ShopTo, a UK based online retailer recently reached an agreement with Activision to accept pre-orders once again for Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Due to a dispute between Activision and ShopTo over shipping dates, ShopTo was unprepared to adhere to Activision’s expectations and instead pulled Ghosts from sale on their website.

It just so happens this agreement was reached on the same week Royal Mail announced a strike.

We’ve decided to cover this topic in a video, and explain the ‘possibility’ that UK gamers may receive a copy of Ghosts earlier than other countries.

  • If I buy from Amazon UK and I’m not from UK, will there be a problem?

    • yeeep

      You won’t get it early if that’s what your thinking, might as well pre-order from where your from

      • From where I am it costs two times more, I prefer to wait a whole month than buy it here and anyway I’m planning on the hardened edition for PC.

    • The Flash

      possibly, but why buy from amazon UK if not from UK?

      • Cheaper and only in Amazon UK there is the PC hardened edition.

        • The Flash

          fair enough

  • The Flash

    i originally pre-ordered from Amazon UK, as they’re the cheapest, but the real investment was because of Extinction which they dont want to reveal and also because of money i’ve had to cancel it, i also found out Free Fall is exclusive to game which is a farce as Game is a rip-off so im not ordering from them, i dont mind not getting it upon release, i wouldnt have immediate time to play it anyway and i want to know what im buying so will wait till christmas

    • weird name 123

      that’s actually what i’ve done when buying the past call of dutys, i feel like it is a rip-off to pre-order the game because, they always give the features of the pre-ordered edition, free for the public, sometime after the game comes out.

      • xx420xx

        except it doesnt cost anything more
        i got ripped off wtf!!!!!!!!

      • The Flash

        i’ll always order online though, never in-store and yeah, guarantee free fall will be released for free later on like NT2025 just as a F you to pre-order customers


      only if you don’t buy the hard or prestiage edition.

  • First they weren’t going to get it on launch day and now they are going to get it before launch day. That’s a big turn around.

    • MeisseN

      I don’t think it’s possible… huh

      • What

        • MeisseN

          Having gamers get their hands on the game prior to release is (in some way) leaking don’t you think?

          • rado

            I got every CoD since Black Ops 1 2 days before release.

          • Oscar Martinez

            You want a cookie braggart?

          • MeisseN

            Huh.. that’s new

          • People got GTA V 4 days before release. People got BO2 a week before release. They will find a way to get the game early.

          • MeisseN

            As long as they can’t play it before launch day? 🙂

          • They could get the current gen version and play campaign and leak it like people do every year. And I’ll most likely watch it and ruin it for myself. Lol

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            CAN I GET MY GAME EARLY.
            I would really like it

          • Bullet

            I always get it on the Friday before, last year online multiplayer was turned off until Saturday midday, once it was turned on I played and hit first prestige by midnight launch.. Awesome head start, do it every year, this year will be no different, just get it from a local video store that don’t care about launch rules! Easy

  • Hm,but i live in germany 😀

    • Noir

      Me too. Still preordered from the uk because the german synchro sucks :3 woof

      • Uhm isnt the game multi language anyway

        • Noir

          Steam lets you change it, so it depends if pc(masterrace) or console. But its still cheaperin uk. Btw if we are both german,why do we write in englisch. #staywoofy 😀

          • So that the others understand us. #yowo 😉

          • Noir

            So if we wrote in german,we would write ,,our nazi stuff” or what #swoof

          • We would just write the words in german -_-

          • Noir

            Forget that we aren’t on reddit here

          • Shardlotte

            inb4 xx420xx says “reddit”

          • Always late that guy

          • exeterman2

            He late because “It’s always 420 somewhere”

          • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

            Ill just translate it to see your convos

          • exeterman2

            I’m guessing that’s you only woof once?
            p.s. Who’s a good boy!

          • haha yea 😀

    • Bigi345

      You are a german shepherd right?

      • Yap im from germany

        • Tb_ChRoNiiCzz

          Where else would he originate from @ivanwu:disqus

  • Kugelblitz

    i live in dubai every year since mw2 i get the game 5 days early and our retail shop confirmed ghosts this year gonna arrive 10.31 for 100$

    • 100$ for a game?

      • Kugelblitz

        dude its dubai we find 100$ is sooo cheap lol

        • Then buy all for us a key 😀

  • TheCheeseWeel

    why not jsut preorder in an actual store, like Gamestop or whatever is near you?

    • The Flash


      • Not A Robot

        Yep, it’s a total rip off to pre-order the game from Gamestop and get the same new copy CHEAPER. Total ripoff 🙂 damn your stupid

        • exeterman2

          It’s not cheaper, but it’s not a rip off. More often it’s cheaper to buy online.

          • Not A Robot

            YES, exeterman, its CHEAPER O.o I got %10 off my pre-order for going with GameStop…seriously, WHY DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW THIS SHIT

          • exeterman2

            A) We don’t have gamestop here
            B) Things are generally available cheaper online, you have a one off case irrelevant to the UK.

  • luke james

    Amazon, the Royal Mail’s biggest single business customer, said in a statement
    on Wednesday: “If one of our carriers was unable to provide delivery services at
    any time, we would employ contingency plans which include routing orders through
    our other carriers.”

  • Not A Robot

    If it releases early ANYWHERE, our local Gamestop just says “wow that is NOT fair, here you go guys” and just gives it out early too.

  • TonyC

    Nice video with reliable information! As i buy every game from you are completely right…they are the leading UK online company that satisfies its customers, they have always delivered my FIFA game before release date. (GTA V arrived on release date). They wont do anything to risk their reputation to agree to Activision’s terms, they simply wont allow their customers to get the game 1, 2 or 3 days late! SHOPTO.NET <3 i expect my game early, however im totally fine with release date.

  • MG42gunner

    Do you still get Free Fall map if you pre-order with ShopTo?