In a new blog post, Infinity Ward has posted a lengthy post about the new tactical equipment the 9-bang.

The 9-Bang uses a tiered power system to determine its impact. The longer your character holds the equipment before throwing, the more blinding flashes it produces on detonation. A fully cooked 9-Bang additionally releases an EMP effect that stuns nearby electronics, temporarily shutting down enemy defenses.

“The 9-Bang’s power system challenges players to plan ahead and think more tactically when engaging enemies,” says Multiplayer Lead Tom Wells. “Caught unaware? You can still toss it right out like a traditional flash grenade in a hurry. Prep a fully charged 9-Bang, however, and you’ll disrupt defenses in a big way.”

It’s important to consider how much power you need in each situation compared to how much time you have for priming. The longer the charge, the more effective the blast.

If you’re assaulting an objective point, the fully primed EMP effect really comes in handy. In addition to blinding defenders in the vicinity, you’ll temporarily shut down nearby Sentry Guns, I.M.S. devices, and a variety of other electronic dangers. With planning and preparation, you can greatly improve the likelihood of capturing the objective.

Of course, there are several counters to consider when using the 9-Bang:

Tac Resist
Resistance to flash, stun and EMP effects.

The Tac Resist perk greatly increases resistance to the 9-Bang’s effects. This obviously benefits enemy targets, but it’s also worth considering if you plan on equipping the 9-Bang yourself.

Equipping Tac Mask reduces the penalty of deploying the 9-Bang in close proximity, allowing you to play more aggressively without as much worry about potential backfire.

Trophy System
Active defense turret that destroys two enemy projectiles.

The Trophy System Tactical equipment counters up to two projectiles, including the 9-Bang, fully charged or not. Be prepared to defend yourself if your equipment gets vaporized.

Night Owl
A companion drone that detects enemies based on proximity and protects you from explosives.

Found in the Support Strike Package, the Night Owl protects its user against multiple explosives, including the 9-Bang. At a cost of 10 points, they’re not something you’ll run into left and right, but they’re a real pain when encountered. Use a non-explosive weapon to take them out on sight.

With practice, you’ll start to get a better feel for power vs. timing. Plan ahead for maximum impact and reap the rewards of more points and match victories.


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  • Guest

    Implement random map vote option like in BO1+2.

    • That May or may not be trademarked/copyrighted, given that it’s mostly in Treyarch games. Plus, the game’s still in beta, or they just don’t wanna show it.

      • Primey0

        Don’t be daft. Treyarch can’t trademark such thing

      • #Throwback

        They adopted and modified the Pick 10 system, I’m sure they can borrow this feature.

  • Sentrymann

    Now this is how you balance an EMP grenade.

    • PuddingAuxRais1ns

      Agreed. Wish Treyarch would remove the stun effect from the EMP grenade. I don’t mind my radar being disabled for a brief moment, but that damn stun effect really fucks your shit up sometimes.

      • its called a stun for a reason….

        • Niqueeeee

          its not a concussion grenade is what he means… emp grenade is op because it does what a flash/con/emp all in one when i play black ops 2 emp grenade is only one i use because how op it is

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            You’re right, but it barely concusses or flashes you. But I wish it woudn’t effect reflex scopes. Are we that stupid to have an electronic reflex scope in 2025? God.

          • TheCervixPounder69

            well what would you make it out of genius?

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Paint. Not EVERYTHING has to be electronic. If not paint then why not acrylic? Anything less fragile then electronics. It’s so stupid, like making the barrel from tin. It works on paper, but on the field it’ll fuck up.

        • PuddingAuxRais1ns

          It’s called an EMP for a reason…. To disable electronics, not slightly blind and impair movement…. They should make the EMP grenade work like the EMP scorestreak where it simply disables your electronics instead of stunning you in the process…………………………………………………………………..

          • Jon Cameron

            Maybe it’s because I haven’t played BO2 for the last couple of weeks but I cannot remember EMP nades stunning you. Only quickly blinding and removing your HUD.

        • Dont_be_stupid


      • HenryDF

        The thing that annoys me most is how the “arm over eyes” animation is held for longer than the stun is. You get people shooting accurately at you with their arms apparently over their eyes.

    • Balance? What’s that?

  • Grigori

    Maybe is ghosts going to be better than cod4?? It seems very awesome.
    Those maps looks much better than the mw3 maps

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Seems like CoD is progressing, unlike everyone claims. I struggle to find an area in which a previous CoD exceeds it.

      • Jon Cameron

        Well, Ghosts isn’t out yet so you can’t say there’s nothing from a previous game that exceeds it. Having said that, I also can’t say much about how some do in whatever way. Now having also said that, I’m going to make assumptions and do it anyway.

        Previous CoD games such as CoD1, CoD2 and some of CoD4 had more recoil, making it require more skill to be good. You needed more game sense as well. <— This part slowly stopped being a thing once CoD4 came out, which is fine since it doesn't necessarily ruin anything. In CoD1 and CoD2, it's likely you would get your shit pushed in for running and gunning. Older CoD games were consistent in their ability to bring the fan base entertainment for years and not just the game's 2 year (eventually 1 year since CoD4's release) life cycle. I played CoD4 for 5 years and I every once and awhile go back to play it. It's a solid game where its problems don't make their marks as badly as problems with the newer games do.

        Those are just some things. Like I said, I can't determine if this game will be the one that takes CoD4's throne, but I can at least make logical assumptions.

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          I respect your opinion. I think that it’s slowly becoming more and more tactical again, as this 9-banger demonstrates. Choices in perks are now becoming more relevant and can support your playstyle better. And the reason for the fan base being a year at best is because games are progressing so much faster now, with the next gen leap and such. At this rate, previously good consoles are becoming old and slow. It’s a fast paced world.

  • I love how they don’t reveal everything as soon as the game is announced unlike a lot of games.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yeah, keeps you interested.

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    In Brazil, We Call it: “DollyGuaraná”

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      Fala serio, Just no, just no

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    Nice! Im liking all the little details they are implementing in ghosts. It will obviously have an impact on the way we play this game. Come on nov 5th get here! But before you get here how about a extinction preview 😉

    • Celestia Ununpentium Ludenberg

      November 5th? you forgot the 1 in 15th

      • Derek

        5 for current gen, 15 for ps4, and something else for Xbox 1

  • Manx Mouse

    im excited for ghosts now! i wonder how you have to hold it in order for it to be a EMP?

    • Manx Mouse

      how long*

      • Guest2

        There is a red indicator that shows how long.

        • Manx Mouse

          ooohh ok thats awesome!

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        1) There’s an edit button.
        2) Four seconds, I believe.

  • jordanxbrookes

    I’m looking forward to the other dynamic maps, finally I can equip useful camos unlike in BO2. Cmon November!

    • Jon Cameron

      Too bad they’re scripted events with scripted physics. I’m not saying they will be bad and won’t add anything to the game, because they won’t be all that bad and will add diversity to the game. I just would prefer destruction, even in BF4, to be more loose and random while not being completely random.

      • You are triggering those events.

        • Jon Cameron

          I would be worried if I didn’t know that. I meant scripted as in once they’ve been triggered, they’re set to destruct in only one specific way.

          Let’s take the BF4 beta, for example. You destroy the pillars on C point and the entire skyscraper collapses. Once that’s done, the C point looks like a bunch of rubble in the way that the devs made it look. It looks like that post-destruction every time. I would find destruction a lot neater if it was a little more random and didn’t change that part of the map to be the exact same every time.

          • Yeah, but it doesn’t really bothers me as long as there is enough events to trigger.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Yeah, BF4 is getting a lot of hype about the tower falling down, even though it’s a massively triggered event. And if you could destroy an entire CoD map, after 5 minutes everyone will be running around with LMGs on a flat boring plane.

  • Archer

    Finally it fits in multiplayer. I remember Robert Bowling going off about the 9-Bang in MW3 when you only used it in campaign.

  • James K

    IW should do the Oracle support streak next

  • Belief Is A Strategy

    The only thing ive noticed that i wont like in ghosts is the sounds, for some reason the gun sounds arent appealing to me as they werent in mw3. In the black ops series they were fine (i dont mean to be biased im just stating a fact)

    • logic nazi

      Incorrect. You are stating preference, not fact. You have every right to your opinion but you cannot misrepresent it as fact.

  • Bobaaganooosh

    I hated the fucking EMP grenade in Black Ops 2. I REALLY don’t think players should have the ability of a score streak pretty much, right in the palm of their hands! Like I do all this work to get some Sentry Guns and other things alike, and because some guy has an EMP Grenade, he can just destroy it in 2 seconds, vs the time it took me to work for it and set it up. I just don’t think it’s fair, at all. I was really hoping Inifinity Ward would have caught this and not implemented it.

    • AguyWideas

      I agree, but it did say ” temporarily shut down” so maybe it will work where it isn’t permanently destroyed but just long enough for you to get past that sentry gun or piece of equipment for the moment…also as a thought I would like to see it where if your sentry gun is destroyed a teammate can repair the turret if they get to it before it disappears just something to add to the mix and make it more interesting.