IGN has posted the first two videos on the new Squads Mode coming to Call of Duty: Ghosts. The first video is how to create your squad in Call of Duty: Ghosts, and the other is understanding how the new mode works. It’s a great intro into Call of Duty’s newest mode and feature’s Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin. Also… for the first time ever… Call of Duty Ghosts Playstation 4 (or 3?) footage.

UPDATE: PlayStation 4 footage confirmed.






  • My squad will consist of no women…Sounds kind of gay when I say it outloud :/

  • Can i have only dogs instead of soldiers?

    • John


  • Max

    First ps4 footage! (1:26 options button). Wonder why they’re not using xbox one..

    • Adrian Torres

      maybe since IGN hasn’t gotten early copies of the xbox one yet, and might as well use the PS4 to see what it has to offer

      • Max

        Will be nice to see it running on (final hardware?) ps4

      • Mitch

        Wouldn’t they have recorded this over at IW? Especially since they’re logged in into the account IWJuliet.

        • Brandalf

          Games don’t get developed on actual consoles. They’re developed on devkits, which are PCs that emulate the consoles.

          • lolwut

            This is correct – but builds that get used in this way are done on debug/test kits which are real consoles with different firmware.

    • eeee

      beacause the ps4 is better

  • lMattW

    That’s what I was thinking – you choose one soldier to play as for each game, and within that game you can choose from the classes created for that soldier.

  • I hope Party Privacy is back. And if, then I hope we PS3 users finally get Invite Only…

  • guesT

    Secondary weapon “PDW” 3 round burst. 1:18. Similar to a M93 Raffica?

    • Ridder

      Yes I think so. Many were confused thinking the “VBR PDW” is a smg, while it is a secondary.

      • Lavi

        Overskill, no?

        • Ridder

          Yes never thought about that! BUT… in that class he hasn’t used the overkill perk AND in the squads trailer, you see a soldier holding that weapon with a tac knife. Have you ever seen a smg with a tac knife in cod?

  • John

    Can one soldier unlock everything possible or are squad points limited per soldier?

  • xx420xx

    make a new perklist plz

  • IamQuark

    Look like you just maked my Day xD

  • kugelblitz

    Cod ghost servers is working you can see he clicked squads online

  • Adam

    Can’t believe MSFT would allow IW to use Playstation in those videos.

  • Sentrymann

    Pro tip, I wouldn’t recommend delving into the comments section over there at IGN, might actually lower your IQ.

  • If you noticed, the PDW is a 3 round burst pistol.

    • ip x Warrior

      Probably a Machine Pistol (like the MP9 in mw3)

  • Guest

    Anyone notice that they increase the number of points for Danger close ?

  • Matthew

    3:10 Badass

  • Mac

    Didnt he say two videos? also love that you can only use a knife only class

    • ip x Warrior

      You can go on IGN, the 2 video are there

  • ip x Warrior

    Few changes 🙂

    • I kinda prefer old version 😛

      • ip x Warrior

        Well Danger Close is now 4 points instead of 3 so just for that i like the newest version 😛

        • Bigi345

          A necessary change

          • ip x Warrior

            Well in my opinon Danger Close(4pts) and Dead Eye(5pts) should not even be in the game

          • AiX3N

            then clearly you never played any earlier CoDs. just like Stopping Power, Dead Eye will be the ultimate balancing perk. it costs 5 but if your like me and can get good streaks going then it pays off and rewards you. AS IT SHOULD!

          • ben wills

            Honestly stuff like this is dumb. All it does is make the distance between the good and bad get greater than it needs to be. The only reason I’m ok with it is because
            A) some customization can be fun
            B) when it comes to killstreaks they can be really fun to use (rc cars), that being said skilless stuff you dont control (hunter killer drone) and stuff like that needs to go. jugg and stopping power never should have been in earlier cods, but it was ok because everybody used them and so they balanced out. anything that gives someone over another player, though, should be unacceptable unless its really fun or doesn’t matter much

            The first Black Ops did it right. It was basically at the point everyone used the same stuff, so it didn’t mater much, but you could still make a minor modification if it fit your play style better. Also the KS were really fun to use (rc, chopper gunner). I’m on the fence with something like dogs. You don’t really use them, so it’s BS, but at the same time the accomplishment you feel getting them is worth noting. I’d lean against something like that but am not overly angry and their existence.

          • ip x Warrior

            Yes i played earlier CoDs, im a call of duty player since COD 2.

          • im a cod player since i was 2 😀

        • yayyyy

          and off the grid( anti UAV) is now 3 instead of 2. should be 4 or 5.

          • ip x Warrior

            3.5 😉

  • Uzair Chief


    Lol, I already know how I am going to name all my soldiers.

    John Mactavish, Captain Price, Ghost, Roach, Ramirez, Frost, Sandman, Yuri, Gaz, MacMillan, Wallcroft, Kamarov and so on hehe 😛

    • ip x Warrior

      Don’t forget Makarov 😉

      • What about Section? Harper? Mason? Frank Woods? No love for BO I guess.

        • ORB1T4L

          As far as I know, he can name his soldiers how he wants.

          • Oh i know how im gonna name em >:)

        • ip x Warrior

          Well it’s an Infinity game. Mason, Woods etc are in the black ops series.

    • Xecho


    • How in the world have you forgotten Nikolai?

  • Mitch

    Is there any info what happens when you reach the highest level in this game? Hopefully it will be similar to BO2 where you unlock all scorestreak rewards, perks, weapons and equipment. It would suck to be the highest level, and not have everything unlocked…

  • Xecho

    Probs gonna recieve Extinction info last day or something.

  • PS4 Footage! Yes

  • Connor Williams

    Nice to finally see the Playstation getting some love from Call of Duty! Finally hopped of Microsoft’s dick Activision?

    • Keshav Bhat

      Nope. Microsoft and ATVI still have their agreement. All official CoD Trailers will and will continue to be Xbox gameplay. Only these videos were allowed to be PS4.

  • Jesse

    For those wondering how unlocking the weapons will be like. I think it is going to be more or less like in Black Ops since you purchase the weapons with Squad Points (new version of CODPoints) and it looks like you earn them for doing good in gameplay just like in Black Ops. You prestige each soldier once and maybe when you reach max prestige with a certain soldier he could unlock everything but I think it will be individual unlocks for each soldier. The weapons look kind of cheap at about 5 to 10 each compared to the 617 he had but we do not yet know how much you can earn per match so cant really say they are cheap or expensive. Overall I think they are doing good with this and can’t wait to see the Squads gameplay videos in the upcoming days.

  • //[email protected]”””//

    not really convinced at the whole squads mode, its seems more like a marketing spin on combat training.

  • eeee

    i didnt see the pdw on the weapons list

    • TG Wolf

      It was the VBR, which is its RL designation but they renamed it.

  • ORB1T4L

    Okay, Squad mode. Now we want an Extinction trailer.

  • TheTruDoc

    Hopefully IW has learned that tin can maps just don’t work for using strategy, bigger maps gives you better ways to use strategy.

  • suicidal joker7


  • Jesse

    I can post the videos on Youtube tomorrow if IGN doesn’t post them on their channel first, but if they decide to take them down from mine there is nothing I can do about it.

  • ORB1T4L

    I REALLY hope I’m gonna like the “new features” of this CoD, if the “new” modes (including Extinction) don’t bring anything new and appealing to this series : I’m done with CoD. This first “next-gen” Call of Duty could possibly be the last one I buy… f^ck… I already paid for the Prestige Edition… regrets are coming… I can feel them already.

  • LiL-Slick

    How Come Squads, is 6v6 and not 4v4? I thought squads, was there take on Cod eSports?

    • George

      I think you’re thinking of the Clan Wars mode, or Clan vs. Clan. Squads is 6v6 to emulate regular multiplayer.

  • Nate

    good players don’t corner camp

  • George

    I think the HQ feature is pretty awesome, being able to choose what map and mode people challenge your squad at. It’s a cool little thing I didn’t know about the game before watching the video 🙂


    I find the killstreaks are really high…. 9 points for heli.. also from the trailer there 12 assault killstreak.. not alot of variety