The real dog behind Riley from Ghosts has been revealed in a set of new interviews today from AP. You can watch the video below to see an interview with IW and the dog.

His name is Riley. Unlike his squad mates in the next installment of the rabidly popular “Call of Duty” video game series, he’s can’t even pick up a gun. That’s because Riley is a dog. (Oct. 18)

  • Mitch

    Just don’t kill him!

    • Dont you worry,I will be fine 😀

      • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

        i swear if u die….i cry until i die lol

        • If i get killed,Ghost be like:

          • James K

            Don’t worry dog. When you die, your soul will be transported to a pointstreak.

          • jgg

            if he dies. mf.

    • Mike Vick

      KILL ‘EM!

  • Just chillin

  • NiftyGam3r

    You better not kill the dog

  • Can I pet him? 😀

    • NO.

      • :'(

        • Ok..Lets say: Only Price can pet me.

          • 745639852178963214

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          • Matt Trumble

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          • ORB1T4L

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          • Matt’s Gay

            This guy lol

          • F12CHARTREUX

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          • NiftyGam3r

            He wouldnt have picked on you if you wouldnt be trying to correct others ._.

          • Matt Trumble

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          • Matt lol

            When quoting someone else, you don’t add a capital letter, you quote it directly as the person wrote it. So actually he is correct. Secondly, those three periods are called an ellipsis. In this case, it is used as a way of ending his sentence and is completely valid. Thirdly, clearly Orbital was taken so he used Orbit4l which is a form of leet speak, an internet method of substituting letters with numbers to get around people taking a username. Lastly, when you say the word “im” it should be I’m. It is a contraction of I am, and should be correctly punctuated and capitalised. One more thing, your punctuation is atrocious, if you know what that means at all.

          • HenryDF

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          • Matt Trumble

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          • Grigori

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  • Chris

    They are definitely gonna kill the dog… They always kill the god damned dog! If the dog lives, the story is probably gonna suck! Lol

  • jgg
    • Mitch

      Billions for an engine

      • jgg

        to polish the doesnt need it anyway.just sayin as an annoying call of duty kid fan which never played it and will play it at 16.LOL.

    • Matt Trumble

      what a fail of a petition

  • Cheep hobo

    That guys rant was beautiful. Top-notch, next level shit right there!

  • Iw wanted a really emotional story… riley is dead D’:

  • Flare

    Canine…. K9…. Oh.

    • BobtheCactus

      Nice work, Sherlock.