Activision for the first time in years has lost a big title claim with Call of Duty recently. As of today, they can no longer claim Call of Duty is the “biggest entertainment launch ever”, as Rockstar’s GTAV beat them by, well, a lot.

Speaking with MCV, UK senior brand manager Kevin Flynn said, “Congratulations to the team at Rockstar for their success. We look forward to getting the record back before the next GTA title.”

That’s a big statement. Grand Theft Auto V has the record for $1B in 3 days. Can Call of Duty actually beat that? The fastest Call of Duty sales ever was Black Ops 2 with $1B in almost 15 days…


  • iSwedishVirus

    Maybe if they don’t release a COD game in 10years…and IW and Treyarch work on a title together 😉 but i highly doubt it tbh

  • Bigi345

    Higly doubt it

  • Drillz

    Nah they wont win unless they revamp the whole series. Either way, I love CoD and Im glad I can contribute to the sells, but it’s totally up to the fans. They really need to show off some we havent seen and get people back into wanting to buy Ghosts.

    • Randall Jasek

      They did. For example, the environment now changes (breaks, falls, etc.), the ability to maintain speed and use a weapon when mantling objects, kneesliding to switch from sprinting-crouching-prone, and leaning in when looking past a wall (such as looking into a doorway when next to the wall), and new servers for Call of Duty: Ghosts specifically.

      Still, it’s up to the fans on the sales.

  • Love it how non hostile they are unlike many other comapnies.

  • It would be nice to see them get it back, but I don’t think they can do it. At least not this year.

  • Random Dude

    No chance activision

  • I wish IW would work together with Respawn Entertainment :l

    • Manny18Ply

      you do know most of the main employees from respawn were former iw members right?

      • I do and thats why,cod4 and mw2 were awesome

        • BudEagle26

          cod4 and mw2 were grat IDEAs but they had way way way more problems than later cods

  • Matheos Omonoia

    Screw the recored i just want a good game!!

    • Fading Lee

      Ditto, too many people focus on sales of a game and not it’s content.
      Example: Mark of the Ninja sold terrible for quite a while and guess what? It’s still a fantastic game.

      • Mista Rehab

        i was in the middle of making a big post about how much i love both games.. then i seen your post an had to agree with you.

  • Brandalf

    The problem is COD releases so often that there just isn’t the same amount of anticipation for each installment like there is for series that have longer dev cycles. I am still baffled why GTA continues to be so popular. GTA IV was one of the most overrated games in history and I have almost no desire to play GTA V. Oh well to each their own.

  • James K

    Sorry Activision but Rockstar will hold on that title for years.

    Maybe make sure the game is good and 2nd wouldn’t be too bad.

  • lMattW

    There’s no way anyone is breaking any records until there have been over 150 million next-gen consoles sold which won’t happen for a loooonnng time, and who knows what the state of games, first person shooters and Call of Duty will be by the time that happens.

    I’ve been wondering if both Sony and MSFT are planning on a shorter console cycle this time around based on how profitable the XB1 and PS4 will be right at the start, a huge difference from the beginning of the 360 and PS3. If it is shorter then you won’t see the same level of sales the whole cycle.

  • GF Finger

    Since Ghosts will be on two generations of consoles and people, myself included, will purchase a copy for each, Ghosts will certainly push more lifetime units. But GTA will hold the speed record for quite some time.

  • Before they start hoping to beat GTA sales numbers they better first start hoping to beat Black Ops 2 sales numbers since it barely outsold MW2.

    COD4:MW – 17.36 million (August 2013)
    COD:MW2 – 24.06 million (August 2013)
    COD:BO – 29.25 million (August 2013)
    COD:MW3 – 30.09 million (August 2013)
    COD:BO2 – 24.53 million (August 2013)

    • Paul Thomas

      You skipped over World at Wat

      • There isn’t complete data on it but its somewhere around 14.81 million.

      • adam

        i love world at wat

    • Jacky Liang

      It surprises me BO2 didn’t surpass MW3. Personally I didn’t have much fun with BO2 either, but it seems for the first time in years, the sales have declined for a Call of Duty game.

      • BudEagle26

        dont forget the fact that those stats are as of august 2013. Cod4 has had 6 years to sell, MW2 had 4 years, BO1 had 3 years, Mw3 had 2 years, and Black Ops 2 has had 1 year (not even).

        • Jacky Liang

          Very good point. A good measure I guess would be preorder figures.

        • Good point but keep in mind that initial sales within the first 6 months make up a very large portion of these numbers. With the 1 year COD cycle sales of the current game dramatically decline after the next game comes out – there are still some sales but not enough to add up to millions and really change those numbers.

          The change from August to October for example is 24.53 to 24.73 million as of October 5th (so 200,000 over 3 months).

      • ccrows

        Even though it’s COD, there are still the Activision vs Treyarch fanboys out there.

        Personally I like both companies…

        • Jim

          IW for multiplayer, and Treyarch for zombies, hell is extinction is any good then Iw could possibly beat Treyarch at their own game.

  • Batman

    No one will ever beat that GTA V record

    • asdf

      *cough* Half Life 3 *cough*

  • Chris

    No way in hell are they breaking a billion in 3 days. They’ll be lucky if they break a billion in a month… With the new consoles & all these other games coming out at about the same time they would be lucky to come close to what BO2 sold.

    • BudEagle26

      no they will be about bo2’s or higher

  • gea

    No chance in hell.
    GTA was insanely big, not to mention this is the worst pre-order numbers cod have had in a long long time.

  • Sean Lavalley

    i can personally guarantee i’m not buying another COD title i got sick of thier rehashed, restyled, lazy devleoper half-assed put together games.

    • Guest

      and yet you will still atternd the midnight launch release on the 5th 😛

    • razor

      Yet your on a COD website xD, one question do you have a death wish fanboys are everywhere.

  • David

    I dont think that would possible

  • David

    Activision needs to understand sales dont make the game. Fucking money whores. I hate you activision

  • Call of Duty is a yearly phenomenon. Just because GTAV, a game 5 years in the making, has taken that title away from Activision is no reason to celebrate at Rockstar HQ.

    Unless they want to play the whole “HAHA WE HAZ MOAR MUNNIES THAN U” game, have at it while I facedesk.

  • Boomboom

    I like call of duty alot but i dont think there is any way in hell that they can beat the GTA record

  • Bryan Salas

    Rockstar Billions in 3 days? Don’t surprise me at all… Keep Dreaming Infinity ward… Rockstar has been in the game longer. They have been through their ups and downs and know what fans want.

  • Archer

    This HAS to be a joke. Right?

  • Not A Robot

    Yeah….good luck with that

  • BF.4.THE.WIN

    Never going to happen COD is dying, Call Of Duty Ghost will be the final straw that breaks the camels back , people are already starting to see that they have been wasting their money for the past 6 years on a game that’s essentially the same now as it was then, the sooner Activision admit it to themselves and stop blaming the decline in pre orders on next generation the better, then they may finally put some effort into making a completely NEW game franchise.
    BF4 Is by far the superior game and the BF franchise in my opinion always has been. only now are people starting to realise this, BF4 is the highest preordered game on both next generation consoles and I’m telling you now BF games are the future of fps gaming.