Treyarch has just announced that all Season Pass holders will get an exclusive Double Weapon XP and Double XP weekend starting tonight at 10am PST, and ending Monday at 10am PST.

Mark Lamia said this is in appreciation of fans who supported Treyarch by purchasing the Season Pass.

And, there’s a free trial for Uprising DLC for PlayStation 3 which will end on Wednesday, Oct. 15th.

  • Cape6

    By this time everyone who has seasen pass is already 15th prestage so why just double xp? I guess they are just trying to get people to play for the last mounth befor ghost

    • iSwedishVirus

      Haha yeah pretty much 🙂
      however i still have a 2nd account that i can now try to lvl up with ^^

      • wtflolsmh

        wont work i tried that, unless you bought the season pass for both accounts

    • The Ivory Tiger

      Don’t you mean Master Prestige? There isn’t a 15th Prestige on Black Ops 2. Shows what you don’t know eh?!


  • xx420xx

    i was master in december lol

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      you want a cookie!!

      • Mitch

        No, he wants a life.

  • Mark

    Nuketown 24/7?

    • Work hard Twerk harder

      Ewww… Nuketown…. Gross….

  • ip x Warrior

    I’m playing MW3 until Ghosts 🙂 Don’t give a shit about BO2 anymore, come play MW3 with me and get ready for ghosts

    • iSwedishVirus

      lmao i’d rather play COD4 and WaW until Ghosts comes out instead of MW3..such a bad game…

      • The Ivory Tiger

        I agree. MW3 sucks balls. Why would someone choose that over Black Ops 2?!!

        • Watdafuq100

          I prefer MW3 over BO2,BO2 is the worst CoD ever made!

          • your face

            your dumb

        • ben wills

          Probably because they’re basically the same experience.


          SKILL BASED GAME!!

    • Justin MD

      {A Better Black Ops 2}

      Maps; Too many similar layout maps. Hydro, Downhill, Overflow, Plaza, Encore…. Sadly two of these are from the same map pack. Meltdown & Aftermath are the same building on both sides with a ramp area in between maps. Only one remake is good, four is a map pack. Make Magma like Kowloon but different. A Marina map instead of Hijacked. Carrier map with a roofed middle lower deck area, destructible planes, and access to the multi-level control tower. Remove the crane in Cargo and put a maze of containers up to four high in it’s place. Favorite Maps: Standoff, Grind, Rush, Slums. Good Maps: Yemen, Turbine, Raid, Express(the train is greatness), Drone. The rest can be incinerated.

      Stuff; Able to select size & color of reticle. Flag calling cards should be in the game, not for a fee. Remove C4, tactical insertion, and target finder. Ak-47, uzi, galil, dragnov, and ak-74u campaign weapons should be in multiplayer. The more weapons the better. 50xp more per kill Arms Race is not a new game mode. Remove devgru, a-tacs au, ghostex Delta 6, and kryptek typhon. Put in orange tiger, silver, chrome, white and bronze. Blue tiger should be dark.

      Streaks; 18 streaks is enough. Remove death machine, war machine, orbital VSAT, vtol warship, and swarm. Put in a SAM Turret and make the EMP the highest.

      Prestige; 15 like BO1. New 8th & 9th emblems. Not forced into prestige master(I like the 10th emblem more). Everything should unlock at level 55 because there’s those who don’t have the time to become prestige master, those who don’t prestige, and those who pick a favorite emblem and stay there.

      • Twist

        You are just removing everything that makes BOII different from BOI… Just say “I liked bo1 more” and dont used up so Michael space…

        • Justin MD

          Michael space? With these changes it would still be different from BO1. Especially the streaks. At least 10 are different.

  • Sentrymann

    You’re welcome Mark Lamia, I actually loved BO2.

    • Same here – even coming from the PC side. I think this is an excellent COD title and really enjoy it – unfortunately the player count has suffered all along and now most playlists are empty every night I get on.

      • bo2

        This is exactly why you don’t play CoD on PC. Go take a look on MW3. 5,000 playing. Black Ops? 2,500. MW3 on PS3 still has like 100k users.
        Anyways, I agree. This is the best CoD I’ve ever played. Just the time I’ve played, in 8 months I played 25 days.

        • cooter

          Quality of players over quantity, asshole.

        • But im also a pc gamer

        • Im on PS3 right now in EST and theres 389,000 Online

  • Correction to the time – It should be kicking off in about 20 minutes at 1:00PM EST

  • too bad its not a double xp for all gamers. this type of supporting people that pay more is part of the problem COD faces. users see this as a greedy thing

  • At least it’s double weapon xp too

  • Fading Lee

    …game has been out for almost a year… a majority of it’s buyers aren’t playing anymore and the second highest majority is already maxed out…. and we get dxp?…. meh
    Nice thought but I’d rather have more dxp on ghost… or maybe one free weapon camo? something that’s cheap to the developer but nice for the customer

  • iMenoetius

    wiiu cant get season pass, so this blows

  • NiftyGam3r

    Meh why not might as well go out with a nice bang and have all my weapons maxed out. I always say that all cod games are awsome is just the online portion that most of the community have problems with. But even then is still better than most fps out there. THANK YOU 3arc for the awsome nights with my friends 🙂

  • charlie

    i think it takes the piss and is clearly unfair i spent just as much money if not more as i brought all the map packs individually which no doubt cost more then the season pass i also no all the poeple i play with are in the same boat and now i have to play with people this weekend on double xp while i stay at half the rate seems alittle unfair on thos who didnt or couldnt afford the season pass in one lump sum

  • Alex | FamousIsLIVE

    Black Ops 2 wasn’t too bad. Was just based off connection way too much.

  • Shaun Campbell

    has an one got double xp yet?

    • Matthew Ryan

      Not yet, it is 5.30 where I am

  • Anonymous

    This is the worst game ever made… I can’t wait for Ghosts. And why is it just for season pass holders

  • MrHmmm

    Im getting No Double Nothing Right Now & Im A Season Pass Holder.

  • PsychOutGaming

    I would have rather had the appreciation as free camos

  • Aidan

    I don’t quite understand how this is fair. I bought all four pieces of DLC. I paid more in support than Season Pass holders. Logic is great.

  • bsktballmsu1

    thank you so much cause it is not like i have already had like 25 different 2xp weekends with like 3 weeks til ghost

  • Adam King

    When is doulble xp next on for blackops2 ps3

    • aidensk8

      now haahahha

  • TheNateMen

    why is it just season pass holders get double xp? not fair:(

  • Rhys Mayberry

    when is double weekend next in december?

  • Jeremy

    when is the next double xp weekend

  • moses

    whens the next 2xp for bo2

  • kurtis

    whens the next double xp for bo2 in 2014