Steam is offering another preorder bonus for Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you preorder Ghosts for PC from them, you can get the Free Fall bonus map, and an exclusive The Watcher Patch to use in-game.

Pre-Order Now and get the Free Fall Dynamic Bonus Map. Pre-Order Call of Duty®: Ghosts on Steam and get “The Watcher” Bonus Digital Patch.



  • David Sync

    Still no Free Fall or Extinction trailer?! When will they give us what we really want ! Not this crap!

    • Auptyk

      This has been on Steam for a few weeks now, CI is just a little behind on this pick up. So I wouldn’t take this “release” as this weeks news from Activision. Hold out hope.

    • Hm i think IW will announce it when there will be a Free Fall or Extinction Trailer

      • Ethan Wieland

        Riley whatever you say I agree with!

      • Luke

        Riley! Hi, i’m a big fan of your work, if IW kills you in the game, i will hunt them down for You.

    • TheNinja

      Shut up and stop hating on pc. they will come.

      • David Sync

        No one is hating on PC here o.e

      • Sentrymann

        I didn't see anyone hating on PC…

      • exeterman2

        There was no hating on PC mate, some people…

    • Cell

      Just wait.

      • Baldmanz_RAGE

        Seriously! Its only a few weeks away. Let there be something that is a surprise when the game comes out.

        • michel

          … isn’t it like 2 weeks?
          they should give us the trailer this week.
          So just play some Batman Arkham Origins, BF4 & AC IV
          You won’t even notice the time

        • Brandalf

          COD players have been spoiled the last 2 releases with a massive amount of pre release information and leaks. I think they’re just having withdrawal. I agree with you though, I’d like to just once play a COD game that I don’t know every single detail about before release.

    • Blaine

      For real. We are 2 weeks away from release and we haven’t seen anything of either of those… Compared to how much info we had about past COD titles 2 weeks before release, we have VERY little info about Ghosts…

  • Auptyk

    This has been posted on Steam for quite some time now… but the reason I didn’t Pre-Order through Steam (despite the retail copy going through Steam anyway) is that the game doesn’t unlock till around 3pm on Tuesday (release day). If I get the retail version I can get it at midnight, have it installed and ready to play by 1AM.

    And since I have a real job, I can take Tuesday off, still get paid though and play CoD all day!

    • aaa187

      Are you sure it unlocks at that time via Steam? If I recall correctly, most of the COD games on PC have unlocked a few days early so people could pre-load the game before it is released.

      • Jacky Liang

        It’s pre-loaded days before, but the actual encryption doesn’t get lifted until the release day. But the trick to this is that you can “fool” the system by using an NZ VPN. Unlock the game, turn off the VPN, and play 12 hours earlier!

        • Auptyk

          Not sure why this would work. The activation of CoD has always been tied to the Steam servers not the location of the player. I live in Eastern Time Zone and the game has never become playable till around noon pacific time (3 my time). Worth a shot if you go this route though.

          To aaa187, yeah the game is pre-loaded but you can’t play it. I have been CoD PC gaming since CoD2, on Steam since MW2.

          • Brandalf

            It works, it’s pretty common for player in the EU to do this for a lot of games. I remember a bunch of EU players that pre-ordered BL2 did this to get their game’s unlocked a few days before the EU release date by using a VPN.

          • Jacky Liang

            It worked for me for MW3 (which was when I found out). For this time around, since we have dedicated servers, I am not too sure. I didn’t try it for BO2.

          • Credi

            I just changed my “Location” in Steam and it allowed me to unlock it early for Blops 2.

          • Soul Reaver

            Is the game already pre-loaded? (Ghosts) If not, when will it be available to prel-load?

    • Brandalf

      I thought this as well however the countdown on the Steam store page is an approximation and not 100% accurate atm. IIRC my buddy’s pre-order of BO2 unlocked right at midnight in his timezone.

    • Karith

      Erm…. no you won’t because your version will be locked and it wont let you install from the disc until the game has unlocked on steam, Good luck with that though. :S

      p.s steams game store page don’t show region times until a few days before release but i am 99% sure that CoD :Ghosts like the other CoDs will unlock at 11pm BST on Monday night

      • Auptyk

        I have done it this way since MW2… So that is 4 times I have done it in the last four releases. I am fairly confident in the procedure now. lol

        • Brandalf

          Ya, I did this with BO2 as well, picked it up at midnight from my local Walmart and was playing the game 20 minutes later in my EST zone.

      • Primey_

        You don’t know what you’re talking about

        • Karith

          Im sure i don’t… thanks for confirming that for me. xoxo

  • Mista Rehab

    any news on if you buy the ”Xbox 360 + Xbox One Digital Combo, a disc-less dual-license ” do you get the double XP an the free fall map?

  • Sentrymann

    Do you guys have any confirmed pictures of what the “Federation Day” patch from Amazon will look like?

  • So I guess these things replace emblems, as in BO2? Hope not.

    • Sentrymann

      These actually aren’t emblems, they’re patches to be used in character customization. I outlined a soldier using a patch in the screen shot. They’re fairly subtle.

      • Mista Rehab

        i liked the way mw3 did emblems, you unlocked them by doing challengers… i hope you can do the same for these,

      • Xecho

        Should of used red =l

        • Sentrymann


    • Cale6

      Clans will have a emblem maker on elite… We will have to wait till black ops 3 to comeout

    • xx420xx


  • AcePhoenix007

    We’ve known this for a while now……

  • Infinity Ward

    Calm down everyone, we’ll be having more Call of Duty action coming up to the release date!

  • Diego Diniz

    I will buy November 1st…

  • Poplur33

    November 5 is like 2 weeks away and it feels like they haven’t been showing much about the game this year.. I won’t be getting it on current gen because of hassle so I have to wait 2 more weeks.. Feeling a little off this year but I hope it’s worth the wait. Extinction trailer Tuesday or next Tuesday plz

  • I just went 21/2 on bo2 snd is that good? 😀

  • MetalSaint

    Well I just want to know what is this watcher pack xD