We’ve put together a list of all the different multiplayer maps that have been shown throughout trailers and gameplay events and we didn’t realize that a majority of the Ghosts MP maps have already been shown.

During the Ghosts MP reveal event, Infinity Ward confirmed that 14 multiplayer maps(not including Freefall) would ship with Call of Duty Ghosts on November 5th.

Six of the maps have already been revealed or confirmed while the other 7 have been shown in various trailers and we believe the images below are all of different maps, it is possible though that 1 might be a duplicate or different angle of a map. However it’s our opinion that these are 13 of the 15 maps shown so far…

Confirmed map names
1. Whiteout

2. Octane

3. Strikezone

4. Chasm

5. Stonehaven

6. Freefall

*Map names are UNKNOWN
7. “Satellite” map*
[nggallery id=576]

8. “Watertower” map*
[nggallery id=574]

9. “Shipping Containers” map*
[nggallery id=575]

10. “Forest” map*
[nggallery id=577]

11. “Urban” map*
[nggallery id=573]

12. “City rain” map*

13. “Town” map*

14. “Lab” map*

[nggallery id=578]


  • Jordan

    The Forest map looks good

    • WhatTheFox

      Reminds me of Black Ops’s Jungle map

    • Thats one of my favorites too ๐Ÿ™‚

    • ip x Warrior

      Forrest, with 2 “rr” haha i think CharlieIntel made a mistake ๐Ÿ˜›

  • BobtheCactus

    I just realized that this is less than a month away… Along with other great games. And just about a month til PS4 and Xbox One. The best month for gaming yet is almost upon us!

  • iSwedishVirus

    Vegetation and Stonehaven looks like the only fun and colorful maps…the other ones looks just boring :/

    • BATMAN

      The maps of BO2 all of them looks like a rainbow, its phucking gay maps.

      Maps should look like warzones

  • JayZero

    forest reminds me of overgrown from mw1

    • BATMAN

      Overgrown is sooo goood, it is also in MW2

  • Should I say ‘only 15 maps’?

    • BATMAN

      BO2 had 15 maps too.

      These maps are far more detailed, bigger, and they are interactive.

      So ya, Im fine with that, I just hate the idea of freefall being an exclusive map

      • Cycovision

        Give it 2-3 months it’ll be a $5 dlc or something

      • Freefall will probably be free like Nuketown 2025

  • splash02

    I found another map on the clans trailer http://s24.postimg.org/x4bwy4g51/ghosts.png

    • I believe thats number 9 on the list

      • Marcus Idenรคs

        Isnt #9 Snowy tho?, looks like it on your pic at the bottom right, and ^that one isnt.

        • You are 100% correct! Im adding this to the list. Ill correct if anyone objects or proves wrong.. thanks guys!

      • The maps look good

        • Nah 12 has different street texture

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      That’s about half a second before number 13.

  • Is this part of any of the maps?

    • Kyr95

      looks like the forest map ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Lightning1432

      Looks like Village from MW3 but with more modern buildings.

    • Yup, I added to the gallery of the “Forrest” map.

    • Jacky Liang

      This one looks pretty good. Damnn.

  • All I care about is medium to big, symmetric maps. Just like MW2.

    • Nick

      The maps in Ghosts will not be symmetrical. Just a heads up.

    • Jacky Liang

      Don’t give me symmetrical maps please :C

    • BATMAN

      Me too

    • BudEagle26

      mw2 maps arent symmetrical (mostly) treyarch makes more symmetrical maps.

  • Jacky Liang

    I always thought number 11 was Strike Zone.

  • smayo

    again to many urban style maps

  • Jacky Liang

    What do you guys think so far? More verticality as they have said? Or same-ol’ grunge-grey-color-scheme three-corridor cluster-fuck?

    • Guest1

      I thought I was the only one who thought that! MW3’s maps were very dull in color with poor texture quality compared to MW2 and extremely cluttered with unnecessary objects, cars and trash everywhere. Hopefully they do change the layout of the map that benefits SMG, AR players — as well as Snipers. #Afghan.

  • Rekone

    forrest looks very nice

  • Manx Mouse

    On octane, the gun kinda looks like a MSMC.

    • ridder

      I believe that is the bizon

  • Guest

    Not excited about another Cargo map…

  • Everything, in my opinion, looks good except for “Shipping Containers,” “Satellite,” and “Vegetation.”

  • Scrawny

    the second and the third images of map 9 are from map 11. there is no snow and the sky color is different.

    • Could be but there are stacked shipping containers in the 2nd and 3rd image.

  • jordanxbrookes

    These maps look great, finally I can use my camoflauges for terrain.

  • SoulTaker

    To be honest I hope there not like MW3 maps I hated all the MW3 maps especially with the bad spawn system. I’m hoping for MW2 type spawn system with MW2 style maps now MW2 maps I loved mostly all of them except Derail…

    • Brandalf

      MW3 maps were pretty forgettable and some terrible, the spawns were….ugh don’t get me started on those lol. I agree if the maps are close to MW2 design style then I would be very happy indeed. No more of the BO2 style map design for all that is good in the world, God no.

      • SoulTaker

        If I liked anything about BO2 maps it was that they had color something MW3 maps lacked they all looked awful they took a step back from Mw2.

        • Brandalf

          Ya that’s a good point, if nothing else BO2 had a pleasantly wide color pallet compared to BO1/MW3. It seems like Ghosts has a good color pallet as well, maybe not as wide as BO2 though.

        • BATMAN

          BO2 color pallete was to colorful.
          MW3 was too depressing.
          MW2 was the perfect one
          BO1 was fine.
          Ghosts is looking alot like MW2

          • Agreed,bo2 makes me insane…and i hate the dogs,
            we never talk much

    • BATMAN

      YES!!! I AGREE

    • ip x Warrior

      Mission,Lockdown,Dome,Hardhat were pretty good in my opinion..

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Can’t judge the maps quite yet.

  • NEON

    Watertower reminds me of Overgrown from mw1 and fallen from mw3

  • exeterman2

    Water tower looks to have a great colour palette.

  • I hope the maps are colorful like Black Ops 2…Modern Warfare 3 maps were depressing.

    • BATMAN


      BO2 maps are “phucking” bullshit, they look like a rainbow, everything has to much exotic colors, thatยดs why the maps were boring, they look like a paintball arena with a rainbow on it.

      But the MW3 maps were depressing I agree with back.

      However Im fine if it is like MW2 or BO1

      • phuck

        what is with you and “phucking” its giving me a good laugh lmao

    • BO2 maps are fake. Real warzones are war torn. hence the name “War”

    • Xecho

      No. Too colorful. It’s fucking war. What do you suspect it to be? Filled with rainbows and unicorns? BO2 was terrible. There was to much color.

    • Xecho

      kk fggt votemedown

  • Judens Claude

    there better be a dome or mission look alike or something similar or ill be pissed

  • Nathan Chappell

    Why don’t people want symmetrical maps? They’re the most balanced. I hate it when one side has a distinct advantage over the other. From the 4 maps that have been extensively revealed though, two of them are pretty symmetrical (Octane and Whiteout) so I’ll be happy if it’s 50/50. Just a heads up, everyone’s keen for a return to MW2 maps, but most of them were symmetrical (Favela, Highrise, Invasion)

    • ElseAndrew

      Because they’re boring and get stale quickly…

      • Nathan Chappell

        I don’t think how stale a map is depends on the shape of the map, that’s more down to the colour scheme and textures, etc. And dynamic map elements will probably slow down the process where a map becomes stale.

    • some1exampe1

      go back to black ops 2, 30 youtube, esports quickscoping headglitching mlb wannabe maps is enough for the rest of the history of cod.

      going back to maps that make call of duty fun, like mw1 and mw2, where aiming and tactics come first, is what made the game fun and challenging in the first place.

      • Camo

        tbh, i used tactics in mw2 because the maps allowed me to, but since bo1. tactics are gone, i hope ghosts map will return the tactic mind of me

      • Nathan Chappell

        I’m not disagreeing with you, in fact I’m saying that symmetrical maps existed before Black Ops 2, unlike what everyone else seems to think. Maps like Highrise, Invasion, Backlot and Showdown, maps which have the fondest memories for me, are all symmetrical maps, so I don’t understand why there’s so much backlash towards them. And what does symmetry have to do with quickscoping or headglitching, those are things that ruin maps…

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    Number 9 will be called freight, as one of the people in the squads trailer was called ‘FreightOnTheGo’. Some of those characters’ usernames were hinting at some maps names.

    GrandChasm = Chasm
    HeavyOctane = Octane
    TremorZone will most likely be a map. Could be free fall or another potentially dynamic map.
    And last of all
    FreightOnTheGo = Highly likely to be the shipping container map, number 9.

    • I think youre right

      • jgg

        i think the urban map is grand chasm.

        • Keshav Bhat

          Chasm is already revealed as another map.

          • 3rdWorldMafia

            Yep, I used it as proof.

          • jgg

            i said grand chasm.grand.

        • 3rdWorldMafia

          Jgg, they wouldn’t have Chasm then Grand Chasm.

    • Jose Martin Gonzalez

      In one of the trailer there`s a map in which an earthquake happens, probably the “tremorzone” you mentioned. I believe it`s the Urban map, #11.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Quite possibly. Although I have slight doubts that IW would name a map after an event within it. Like calling the map with the logs in it ‘Logfall’.


      I think the tremor zone map will be the urban one, looks like there was an earthquake. And also, forest will probably where you can shoot at logs and they’ll roll down a hill, which they talked about a long time ago.

    • ip x Warrior

      TremorZone ? mmm zone… Drop zone (MW3) :O

    • Nathan Chappell

      TremorZone could most likely just be the hint to StrikeZone though, an already released map

  • iAmEFFeX

    I’m assuming that Freefall is at night, but we need more night maps in COD.

  • “City Rain” Interests me the most

  • Remakes of COD1 maps plz

    God, these maps look great. For me maps are definitely one of the biggest factors in whether I enjoy playing a game for many years or not. MW1 & 2 and Black Ops 1 have such great maps that if I start thinking about ’em, I get this mad nostalgia going on and I’ll want to play those games (and I still do play them). Ghosts’ maps look like they have that kind of “feel” to them that many of them might become classics… I really hope that most of them are medium-large in size. Small maps have made COD very dull imo.

  • Bigi345


  • Batman

    There should be an option to select you MP lobby music.


    Ghosts original music
    BO2 music
    BO1 music my favorite
    MW2 music
    CoD 4 music
    WaW music

  • Caleb Gutierrez

    There’s also the free fall dlc map

    • Keshav Bhat

      We already have that listed ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cesstealth

    shipping containers remind me of that cod 4 map

  • Booty

    Lab Map?

  • 3rdWorldMafia

    I’m pretty sure the 14th map is an airport.

  • BizonBestSMG

    Woudnt that be awesome if maps could have weather, like one match you’d play Stonehaven and it was sunny, then the next time it was rainy or even snowing?

  • Blaine

    Tbh the only maps that actually look good to me are Stonehaven, Watertower, Forest, City Rain, and maybe Lab. Most of them just look drab and boring… I thought the layout and design of MW3 maps were terrible, but at least they were visually appealing. As long as they’re not all purely symmetrical like BO2 I’ll be decently happy.

  • Luis Xavier Barboza

    Whiteout reminds me of Derail mixed with Estate on MW2

    Octane reminds me of Invasion on MW2

    Chasm reminds me of Terminal or Resistance on MW3 but nuked

    Stoneheaven reminds of Erosion but bigger map on MW3

    FREEFALL reminds me of Overwatch on MW3

    Satellite reminds me of Afghan on MW2

    Watertower reminds me of a mixture of Karachi (MW2) and Overgrown MW

    Shipping Containers reminds me of STORM on MW2

    Forest reminds me of Underpass

    Urban reminds me of Invasion or karachi on MW2

    City Rain reminds me of Bootleg on MW3

    Town reminds me of Skidrow on MW2

    Lab reminds me of BLACK OPS I have BLACk OPS

    Black Ops made the game for children a stead of adults. Treyarch people, you guys got to realized your real fan base grown up and become adults since world at war and blacks ops 1. What happen to the blood and gore from World at war? B Ops killed cod because it is To colorful, to futuristic, and most importantly To Fake.

    • Black Ops 2 is a fun game when the connection is good. Much more fun than MW2 or any other COD in my opinion.

    • George

      pretty sure there were already too many kids in CoD before Black Ops came along


    Where did these new “Lab” screenshots come from? If it’s a video please link.

  • Batman

    Satellite map looks like dome

  • james smith

    How come they don’t show multiplayer preview is it really that bad or just the same as previous cod games?

  • Lavi

    The Lab map, on what video you take this screenshot? :/

  • New Lab map looks sick

  • Lavi

    In what video we can see “Lab” map?

  • UndeadTofu

    I hope we have another map like Favela, where we can jump around from rooftops to rooftops, killing oblivious people that happen to walk below us. I don’t know why, but jumping around the map in Favela just felt so badass ๐Ÿ™‚

  • George

    It’s really annoying that there’s just ONE map we don’t know about! >:(

  • T.E.D.

    you guys need to rename these maps

  • ThatGuy

    11 is prison brake or whatever the name is. The cop cars And Jail-like tower confirms this to me.

    • George

      Nah, 11 has to be Tremor because in past videos they’ve shown that map having earthquakes take place.

  • George

    Update this?

  • joker

    How do i get to the maps on ghos since i have season pass, where do I go?