireless does that mean that there one wired ?

    • F1REB4LL


  • Young Hernz

    good thing Rubin telling the truth, that attachment kinda is like a thermal scope, but you can see clearly 🙂

  • J

    ”Press R3 to toggle hybrid” Good to see that they’re doing it the same way Treyarch did it. 🙂

    • ORB1T4L

      Yeah that’s a great way to toggle stuffs ! We don’t need to take our fingers off the sticks !

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        This sight = perfect for storming rooms. Throw in a smoke, charge in.

        [There’s always concussion, but shush]

  • Goten

    Haha! I knew it wasn’t the target-finder, they would be high if they brought it back!

  • Monty

    Is that even a real life sight or just some made up sight? I know target finder an mms sights ain’t real there fictional just wondering if this sight was made up aswell

    • 3rdWorldMafia


  • Thats shitty? whats the point in it if all it does is see through smoke, constricts vision and blurs it? its complete ass garbage.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      It actually has a very distinct use. I like to use smoke grenades, but the only thing that could see through the smoke grenade were the MMS and Thermal [Perhaps TF?] Which meant I would have to use an LMG or Sniper to storm into a room which I had smoked. Absolutely inconvenient. It has a purpose, and it’s balanced in the form of loss of peripheral.

      • oh, we
        ll i suppose it has its niche then, I just didnt ever think mms was OP?

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          MMS was only really useful in Search and Destroy or other sneaky game modes. It’s a little bit OP, but I quite like it as an anti-camper tool. Strap it so a SMR or some high penetration gun, and you’ve gotten rid of ya camper.

  • jooker-jr

    Wifi on the sight ??

    How can a soldier use this ( feature ) ??

  • W34KN35S

    what if its a spotter…..that would explain the wireless , maybe whoever you see through the sites gets reported to your teams mini map ….just a thought.

    • W34KN35S

      my bad …typing too fast lol (sights*)

    • would be OP though
      maps too small in cod. If you see you kill if you see you die. In bf3 you can see 10 guys but you could both survive every sighting

  • snipershavenolife

    take the snipers out the game and it will become a much better game – quick scoping noobs have ruined this game . i could just about live with the connection problems but snipers have completely ruined this game ….

    • Merrybear55

      They removed quick scoping from Ghosts, they announced it a few weeks ago…