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New GameStop TV ad has revealed what the the exclusive preorder MP character Simon Ghost Riley will look like in-game.

Become the legend. Pre-order Call of Duty: Ghosts and get the exclusive classic Ghost multiplayer character. Plus get the FreeFall bonus multiplayer map and Double XP launch weekend.

UPDATE: a slightly longer (uncut) version was found for another retailer:

  • ok


  • Batman

    Would it be awesome if the dog in the game dies.

    Them the main character 10 years later have a son

    And he gives the name of Simon “Ghost”(<-He will be part of the ghosts squad, that´s why the nickname) Riley (<–In honor to the dog that died)

    This is a new universe, but that doesnt mean the characte cant exist on it

    • batman

      Please can someone tweet this idea to Mark Rubin?

    • And then again the same thing?

  • Batman

    Should be the character for extinction too

  • Rekone


  • Jared

    this reminds me of infamy!

  • CoDforever

    You can thank CoDforever for this 😉 he was the guest that posted this the post earlier

  • Ozymandias
    • xx420xx

      fuck off to reddit

  • That’s cool and all, but how bout a Extiction mode Trailer?

    • Batman

      They are afraid of people disliking it or saying that its just a zombies re-skin.

      Don´t expect a trailer for it.

      They are trying to not create a hype for it because it can fail.

      Extinction is something that they are testing, not something that will be getting new maps every DLC/Game

    • Batman

      Don´t get me wrong I want an extinction trailer so much, but I understand why we are not getting it

    • Oi buddy,you gonna accept me on steam? I did send you a friend request,
      my name is EpiCipe

  • PS player

    Anyone know if you get Ghost as a preorder bonus off psn store??

    • Manny18Ply

      gamestop exclusive preorder bonus only

  • Sentrymann

    Looks amazing, however I get the feeling that this is what 70% of the community will be wearing. I would have liked it to be a secret reward that you acquire after getting that “Earn The Mask” achievement once you beat the game on veteran.

    • Lightning1432

      Very much agreed. A suggestion I would make to them is have a multiplayer reward for beating the campaign on Veteran. Maybe a special piece of clothing or a camo of sorts.

      • I believe they already have something for that. Once you beat the game on Vet, you will get a mp reward

        • Sentrymann

          I didn’t know about this. Out of curiosity, where did you hear about it?

          • I remember watching an early MP interview and someone had said that Campaign would have rewards.

          • Sentrymann

            Awesome! I’ll be looking forward to that.

    • fsdgasdg

      as a one who doesnt play single player i say fuck you

      • Paul Thomas

        Just because he’d like for them to do something for those that play the campaign?

        • fsdgasdg

          just because he wants to force me into playing the single player for getting something in MP

          • Paul Thomas

            It’s not like their going to put a gun to your head and force you to play single player. He’s just talking about something small like a head skin. Not the ability to unlock multiplayer.

  • Guest

    We need a Free Fall map gameplay!

  • tom coon

    man it sucks you cant get this for hardened edition in new zealand

    • ninjaca11um

      Yeah but we do get the Team Leader DLC with the season pass and that comes with a MP mask which has the COD: Ghosts logo on it

  • Baldmanz_RAGE

    Typical COD hypocritical bullshit!! IW said many months ago when they announced Ghosts that the story had nothing to do with the old MW series world. Now they are plugging “Ghost Riley” as part of the Ghost world. This is a new low!!! Anything to sell games huh!!!

    • Guest

      it’s basically only a skin for multiplayer….. I don’t get your point…

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Watch the YouTube video in this article.

        • Batman

          The youtube video was truly confusing, I admit it. But the game is set in a whole new universe, I think Ghost might exist in this universe too

    • Emrah Avvurur

      It has nothing to do with campaign (story)
      They didn’t say anything about MP

  • Jordan Morrison

    looks awesome, can’t wait to be Ghost, what would be even better is if they got the actor to do the voice again, for all the call outs that the characters do ingame, would be nice to hear Ghost’s voice again

  • Xecho

    Now pre ordering ghosts is worth it

  • I’m still waiting for the Captain Price beard DLC 😛

    • They better make me customizeable too

      • ORB1T4L

        You want a beard ?

        • Guest

          No because….

        • Guest

          No i dont need a beard because

          • I have no idea why its posting the picture 2 times -_-

  • I can see,Ghost characters everywhere

  • T.E.D.

    is it me ? or does that character looks like a next gen better looking ghost ???

  • They should’ve made the writing on his arm as TF141.

  • Will I get it as part of the Hardened Edition (not from Gamstop)

    • Guest

      they already showed what you got with hardened edition, so…no.

  • Did edit pic while i was learning for maths exam
    wanted to share it with yall 😀

  • Guest

    Weee…Just another edited picture comming trough…

  • Weee…just another edited picture comming trough…

    • ORB1T4L

      It would have been a nice wallpaper if it was 1080p 🙁

      • No can do :l

        • ORB1T4L

          Hey, it looks nice on my Nexus 4 ! Want some sugar ?

      • Here this is in 1920×1080 resolution
        not that good but still something 😀

    • Lightning1432

      Hey would you like some chocolate ehm I mean bacon bits?

    • Xecho

      Would be cool if it were bigger.

      • Yea i know,if they upload the og picture with 1920×1080 resolution that would be great 😀

  • ORB1T4L

    In a parallel universe, Simon Riley is still alive.

  • Jacob Jones

    Not to be rude here or anything but why put Simon “Ghost” Riley in the game? He isn’t a legend…he didn’t do really anything great in mw2 other than drag roach and him to his death, people just like him because of his mask and not who the character is behind. My guess is someone just liked his mask and all of the people that fanboy over ghost are just pure bandwagoning, why not put captain price because he actually did something throughout the modern warfare storyline.

    • Mitch

      Well, a big part of the game is based on Ghost. The masks obviously, the name (Ghosts) and the dog, Riley.

    • p.i.m.p.player47

      I know right. I don’t get all the hype behind him. Characters like Soap or Price were much more iconic than him.

  • Alan wuts

    people spent 5 years wanting ghost back and now they give you the choice to be able to play as him in ghost and everyones like “he never did anything special he’s not that important”. The fuck dude?

  • Diego Diniz

    Sorry my Bad English cause i’m Brazilian. I will Pre-Order COD Ghosts for Sure but, Activision/Infinity Ward do NOT talk too much about PC! Thats makes me NERVOUS!!! They try to Kill PC Platform So hard. They Want force us to buy a XBOX One every COD Launch. I remember the “Good Times” when COD for PC was SO SO SO much Fun to Play…

  • Diego Diniz

    OK, I get the point…Activision/IW want we buy a XBOX One. I can Do that, but why they dont release a “Keyboard + Mouse” Kit for Xbox??? I HATE play FPS games on Joysticks!!!