According to VGchartz, the Xbox One version of Ghosts has passed the PS4 version for number of preorders so far. We’ll be honest, this is a huge surprise IF accurate. There’s no denying Sony has had a huge lead in terms of marketing and lack of “negative press”, in fact the past couple months they had a huge lead in terms of preorder numbers for Ghosts too, almost double.

Recently Xbox One availability rose and began showing up on numerous preorder pages, we wonder if this contributed to the rise in Ghosts preorders for it. It should also be noted that these are only US preorder numbers.

Try and be nice in the comments below and let us know what you have it preordered for…

SOURCE: VGchartz via @XBL_Wickerman22

  • Korflock

    These charts only represent the USA pre orders, not world wide.

    edit: I’m from the US, and have preordered the PS4.

    • Why did you wrote that you bought for the PS4?

      • bsktballmsu1

        look at the last sentence you dipshit

        • “edit: I’m from the US, and have preordered the PS4.”
          What is your point?

          • Liam Reaich

            on the post man some people

      • Korflock

        “Try and be nice in the comments below and let us know what you have it preordered for…”

  • Edward

    I’m getting ghosts for xbox360 intell I can buy an Xbox one

    • mckevstah


  • Primey_

    vgchartz is never reliable. I’m actually surprised charlieintel would use vgchartz as a source

    • These numbers are a very difficult thing to find and VGChartz is one of the best resources. Have a better source? Please share.

      • Cell

        Great reply to Brian.

      • DragonNuts

        How about not post this at all? This informs no one on nothing, and is clearly just troll bait.

      • Primey_

        How about not posting it at all? It’s a silly post with terrible source. The writer should do his research about his source first

    • Mike

      When PS4 is winning they’re accurate, when Xbox is winning it’s inaccurate and means nothing. Seems legit…

      • Primey_

        I never said that. Stop trying to make me look like a fanboy. I said they’re not accurate. End of.

      • Dark Lord

        Mike how many times are you going to say the same thing? We all get it your an xbox one fan boy stop trying to argue with someone over the fact that until recently PS4 was beating XBone in EVERYTHING. Just calm down.

        • Mike

          Not really a fan boy. I just choose whatever console fits my needs better. I had a PS3 and Xbox 360 last gen.

          • Dark Lord

            How can you say not your not really a fan boy yet you have repeated yourself at least twice about how when the p24 is winning the charts make sense but when xbox is winning they do not? Clearly that makes you look like a fan boy for xbox and as far as I know we are not even talking about the 360 or the PS3 were talking about the one and PS4 which from the SPECS and from the ads and such looks like the one has went more entertainment based and less gamer based. Which is fine but just in my opinion does not make it the better of the two systems. Since this time around PS4 focused on gaming not entertainment.

          • epic beast

            You mad bro? Everyone knew that microsoft would come out for the win. There way more advanced then sony. Just look if it wasnt for microsoft in the beginning there would be no playstation period!

          • Dark Lord

            Lol there would be no playstation? Playstation has been a company long before xbox. Also have you not been reading? Xbox one comes no where near to the ps4 They have lost at every turn now they have even been beaten in graphics……. Again! There both suppose to cap out at 1080p when both companies send out stress test boxes ps4s do as there suppose to xbones capb at 900. Of course micro$oft blames game creators and tries to save face but admit even there first exclusive ryse caps at 900. Microsoft is not anywhere near the win lol

          • epic beast

            If your buying a console for so called better graphics your one dumb person. And your so called more power wont even be recognized im telling you that now. The xbox one wins sorry

  • anothername

    Numbers posted are useless because the upgrade options skew the information. People (a lot since the new gen consoles are lagging behind the Ghosts release date) are buying for current gen and then upgrading for ~$10 to PS4 or XBone. Inaccurate data behind the underlying structure of the new release.

    • Mike

      When PS4 is winning they’re accurate, when Xbox is winning it’s inaccurate and means nothing. Seems legit.

      • anothername

        I didn’t say which one I would be buying for. I simply stated that the structure underlying this current COD release is skewing specific console numbers. In the end, it should just be marked as PS vs XBOX and not specific console version. That is the more accurate number given what data we have.

  • Rick Kump

    The US is full of bro-dudes hopped up on Monster and 5-Hour Energy who think being able to quickscope kids while floating in the MS Cloud will be the bees knees.

    • xx420xx

      the us is full of unskilled shitters who have to play xbox against retards to actually be able to beat anyone

      • Rick Kump

        And I thought I was being too harsh…haha!

      • KingUndrCrwn

        So you’re implying that the Xbox is home of the unskilled, yet Ghosts is being played exclusively on Xbox One on one of the biggest console gaming league circuits, MLG. You also imply that the US is unskilled but I would like for you to tell me who won Gfinity 1/2 in London…

        • HenryDF

          It’s being played on Xbox One because there are more Xbox fanboys out there from the *almost* current generation – they all played 360 because it is, ultimately, better than PS3. They’re not gonna change the controller.

          As for Ghosts it’s only being played on the Xbox One exclusively because of Activision and Microsoft’s exclusivity contract. That’s also why in all the unboxings we’ve seen, it’s only been the Xbox One edition of the Hardened/Prestige editions being unboxed.

          • Brandon S

            Also because the MLG community likes playing on Xbox more than Bugstation.

          • HenryDF

            Meh, I think the overall gaming community are gonna prefer playing on a gaming console rather than an overpriced, poor attempt at an all-in-one entertainment system.

          • Mike

            Eh, I disagree. I actually think the Xbox One is the better gaming console, because it has, well, better games. No exclusives on the PS4 excite me. The Xbox One on the other hand has a ton of exclusives I can’t wait for.

          • some1exampe1

            and i bet you’re going to get a total of 0 of those launch games.

            go back to school kid.

          • Mike

            “Kid.” hahaha. How old are you little buddy? Why won’t you show your picture?

          • Liam Reaich

            the exclusives your goner get and how much will u play them over ghosts

          • Sniper #0.00001


        • some1exampe1

          are you serious. microsoft dumps truck loads of money to get the game played on the bone.

          it’s the only way they’ll get anyone to even use it: by paying them.

    • Then don’t buy the game, be suprised Infinity Ward are from the US!

      • Rick Kump

        Oh, I’ll be playing it on PS4. I’m not hating on Xbox One as much as I am on kids in America…where I live. I can hate whoever I want. It’s my goddamn Constitutional right. ‘MURICA!!

    • Mike

      Yeah because everyone getting an xbox is a “brodude” and the PS4 guys are all super chill cool guys who are so much better than everyone.

      Cut the elitist bullshit.

      • Rick Kump

        Only when it stops being easy to rattle the sheep. πŸ˜›

    • adam

      this is probably the best comment ive ever seen

  • Diego Diniz



    xbox one, xbox 360 in the uk.

  • Fading Lee

    …why does it matter? (besides to people that work for or with xbox/ps4)

  • Isn’t VGchartz usually wrong with these? Not saying they’re wrong here. Just a bit skeptical on these numbers

  • T.E.D.

    cod is killling bf with the pre orders

    • xWTM

      Is this surprising to you?

  • John

    vhchartz? Are you kidding me? This site is NEVER reliable!

    • Lots of people have said that before.. Can anyone link us to proof? Has there been an article that confirms they’re wrong? I’m just curious, I’d like to know (not being sarcastic)

  • Paul Thomas

    Well I don’t know how reliable vgchartz is, but when you show clear favoritism to a console you’d expect more pre-orders on it. I don’t really see how this is big news.

  • Vivek patodia

    The reason COD sells more is cause its more entertaining and fast paced than BF..haters gonna hate!!

  • I posted this in a comment a couple days ago, victor…

    • HenryDF

      I love how to try to claim credit for stuff….first that Ali-A video, and now this. I love even more how you seem to think that people care about your comments.

      • I actually have a good rep on here if you didn’t know. 721 upvotes in total. Been using Charlie Intel since Before MW3 even released. and Victor and Keshav are Gods.

        • HenryDF

          Why do you think upvotes matter?

    • I miss comments some times, best to tweet or email us tips πŸ˜‰

  • TheCheeseWeel

    i hope you realize that the PS4s main market is in Europe and japan, not america, xbox one is basically only in america and europe. (with exception, obviously)

  • Mike

    Not surprising to me really. Xbox is the better place to play CoD.

  • Matt Trumble

    im getting it for xbox one

  • Adam

    PS4 is overrated

    • Dark Lord

      Personally I think out of the two next gen systems the xbox one made it seem like there more entertainment based and less gamer based and I do not watch movies or tv off my ps3 so I would rather have a gaming system which I think the ps4 does better at. (personal opinion)

  • Mitch

    Not surprised. America leans more towards Xbox.

    • Dark Lord

      Not always true I’m American and love all playstation systems had an xbox and xbox 360 and hated them both actually I traded my 360 in to go toward my PS4.

    • epic beast

      Thats because us Americans know gaming when we see it! You guys can hate all you want on the xbox one. Its a great console. So is the ps4. Im going for the xbox one because imo is the better console. More games, more, features, 100% better multiplayer, must I go on?. theres no point to have both the xbox one has bluray now!

  • Goten

    Release the fanboys!! Oh the hatred…

  • MattM1974

    Sadly, I think a lot of people have missed the point of this story. Obviously, many of us that follow the industry remember that a few months ago MS really botched the messaging of Xbox One along with the “180” fiasco. They were getting sh*t on by Sony and the early pre-orders showed that. Ghosts on PS4, a couple months ago, was much greater than Ghosts on Xbox One. However, as MS has done a better job at messaging and more casual gamers have come around, the weekly pre-orders for Ghosts on XB1 have been outpacing that of Ghost pre-orders on PS4 until they’ve finally surpassed the PS4 just last week. Regardless of the metric, US only, there’s been a clear pattern. The point is MS isn’t digging the grave for the Xbox One and people should stop thinking that Xbox One is a failure. It’s going to be hugely successful, just like PS4 and just like we’ve seen the last 7-8 years, there’s going to be plenty of room for 2 successful and competing next gen systems.

    • Ed

      i don’t really think it’s a lock for the xbox one to be “hugely successful” at the current price point. it’s doing ok in pre-order sales, from most accounts, but that is from basically the hardcore xbox fans. only time will tell if the more casual market warms up to the ideas of the kinect in their living room.

  • bsktballmsu1

    black ops 2 had over 3 million preorders at release. ghosts has like 1.5 million. sad to see a decline in cod

    • Ed

      a lot of people plan on going more of the digital route this coming gen, so a lot of those numbers are a little skewed because of that, as well.

  • Josiah Johnson

    Makes sense to me.. Most cod players prefer xbox

    • Liam Reaich

      have u looked at the cod sales
      both consoles sell really close to each other

  • I have it preordered for 360 with hopes of upgrading to XB1 throughout the year. Thinking of going digital instead of heading off to the store – Ghosts seems to be a Day One game for 360, no?

  • curi0us

    I preordered for 360.

    I’m hoping the community for the 360 won’t “shrink” as the months pass by. Not to sound rude but I’m finding little reason to own a XB1 simply because of dedicated servers for all platforms.

    I’ve also got a PS4 preordered simply because it’s the lesser of two evils.

  • Guest

    Of course the Xbox one was going to sell more in the US, who ever thought different was fooling themselves. MS will continue to dominate the states.

  • TepidBlack

    it’s because all Xdrones buy is cowadooty, is anyone surprised?

  • IT4ZERI-Fariko T4ZER

    look I’m from the UK but i know that: 1. The most players on console are from the US 2. Nearly all the PRO players are from the US So how can people complain that its only from the US when the majority of the gaming industry is from the US. The results won’t be much different if we go worldwide.

  • Lynk

    Im getting it for my 360 and pre ordered a ps4 to switch to, and grabbing an xbox one for my entertainment purposes and for some exclusives.

  • jesus

    So basically these numbers represent less than half of the global pre-orders (cos its only the US). I can almost guarantee outside of the US, sony is the undisputed leader. And that means I bet if there was a global chart, Sony would absolutely be dominating with the PS4. These stats are cherry picked from one country. PS4 is still miles ahead.