Congrats to Complexity on winning MLG Full Sail tournament in Orlando. This event was for 4 teams, UNiTE Gaming, FaZe, OpTic, and coL. The final match was played between OpTic Gaming and coL, and Complexity won it all.

This is the last Black Ops 2 MLG tournament.


  1. Complexity
  2. OpTic
  3. UNiTE Gaming
  4. FaZe Clan



  • Ryan


  • Scotty Le

    Despite the fact that i am on Optic side, i have to say win 6 SnDs in a row to comeback is damn awesome from Col. What an event.
    Eventhough the MLG stream suck ass, audio went fine except for lag on Video input.

    • James K

      Wow, seriously? I gotta watch the replay.

      • Scotty Le

        Believe it or not, after came off Hardpoint , Optic went 5 damn awesome SnD, and the 6th match was like a cold water-bucket right off their head.

        I don’t like BLOPS 2 (or any Treyarch’s COD), but i have to say MLG this year was awesome to watch.


    If OpTic swept that SnD game, I think they would have been able to come back and win. After 2 extremely dominant games, they would have had crazy momentum to get it done.

  • I’m always gonna pull for my team since MW2. #GreenWall

  • exeterman2

    Still waiting for Donut Shop to win something…

  • Mpp4war

    Nobody cares:)

  • BobtheCactus

    The red wrecking ball takes down the green wall. Complexity used to be my favorite team, and Clayster, on UNiTE, was my favorite player. Needless to say, I really like complexity now that Clayster is the.

  • mike

    Didn’t complexity cheat in a previous tournament, or am I mistaken? (Not the biggest MLG fan)