Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin gave an update regarding dedicated servers for Ghosts, and also mentioned further features they hope to add post-launch.

Having given an update on Ghosts connectivity and dedicated servers, a Twitter user asked whether Infinity Ward plan on introducing ranked dedicated servers as seen in MW1, MW3 and Black Ops 2 (PC).

Mark Rubin responded: “Matchmaking onto dedis. Hoping to add server browser and rent-able ranked server once we get through launch crunch. no info yet.”

This would once again give PC players the freedom to join and run their own dedicated servers with custom game rules and map rotations.

The Battlefield series also introduced rent-a-server capabilities to consoles during the release of Battlefield 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – this is a feature we could potentially see introduced for Ghosts (unlikely, but possible)

Mark Rubin also reconfirmed work on mod tools for the PC release of Ghosts on Twitter having responded to a further question by the same Twitter user:

“Matchmaking onto dedis. Hoping to add server browser and rent-able ranked server once we get through launch crunch. no info yet.”

  • Lolz

    First and this is Awsome for pc gamers

  • Auptyk

    They have said things like this before, since MW2 and it rarely ever comes true. Ghosts is going to be great but I am not going to hold my breath for any of this stuff. They say it every year just to pacify the angry PC vocals. I don’t use Mod tools and have no interest in a server browser so whatever.

    • Rai

      Well they are saying “hopefully”

  • fsdgasdg

    mod tools?! I LIKE DIS

  • JKB98

    Omg. I remember some of those severs. Really brings back good memories of the good times on COD4.

  • Roxas3510

    I’m predicting this will turn out like BF3 where there are no more regular servers with regular rules and most of the servers are going to be on one map with a ton of lives.

    • James K

      Yeah that ruined my BF3 experience until DICE/EA added move servers. I’m was tired of playing through two hour long 500% tickets game or getting kicked by some abusive adim with rules so strict it will make the N.S.A envious.

      If COD add rent-able servers on console, the community is going to experience some growing pains.

      • BATMAN

        true story, I had the same shitty problem

    • ben wills

      You’d be wrong. Although that does happen a lot (grrr crouch only), Black Ops 1 is currently more playable on PC than every CoD except BO2 due to its server browser. Admins can ban cheaters, cheaters can’t take over, and you can join whatever game you want. Just having few normal servers up and saved the game in the long run. Although its very important that this is server browser. Matchmaking is a bit of a problem in itself.

      Also why did they put MW3 on their list of games with dedis (when its only unranked, the game is primarily host ran), and BO2 which has matchmaking, instead of WaW and BO that have a full on ranked, dedicated server browser like CoD 4?

      • Roxas3510

        That’s on PC, I’d expect it to be different on console. BF3 on PC isn’t as bad as it is when I play on 360. No one can know for sure, we’ll find out when it actually comes out. I’m just making an assumption based on console players and general and Activision’s lust for money/laziness.

    • Bmeowmix

      Hopefully the server browsers will implement a filter system that can look for score limit

  • 3rdWorldMafia


  • Hey, my twitter 😀


    LOL BF4 fan tweeted that lolol

  • Sentrymann

    Eh…I’m not too crazy about the rent-able server thing….I’ll stick with the normal ones.

  • Jacky Liang

    Two words. Mod tools.


    Before I get way too goddamn hyped up and excited, I gotta remember the track record of the CoDs after CoD 4, and its empty promises. Breaking my heart every single time before release with these promises and sweet talks to seduce and lower my standards until I am bare naked. Then they rape me with launch. Yore!

  • Mod tools would be great. However I think most of the COD modding community has left the game long ago and I think for the most part the people that are yelling for mod tools on here have no clue where to begin with them because they haven’t experienced them in any of the recent CODs.

    • Brandalf

      It’s PC, the platform with the biggest modding community out there. Sure COD hasn’t had them proper since COD5 but if a game supports mods you can be sure that modding community will support the game. I don’t think that is going to be a problem at all.

    • Bmeowmix

      If they released for console then I think a lot of people would jump on due to the large player base

  • PuddingAuxRais1ns

    So if i only wanted to join dedicated servers, will i be able to do that?

    • Marcus

      Once they add the Server Browser, yeah. But that’s not at launch, if at all.

  • e.

    Hope you guys do it like you did MW2! Where PC was the same as on console! (eg. no server browsing, joined a lobby like console, 10 minute games like console.. no 234 minute matches, no FOV).

  • YoStabbaStabba

    What are rent-able servers and what are the advantages/disadvantages? Yes, I’m an idiot.

    • XadjustmentX

      rentable servers are servers players can buy. you can set up your own rules and restrictions for the game. the problem with it is theyre usually all the same thing which makes the game really stale and boring, very quickly. example….i can rent a server and have my own rules for it – Domination with final score of 500 pts to win (which would make the game last 25 min), no snipers, no shotguns, no c4, no lmg’s, no drop shotting, no camping, and i can kick players out for not following rules. its just a terrible idea.

      • YoStabbaStabba

        Sounds terrible. Thanks for the info.

        • Brandalf

          Don’t listen to that inaccurate BS description. If there is a server like XadjustmentX describes it would die, hell it would never even have a population of players on it because of the absurd ruleset. The beauty of rentable servers is it gives you literally thousands of lobbies to choose from based on Ping, game mode, rulesets, etc. If you don’t like the ruleset of a specific server then just don’t join it.

          Most servers use the basic ruleset with an altered player count or score limit/time limit. Very few have gameplay restrictions that are enforced. I’ve run across a couple on COD4 and all I do is leave the server and put it on my blacklist.

          • YoStabbaStabba

            Cool – thanks for the info – I was having difficulty imagining being forced in to a rented server with crazy game rules…

          • David

            Agree dont listen. I cant wait for rentable servers. We would host games the normal way, as if you was match made in the game. The only thing is as soon as a Haxor is in ill ban them straight away. There would be no silly rules. All weapons allowed all rules allowed. Only rule will be any haxors will be life banned from server. Least I can police my own servers and not having to quit a game because some n00b is on 70 kills 0 deaths!!!!!

      • YoStabbaStabba

        quickly though – as a player do I have a choice to enter into a game that is being played on a rent-able server? Or, can I be looking for a regular TDM but get thrown in to one on a rent-able server with crazy game rules?

      • Brandalf

        You know what you do with servers that have rules like that? Don’t join them, pretty simple. A server like you are referring to would never even have any players in it. Shouldn’t be too hard to find reasonable admins and server rules when there are nearly 5k servers like COD4 or [email protected] Your description is purposefully inaccurate.

  • XadjustmentX

    i really dont want rent-a-servers on console. thats one of the reasons i dont like battlefield. every server is exactly the same. if they put them on console for ghosts, call of duty will die. its just a bad idea. dedicated servers are a great idea….but not rentable servers on console.

    • SoulTaker

      Call Of Duty will never die you see how many games they sell a year?

      • Brandalf

        BO2 sold 14% less on console than MW3, first COD that didn’t outsell the previous installment. Just sayin’

        • Alex

          Yeah but to be fair BO2 is probably the worst cod to date. If they make a good game it will sell I mean aren’t we all here lurking on a cod forum hoping that the next game is not broken and we can relive the cod glory days

          • Brandalf

            MW3 and BO2 were both pretty massive disappointments in my eyes. You’re right, I want COD to return to the glory days or hell at least keep my interest more than a couple months after release. This is the last COD I buy if Ghosts follows the same trend started with MW3.

            I’ve got Titanfall and Homefront 2 to look forward to and Destiny as well if it drops for PC. It’s looking more likely than ever that there will be plenty of viable alternatives to COD for me. BF has never been my cup of tea.

  • SoulTaker

    I would love a regular server with snipers disabled praise the lord if that happens.

    • Anon

      Or the other way around. Praise the lord if that happens.

  • Roadripper55

    Well in BF3 and atm in BF4 beta, they do have ‘quick play’ which skips the server browser into a gamemode you like, so that could still be an option if server browsing does come to Ghosts

  • Bmeowmix

    This is the best thing CoD could do to “save” the franchise. Ban dropshotting, OP guns, etc. and you basically fix the biggest problems CoD has had since MW1

  • abhi

    i dont trust rubin when he says server browser available after
    launch..coz david from treyarch also fooled ppl by saying that its
    dedicated servers for pc..yeah it is but its not with server
    is the same hybrid server what rubin confirmed what black ops 2 have on
    pc right now..which is the worst system ever…