Activision has just uploaded a new video showing a quick recap of Ghosts at Australia’s EB Games EXPO.

Watch fans experience hands-on with Call of Duty: Ghosts at the EB Expo in Sydney

  • Matt Trumble

    i really just cant wait for this game

  • 3 weeks until this game comes out!

  • Cory

    Come on November 15th!!!

    • PS4 Whoo!

      • EpicFail

        No Ps4’s in sight…

        • His comment said “Come on Nov 15th” which is the PS4 launch date… gawd

      • Cory

        Hell yeah bro!!

    • Jacky Liang

      It’s the 5th, brah.

      EDIT: Oops, sorry. Didn’t know the PS IV was coming out on the 15th.

      • ben wills


      • Hes getting a PS4 which releases on the 15th.

      • Cory

        I’m gg a ps4 buddy. So 15th for me.

      • Cory

        Have my ps4 and cod ghosts preordered. So it’s 15th for me man



    • Diego Diniz

      Why 15th ??? Its 5th…

      • Cory

        Because I’m getting it for the ps4!

  • curi0us

    The biggest question is, will 360 still have the biggest community, or will they move onto the XB1? Honestly with dedicated servers confirmed on all platforms, I find the reason to own an XB1 or PS4 to be….well, silly.

    Either way, three weeks from today we’ll all be killing one another.

    • Jonathan Gray

      This is why I’m hesitant to get my XB1 right away. I don’t feel like there will be many people as I think playing Ghosts on there at the start. :s

      • curi0us

        Same. While I do have a PS4 preordered, I’m finding it hard to not just sell it on Day 1. What’s the point? Most games are multiplat in next-gen.

        To be fair, I do see a lot of 360 players jumping ship to PS4 after that fiasco at E3, how Microsoft plans to sell Kinect data to various sources including the NSA, the intentionally underclocked processor, and the fact they plan to slowly introduce all the things they backpedaled on previously. Plus it’s $100 cheaper and there’s no little camera spying on me.

        Microsoft isn’t making many friends nextgen.

      • Sah

        Thats good, not as many annoying kids! Haha

    • Heres pre-order numbers:

      X360: 576,292

      Xbone: 289,729

      PS3: 284,813

      PS4: 281,565


      • Uzair Chief

        You should add that those pre-order numbers are only from USA.

      • Kurama The Nine-Tailed Fox

        Including Europe I guestimate:

        X360: 576,292

        XBone: 289,729

        PS3: 606,745

        PS4: 587,894

      • Nooooo, Gamestop told me the PS4 has over 1 million pre orders in the US alone :p

        • Those are USA Ghosts pre-orders. Not Console Pre-orders.

  • Kyle PDX

    what is that weird pistol at 0:39-0:41 its in the equipment section ??????????

    • Jacky Liang

      Looks to me like a very powerful pistol. Not unlike the Ambassador pistol from TF2 for the Spy class.

    • Ben

      That is an underbarrel shotgun. When you equip an underbarrel shotgun on a primary, it removes your lethal, as RB is now used to fire the shotgun.

      • Kyle PDX

        So thats why charlie intel have not put this on their weapon list. I saw it on a list a long time ago at e3 but charlie intel never put it up along
        with a shotgun and what appears to be another pistol with a stock.

        Just realized something as well, this underbarrel shotgun is the same thing as the primary shotgun called the bulldog/maul just without its stalk, 2nd column 2nd row in pic.

      • ORB1T4L

        Are you serious ? RB ? Meaning we don’t have to switch with the left button of the D-Pad ? Man that’s awesome !

  • ip x Warrior

    Each night i dream about Ghosts :/

    • James K

      You need to get a dreamcatcher.

  • asda


    • asdasd


  • Diego Diniz

    Still waiting the Minimum Spec. Requeriments for PC. I want to Max Out this Game on my New Monitor XL2420T 144hz…

    • zezoish
      • Diego Diniz

        Its unOfficial…Activision/Infinity Ward do NOT release the Specs. yet!

        • ORB1T4L

          Well you know, it’s always the same thing, it’s not official but the official specs will be exactly the same.

          • Diego Diniz

            So…my GTX 760 will NOT handle the Game! because they talk GTX 780 to max out the game…

          • ORB1T4L

            Of course it will. Everytime they mention a specific GPU, I guess it’s because they have some kind of contracts with the brand (Nvidia for this one). But I guess you already know that 😉

          • Diego Diniz

            The thing is…a bought a new Monitor 144hz and I wanna know if the GTX 760 will handle the game above 100 FPS or more. When they talk “GTX 780”, that make me nervous…ahahaha

          • ORB1T4L

            I can’t give you an answer, sorry. But I assume that if you O/C your GPU by 15-20% it should fill the gap with the 780. Anyways, you can max everything with your 760, I don’t see how you would not be able to do that with Ghosts. I mean… it’s CoD, it’s not even a new engine and I bet it will need less resources than BO2.

  • Emre

    pathetic cattle people.

  • Jaxon

    Did you see that fucking blonde thing, KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!