Activision has just posted 6 new ‘It’s Call of Duty Time’ TV ads for Call of Duty: Ghosts.


  • Uzair Chief

    Night Shift was my favorite of all xd

  • This is clearly the best Call of Duty marketing ever. Lets go a step further, Best Video Game marketing ever.

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      If only the game were nearly as good as the marketings… BTW the Battlefield 3 – FreddieW Commercial was better, the only good commercial was the Checkup one. And the Live Action commercials for Black Ops were WAY WAY better than this ones.

      • I didn’t know you played the game already…What? You didn’t? I didn’t think so…

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Oh god. You know that the only reason people buy the CoD is because of the expetacular marketing that Activision makes around it. I gotta say that they are good in marketing. But everybody knows that the last 2 CoDs were shit. And I’ve seen too many shit to see that it’s the same thing all over again.

          • Sentrymann

            Actually, I think it’s fair to say the reason most of us buy CoD is because they’re fun. Is the marketing great at building up hype? Yes. Is it the only reason we buy the games? Certainly not. Also, for the record, I really enjoyed Black ops 2.

          • NuttyTheSquirrel

            Some people enjoyed playing MW3, that doesn’t make the game good, MW3 was shit compared to all the other CoD games and Black Ops 2 wasn’t very different from that either. I can assure that many, many players are buying the game because it looks awesome in the trailers. I heard most of the CoD fans saying “I’m not buying CoD this year, it’s the same shit over a over again” then they see the trailer and although they’re right, they’ll still buy it. I’m probably gonna buy the fucking game. But do I have my hopes up for this game? Unfortunately no.

    • Ed

      black ops 1 commercials were pretty damned good.

  • The one time Activision were even more awesome.

    • Activision isn’t that evil. Theyre like every other Capitalist company. They want a lot of money, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

      • Here I’ve edited it for you.

      • Batman

        Rockstar make games because they love it and they care about their fans, money is just a fuel.

        And still they get even more money

        R* <3

        • Jared

          You are retarded lmfao

          • Batman

            Said by the guy who bought camo packs for BO2

        • NuttyTheSquirrel

          Guess what? Microtransactions on GTA Online.

          • Batman

            Microtransactions? Wut? Its just to get money faster, no extra guns or other kinds of shit.

            What kind of retard wants to pay 4 something if they already have it just by playing a bit more?

          • Even worse.

          • horsechuck

            Appearently there a lot of people do. Look at what SuperCell just sold 51% stake of their company for. $1.5 Billion. Not bad for a company thats been around for less than 3 years and less than 100 employees. Allthere revenue comes from 2 games free to download with in app/game monetization models.

          • Siftblade of Rivia

            They’re free..

        • Cycovision

          That’s why GTA online works right? Or a non iOS version of iFruit?
          Oh wait, they’re just like every other company. They didn’t spend hundreds of millions of dollars just for shits and giggles

    • NuttyTheSquirrel

      By giving you the option to buy their camos, eventhough you had Season Pass. Yes, “even more awesome” -.-‘

  • James K

    Not bad. BO1 actor commercials are still the best

    • I don’t know, the first 2 Replacers trailers for BO2 are my favorites.

  • i like cod

    I didn’t laugh at all but these are great though 🙂

  • NiftyGam3r

    The compilation took it home 🙂

  • Mista Rehab

    the teabagging one made me laugh

  • Batman

    I remember when CoD had good marketing campaigns, this is a joke

    • Revoten

      how they are just funny little things to get us hyped up for the game

  • Well,me and my friends gonna talk about cod during exams i guess

    • TodesyD

      but you are a dog…

      • So what,boot camp has some serious exams 😀

  • iAmEFFeX

    Ehh these really aren’t that great. I GET what they are trying to do, but honestly, COD is completely over the top and their ads should be too.

  • Wow most of them were dumb.

  • Lavi

    I don’t realy understand. What the fuck? o_O

  • Xecho

    Tea time was the best

  • Jose Martin Gonzalez

    lol, just, lol

  • Jacky Liang

    Just imagine for a second. There were a couple thousands of these made. They were screened. Re-written. Re-shot. There were people behind making the decision of saying “okay. These are fit for marketing our game. These are fit for a couple million audience.” And these five were the result of that process.

    Just think about that for a second.

    • Jacky Liang

      That sums up a bit of how I feel about these videos, haha.

  • Ed

    the tea time one were he’s humiliating the guy while dunking the tea bag… priceless.

  • Epicsand

    I do not like the “Dentist” one, but the other trailers are good IMO.

  • Guest

    Wtf is this crap, that was pretty lame lol

  • Noir

    I liked them, but from an advertising point of view, they could have created more hype if one of them would say: and then there were aliens.

    • Lorhelm

      Then it would kinda seem like Dead Space or Halo IMO

    • Toxic Hogwash

      lol, there are aliens. 😛

  • Batman

    CoD ads should be badass, not this stupidity.

    The guy in the video says “Rated M for mature” when the people in the trailer act like 3 year old kids.

    It makes me feel bad for getting the game.

    Is it something to mess with “Only in BF4 ads” from EA?

    I remember the awesome ads good old days

    • Keshav Bhat

      These ads are perfect. It targets the casual gamers, not the hardcore. It is helping to get new members into CoD by showing normal, causal people play CoD.

      ATVI is smart.

  • Brandalf

    They are rather hit or miss. The tea time and night shift ones were pretty funny, the others were just awkward. I like the marketing style for Ghosts though, it’s just good old fun, which is hopefully what their aim was with this year’s game 🙂

  • xThatTributeGuyx

    There is no doubt, Tea Time was the best one. I about lost it when he started with the tea bag.

  • soldier Tank Dempsey

    Antoher tuesday passes.. Still no sign of Extinction.. – Dempsey out