Grainger Games UK has revealed a new preorder pack for Call of Duty Ghosts.

Pre-Order now and receive the No-Man’s Land Exclusive Digital Content, giving access to 2 Xbox Avatars, Exclusive barrel Patch and a PS3 Dynamic Theme. Also get access to Double XP Launch Weekend and a Call of Duty: Ghosts Scarf, while stocks last!

SOURCE: GraingerGames

  • How about free DLC?

    • xHSF


      • I said DLC not just one map that will probably suck like Nuketown 2025 does

        • xHSF

          I dont think that will happen? It a stupid idea as they can just money whore off it and not give it for free

          • Man do you know how much money they earn….

  • Random Dude

    How bout you stop bringing all these preorder bonuses

  • Jared

    Will gamestop get a new bonus?

  • xHSF

    Game Uk Anything Awesome?

    • Mista Rehab

      game you get the free fall map

      • xHSF

        Do we get any extra like the avatar or the t-Shirt?

    • Free fall, acces to the double xp weekend, and play as ghost in mp

  • Siftblade of Rivia

    A scarf? Really? Couldn’t be normal and throw in a tshirt? And who’s brilliant idea was it to give us a barrel patch? Scratch that, what is a barrel patch? If it is what I think it is, it’ll be the stupidest exclusive game content known to man.

    • Xecho

      A patch of a barrel. And yes pretty much the stupidest exclusive. Well it’s all for marketing though. I like the scarf kinda

      • Siftblade of Rivia

        I never wear scarfs so that’s useless to me.

  • jgg
  • Grigori

    Why should we put in a Ghosts mask instead of this super awesome mega cool scarf! – Infinity Ward

    • The Ghosts’ mask should be in the hardened/prestige edition.