MegaBlocks has posted a new video showing the Call of Duty Collector Construction Set blocks in action.

Call of Duty Collector Construction Sets offer a unique range of construction collectibles, including buildable vehicles, themed locations and collectable micro action figures from the blockbuster game franchise. The micro action figures feature an unprecedented level of articulation, including unique joint design for ultimate “pose-ability.” In addition, the new buildable accessories and equipment systems provide endless customization opportunities.

  • Matt Trumble

    why are they doing this exactly

  • Rai


  • Mista Rehab

    they should bring out call of duty condoms, so i can say to my missus its call of duty time.. she think shes getting the D when really am playing COD online

  • James K

    Remember those Halo figures?

  • That music tho…

  • Mark Nutt

    This is embarrassing….

  • Stick Man

    Shit. Now it’s like the Halo toys.

  • Anderson Pooper

    Breaking News: The MW3 map Dome will be coming back in COD: Ghosts

  • tha_online_gamertz

    what is that? a crappy version of lego?

  • Emre

    BO2 music?

  • This is clearly the best way to target the mature audience :p

  • Xecho

    I remember the World at War figurines but these are just ridiculous. These are making kids come to Call of Duty.

  • CoDforever

    I’d understand action figures (that would be cool), but not fucking mega bloks ? Why ATVI ? WHY ?

    • Paul Thomas

      Well it’s a thing that Mojang got started with Minecraft. Apparently Activision has seen the success it brings in and are cashing in on it.

      • 3rdWorldMafia

        Define “success”.

        • Paul Thomas

          The fact that some of the Minecraft sets are back logged about 5 months from the number of people who want them. You’d be surprised at the number of people who’d want one. I personally would buy a zombies one just to put up in my room.

  • NiftyGam3r

    Lol more evidence that 80% of the cod community is made up of kids.

    • 3rdWorldMafia

      Yep. Sad fact.

  • Grigori

    Call of Duty is 18+ and they are selling toys about it for little children!?
    What is this crap!

  • zezoish

    wtf they didnt include riley in that video!!!

  • DemGamez

    ATVI, we want better products not more products…

  • riley

    they do know cod is rated m for mature