Sony today announced that Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PS4 can now be preordered for digital download via the PS Store on your PS3 or online on the SEN store.

According to Sony, these games have an exclusive preorder bonus tied to them, but it’s unclear exactly what that is.

The preorders will go live at this link at some point today, or you can preorder via your PS3.


  • And i thought its the Extinction Trailer , dam it

    • Mista Rehab

      your barking up the wrong tree

      • James K

        Jesus Christ…

      • ben wills


    • TheDarkWaypoint

      I think they aren’t giving us one. It’s a surprise… 😀

      • ORB1T4L

        Haaaa a surprise… let’s hope it’s a good one…

        • TheDarkWaypoint

          Damn right…

      • I can smell it…it smells faplous

    • It’s probably wasn’t even planned and now they make it because of the fans requesting…

    • Guest

      Extinction is not going to be as cool as people are anticipating. Be prepared for a let down!!

      • I always expect the unexpected

      • Mystic meg

        Finally! Some inside information. What do you know bud?

        • Keshav Bhat

          People make ridiculous claims when they act like they know something. “guest” knows nothing.

    • ip x Warrior

      Probably at the end of the week :/

    • Baldmanz_RAGE

      Extinction is not going to be as cool as people are anticipating. Be prepared for a let down!!

    • golferboy321

      “Needless to say, we were extremely impressed with the new installment” -Sea Sniper Article, past the picture of Price.

  • Mitch

    Would be nice if you could pre-order ps4 games on the EU store… and drop the ridiculous €70,- price…

    • ORB1T4L

      I know how you feel about the 70€ tags… 🙁 Is there ANY country in the world where games don’t cost an arm ?

      EDIT : 70€ = $96 | $60 = 43€

      That’s not fair.

  • jgg

    bravo to battlefield charlie to call of duty.fuck off haters.

  • whyuresetme

    Can someone help me out? I bought the digital version on the PS store on my ps3 a few days ago. Does it still count towards me pre-ordering it?

  • Now I can do the Free pre-order glitch and get Ghosts free for PS3 and PS4! Life is good

  • rondre3000

    and you STILL can’t pre-order it via the XBox Live Marketplace. #FAIL

  • exeterman2

    Games on the ps store are always at least £10 over the price they are in a shop. Don’t know why anyone buys full retail games on it.