It’s not every day that you watch a fan film that rivals a Steven Spielberg film. Check out this amazing part 1 video from Machinima that could of just been labeled as a WWII documentary. Enjoy.

Director Jared Pelletier returns with an ode to the original WWII releases in the Call of Duty series.

Director — Jared Pelletier
Producers — Jared Pelletier and Erik Tallek
Associate Producers — Lee Cassar and Kevin Charmin

  • Grigori

    I want a trailer for Extinction!

    • MrHotShot118

      Yeh same here hopefully tomorrow

      • Grigori

        Tuesday is the day! The most games/gamemodes are revealed on a tuesday, so infinity ward…

        • Dave

          Let’s all pray for some Extinction gameplay. And ALIENS!

          • Grigori

            Let the pray’s begin! :p

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Can’t wait for it. It’s a new game mode, make or break right here.

  • I still have it for the original xbox but the cd wont work :c

  • Final Hour or Finest Hour ? 😀

    • Grigori


    • 3rdWorldMafia


  • CharlieSan

    amazing , i hope activision/trey/infinity make another ww2 game just like cod 2 and 3

  • I hope the next CoD after Ghosts is takes part in WW2 with the most emotional story ever 😀 (Obv made by IW :D)

    • Johnny Neat

      If they bring back gore, I’d let Treyarch do it.

      • steelersdc26

        Exactly. According to IW physics, if a grenade blows you up while it’s in your hand, your body just goes flying, no limbs lost whatsoever.

  • Kyle PDX

    I realize most people are worn out of WWII shooters but I have been wanting to play a WWII COD thats up to date. Hopefully they revisit this time period at some point.

    I want to use the fg42 again

    • Johnny Neat

      If they do, I’m in. With today’s graphical abilities it would be so sick. I’ll always remember playing Medal of Honor: Frontline on gamecube with pals huddle around the living-room with a cardboard contraption to separate teams on the tv screen & later moving on up to CoD 2 and [email protected] on Xbox LIVE. Great times. Awesome memories.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Sounds great. With CoD’s new technology, they could do this very well.

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      FG42 was nice but the recoil wasn’t for me. However the ppsh on the other hand…. We all love the ppsh (so disappointed how an mp40 can make it into a WW1 zombies map on BO2 yet a ppsh can’t, either way though it wouldn’t make sense lol…)

    • steelersdc26

      Hopefully, we can do Normandy and Sicily on the new consoles. I want to play as BRITISH and American troops in a WWII game, the Soviets weren’t even on the good side until later in the war.

  • xx420xx


  • Goten

    I remember the good old days…This was my first Call of Duty I ever played (on Gamecube, way back in 2004.

  • MathewM7

    I had to log into my Youtube account to like the video.